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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Paulina told Abe about going to the hospital because of her panic attack. She told him what was going on with Sloan. He told her to rest because he was going to take care of Sloan himself. Sloan filled out a request for a restraining order. Eric asked if it was necessary. She said it was after Paulina accused her of threatening her with the letter with cut out letters from a magazine. He noticed scissors on a stack of magazines. She left to give the request to the judge. He looked through the magazines. Abe went to Sloan’s apartment. Eric answered the door. He defended her to Abe. Abe asked if he believed her. Eric looked doubtful. Abe asked if he was going to stay neutral when she is coming after people he loved. Eric said Abe was family. He said he barely knew Paulina and Chanel. Eric said he empathized with Sloan when he thought Marlena was dead because her loss was bigger than his. Abe said the Eric he knew would never put up with Sloan. Paulina ran into Sloan. Sloan told her about the restraining order. They started arguing with each other. Paulina had trouble breathing. Sloan didn’t care what Paulina was going through. Paulina struggled to breathe. Sloan continued to yell at her before she walked off.

Stefan and Gabi had dinner in the wine cellar. They talked about finally being together. He told her EJ and Nicole thought he was upstairs with Melinda. Gabi was concerned about what Melinda would want in return. He told her he let Melinda know that he only wanted her. She said she couldn’t lose him again. He said she wouldn’t. She said he said that before and he ended up in a morgue. She said he could have picked a better spot for them. He said that was where they realized their feelings for each other. She said she remembered. EJ was upset about Stefan and Melinda. Nicole told him to focus on their love for each other. He said he thought she was enjoying scheming together. She said she was but scheming wasn’t enough anymore He said she was more than that. He said she was the woman he wanted to be with. He said it was time he showed her. He didn’t want to talk about Stefan and Gabi anymore. Stefan and Gabi made love. When they were finished, he wondered how he could stay away from her for four months. They made love again. EJ walked by and saw them in bed together. He took a picture of them. EJ went to tell Nicole what he saw until he saw her dressed in a low cut mini dress. She wanted to go upstairs. Li went to the Square. He got a text from EJ. It was a picture of Gabi in bed with Stefan. Gabi told Stefan that they would be running DiMera in four months. Sloan went back to her apartment. Eric told her he saw Abe. She told him she was going to text a friend to process the restraining order. Paulina told Abe about what happened with Sloan. He said he might have gotten through to Eric. She got a text that said her husband couldn’t save her.

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