B&B Short Recap Thursday, July 6, 2023

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Recap written by Suzanne

Brooke, Ridge, and R.J. discuss Hope’s decision to kiss Thomas and the potential consequences for her marriage with Liam. Brooke worries that Hope’s actions might be influenced by Brooke’s own past mistakes, but R.J. believes Hope will fight for her relationship with Liam. At the cabin, Liam tells Hope that he cannot forgive her for kissing Thomas, and he wants a divorce. Hope pleads with him, but Liam is convinced that she has feelings for Thomas and accuses her of always finding ways to keep Thomas in their lives.

Meanwhile, Steffy urges Thomas to admit to the Rome kiss, but Thomas insists that he didn’t plan it and doesn’t want to ruin Hope’s marriage. Steffy reveals that Liam knows about the kiss and wants to divorce Hope. Thomas feels responsible for the pain he has caused and worries that Rome has become a dark cloud over Hope’s marriage. Later, Hope seeks comfort from Thomas after learning about Liam’s decision, and they embrace.

The situation between Hope, Liam, and Thomas becomes increasingly complicated as Liam firmly decides to end his marriage, leaving Hope devastated and seeking solace in Thomas’s arms.

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