Days Short Recap Thursday, November 30, 2023

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Dimitri called Sloan demanding to know why Leo was still in jail. She told him that she was busy with her son. He told her that she had to get Leo out of jail, or he would tell Nicole everything. She promised to do it. She hung up the phone and told Eric that she had a meeting with a client. Nicole and EJ arrived at the mansion when Holly showed up. She was about to leave them alone when Nicole stopped her. Nicole apologized to her for the way she talked to her. Holly understood why she did it. The bell rang so EJ left to answer it. After he left, Nicole told Holly that her baby was alive. She told Holly about her theory about Eric and Sloan’s new baby. Holly was skeptical about her theory. She was worried about Nicole. EJ opened the door to Sloan. She wanted to talk about Leo. Sloan asked him to drop the charges against Leo. She told him that Leo wasn’t responsible for his son’s death. EJ didn’t agree with her and wanted her to leave. EJ walked away from her, but she followed him inside. Nicole wanted to talk to her. She wanted to know where Sloan got her baby. Sloan told her that her baby wasn’t her son. She offered her condolences, but she was wrong about the baby. Nicole didn’t believe her. EJ ordered Sloan to leave. Nicole went after her, but Holly stopped her. Nicole yelled at EJ for letting Sloan leave. She ended up crying in his arms. Nicole felt bad for breaking down in front of Holly. They looked around and Holly was gone.

Konstantin told Maggie that he owed a loan sharks money in Greece, and they were responsible for the kidnapping. He thought they were trying to get him to pay by kidnapping the baby. Steve didn’t believe him, but Maggie was convinced. After Steve left, Maggie told Konstantin that she felt bad for him, but he had to leave because she couldn’t put her family in danger. She offered to pay for his hotel stay, flight and debt so he could pay the loan sharks. He wouldn’t have to worry about the loan sharks anymore. He tried to protest by telling her that he cared about her and didn’t want her money. She wanted him to take it and leave. Sloan met with Dimitri at the motel. He wanted to know what was going on with Leo. She told him Leo would be out of jail the next morning. He thanked her for helping Leo. Steve met with John at the town square. He told him about Konstantin. He didn’t believe Konstantin. He wanted to continue investigating him. Holly went to see Eric. She told him about Nicole’s theory about the baby. Holly didn’t know how to help her mother. She knew Nicole needed help. Holly asked Eric to do a DNA test on the baby to prove he wasn’t Nicole’s baby. Eric was skeptical about that, but she pleaded with him to do it.

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