B&B Short Recap Thursday, September 21, 2023

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Recap written by Suzanne

Deacon ushers Sheila into his back room and then answers the door to let Hope in. She tells him that his grandkids miss him, so she wants them to have dinner. Sheila listens from the other room. Deacon worries about Hope, since Liam left her. She assures him that she’s fine and that she and Liam will be co-parenting. She gets a text and has to head back to work. They hug and tell each other, “I love you.” Deacon tells Sheila that they can’t be together any more. She thinks he worries too much, but he is upset that Hope almost caught them. Deacon goes on and on about how important it is for him to have his family, and the restaurant, even though he does care about Sheila. She understands that his family comes first. She feels the same way about Finn and Hayes. She was inspired by listening to Hope and Deacon. She has a feeling that she’ll be able to get her family back, too.

Li keeps telling Finn that he needs to find a way to convince Sheila to go away and never come back. She warns him that he’ll lose Steffy and the kids for good, otherwise. She blames Jack for bringing Sheila into their lives. Finn vows to fix things but wonders what he’ll do if Sheila doesn’t listen to him. Li knows that he’ll figure it out.

Douglas watches Thomas as he draws. Thomas tells him that Hope inspires him. Douglas thinks they should go to the beach sometime, with Beth. Thomas agrees but reminds him that they can’t push Hope on how she feels. Douglas has to go hang out with Donna, so Thomas reassures him before he leaves that everything will be fine.

Hope goes back to Forrester and finds Thomas. They each think that the other texted, but it was Douglas’ doing. He set up a romantic dinner for them. They’re impressed that he was able to pull it all off. He just wants them all to be a family again. They tell him once more that they can’t rush things.

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