B&B Short Recap Monday, January 9, 2023

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Recap written by Suzanne

Taylors tells Steffy and Finn that she’s excited and proud of them for testifying against Sheila. They’re worried about what to do, since Bill is blackmiling them. Bill pays someone to put a camera in the judge’s court so that he can watch the hearing. Meanwhile, Sheila gets a visit from Deacon, who’s sorry to see her back in jail. He’s grateful that she didn’t rat him out but doesn’t know why she’s more depressed about being there. They tell each other that they care for one another.

Bill arrives at the court and reminds Finn and Steffy about their deal. Bill also threatens to derail Li’s career if she presses charges against Sheila. Sheila, her lawyer and the judge all arrive. The judge asks Finn to give his testimony.

Taylor visits Brooke at work. They discuss Sheila and Bill. They’re grateful that he turned Sheila in, and they’re glad that she’ll be going to prison.

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