B&B Short Recap Friday, August 25, 2023

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Recap written by Suzanne

Finn continues to try to persuade Steffy to come back to him. He promises her that he’ll have no contact with Sheila. They reminisce. Steffy confesses that she still has nightmares about that alley when Sheila shot them both. They agree that they love each other.

Liams tells Wyatt that he turned down Hope’s offer to reconcile because he can’t forgive her. Wyatt is shocked and points out that Liam’s feelings for Steffy (and her breaking up with Finn) might have had something to do with it. Liam thinks that Finn is too much like Sheila because he has her DNA.

Deacon and Sheila have sex. He admits he can’t stay away from her. Sheila hopes that Finn one day will realize he feels the same way (Ewww). Deacon isn’t too sure that will happen, but she is sure it will. It makes Deacon nervous when Sheila mentions that things with Finn would be different if Steffy wasn’t in his life. He worries that she’ll go to jail again, but Sheila promises that she’s not going anywhere. They have more sex.

Ridge apologizes to Eric for throwing away his old stapler because he didn’t know it was important to him (had been there since the first day of Forrester). Eric takes Ridge’s words as if he’s saying Eric isn’t useful any more. Eric gripes that everyone in the company uses his office for their own purposes; Ridge doesn’t think that’s a big deal, but Eric feels it’s disrespectful. Ridge points out that he’s in charge of the company now and that the fashion industry has to change and grow constantly, with new blood. He offers to step down and retire but wonders who will take his place. Eric says he will do it and will create this new line with or without Ridge.

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