Days Short Recap Wednesday, February 22, 2023

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Eric wanted to see Rolf, but Rafe wouldn’t let him do it. He wanted to talk to Rolf. Jada tried to get Rafe to change his mind, but he didn’t want Eric in there. Rafe thought he wanted to be a vigilante to get justice for Marlena. He refused to let Eric do that on his watch. Rafe said that Rolf’s attorney was the only person who was allowed in there. Eric told him that Sloan hired him to be her paralegal and he had papers that Rolf needed to read. Jada reminded Rafe that he couldn’t deny Rolf his legal representation or his case would be thrown out. Brady met with Stefan in the park. He wanted him to leave Chloe alone. They argued over who was hurting her more. Brady told him that he was still in love with Gabi, but she might not wait around for him to decide. Stefan believed she would wait for as long as it took for him to decide what he wanted. Stefan didn’t want to lose Gabi, but he didn’t want to lose Chloe either. He said Rolf was in jail so he couldn’t deprogram him. Brady was working on that as they spoke. Stefan let him know that he wouldn’t let Rolf screw with his mind again. Stefan was about to leave when Brady put him in a chokehold. Stefan passed out so Brady dragged his body away. Rafe took Eric to the interrogation room and he gave Rolf the document from Sloan. He told him that Sloan didn’t want him to sign it because she was representing Li. Eric told Rolf that he could get him out if he signed it. Rafe was told to let Rolf go while Eric walked in the room. Rafe knew Eric wasn’t working for Sloan. He wanted to know what Eric was doing. Rafe had to take the cuffs off of Rolf. Rolf said he was going back to his lab, but Eric stopped him from leaving. Jada tried to make Rafe feel better about Rolf being released. He said she was right and wanted to get Li before he hurt Gabi.

Stefan woke up tied to Eric’s bed. Eric showed up with Rolf. Gabi wanted Li to give her the shares. He said he would do it if she stayed married to him. She wondered why she should stay in a loveless marriage to him after what he did to her. He said that he did love her so it wasn’t loveless. She didn’t think he knew the meaning of the word love. He wanted her to give him six months to change her mind about him. He would allow her to use the shares to get rid of EJ. If she gave him the six months he wanted, he would let her keep the shares. She finally agreed to his deal. EJ and Nicole were together in bed. He wondered if they would have been in bed together if they didn’t run into Eric. She told him that if she was just after revenge, she would have slept with his brother. She said they were more compatible than she ever was with Eric because he doesn’t judge her. He let her know that he didn’t just want a fling with her.

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