GH Short Recap Wednesday, April 12, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

Cody persuades Sam to post bail for him because Gladys set him up and put the necklace in the pocket of his tuxedo. Cody tells Sam he intends to handle the situation so Sasha won’t get in trouble.

Curtis, Portia, and Josslynn think that Trina is on the Haunted Star with Ace and Spencer since all the text messages they have sent to her since last night have not been delivered. Trina tells Spencer that she found maps of the ship in the supply closet and she figured out how to get to the communications office of the ship and it isn’t heavily guarded. Spencer and Trina decide that he will create a diversion for his Uncle Victor while she sneaks into the communications office to call for help.

Laura and Felicia think that Victor is headed to Venezuela because he has a compound there that can only be reached by boat.

The nurse tells Valentin that Anna lost a lot of blood and she went into cardiac arrest during surgery but when the doctor brought her back she was able to remove the bullet. The nurse tells Valentin that the bullet didn’t touch any of Anna’s organs. Valentin sits at Anna’s bedside and promises her he will bring down Victor, but he needs her to open her eyes.

Willow tells Brook Lynn and Sasha that she worries that they won’t find Liesl in time to do the bone marrow transplant. Willow tells Brook Lynn and Sasha, she wants to marry Michael now so her family can have nice memories of her in case she dies.

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