B&B Short Recap Tuesday, November 21, 2023

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Recap written by Suzanne

RJ tells Ridge that he’s worried about Zende being angry with him because he doesn’t know that Eric is dying. Ridge thinks he’ll get over it.

Later, when RJ and Luna are together and kissing, Zende watches them and then tells RJ that Ridge wants to see him, which is a lie.  Ridge is surprised when RJ shows up at his office.  RJ has suspicion that Zende is now out to get him. Meanwhile, Zende tries to be friends with Luna, but it’s clear he’s got an ulterior motive.
Bill tries to find out why Poppy looks familiar to him. He mentions San Francisco, so Luna pipes up to say that they lived there. However, Poppy claims not to know him. Poppy is cool to him, but Luna is very excited to have met Bill because she knows how famous he is.
Thomas and Hope make out and tease each other. Then he gets sad when he sees an article about Eric. Zende comes in and is angry that Hope To The Future has been shelved for now because of Eric’s line, since he doesn’t know about his dying.  Thomas and Hope try to get Ridge to give them more money to get  Hope To The Future going again.
Finn tries again to get Li to see that Luna is not her mother, but it doesn’t work.  Li is still determined to get Poppy and Luna to leave town. Finn sticks up for Luna and says that he plans to get to know his cousin better. He talks about how admirable she is to have worked so hard and gotten where she is.

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