GH Short Recap Wednesday, May 17, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

Portia asks Ava to help persuade Trina to stay away from Spencer. Ava advises Portia not to interfere in Tina’s relationship with Spencer because if she interferes in Trina’s relationship with Spencer she will lose Trina. Portia disagrees because she thinks Spencer will lead her into more danger. Portia doesn’t know what she is going to do to keep Trina away from Spencer but she is determined to keep Spencer and Trina away from each other.

Mrs. Wu tells Curtis that she can make his DNA test with Trina turn out any way he wants it to turn out. Curtis tells Mrs. Wu not to tamper with the DNA test and then he goes to the hospital and asks what safeguards they have to make sure nobody tampers with the DNA test.

Esme accepts a job offer to work for Alexis at the Invader.

Mac tells Robert he won’t allow him to mess up his surveillance operation of Mrs. Wu at the Savoy. Robert goes to the Savoy to ask Mrs. Wu what she has on Holly. Mrs. Wu tells him that he should ask Holly. Holly asks Anna to put in a good word for her with the WSB because she needs the job to pay off the money that her son Ethan owes to some rich and powerful people. Anna, Ava, and Laura get an invitation to the reading of Victor Cassadine’s will.

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