Days Short Recap Wednesday, May 3, 2023

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Alex talked to Maggie about focusing on Titan. Victor called her to let her know that Bo was alive. He was going to Greece to be with Bo. Alex was surprised that Victor was going to Greece to be with his son. Alex thought she should go with him. He would take care of the business. Maggie wasn’t sure she should do that considering what happened the last time he was in charge of the business. Alex admitted he made mistakes in the past. He said his family was more important. Maggie agreed to go, but she warned him that it was his last chance. Leo tried to console Gwen. She was upset that Xander and Chloe were moving in together. He wanted to make her feel better so he wanted to order some food, but she reminded him they were spending too much money. She told him about the deep connection she felt with Xander. He told her that he never felt that way before. She hopes he gets it one day. Brady tried to stop Chloe from moving in with Xander. She told him that she’s lonely and he would be good company. She said it was her mistake to make. She knew it affected Brady too. She said she loved him, but it wasn’t enough. She said they were finished. She said they were done ever since Rachel started hating her. She doesn’t blame him for putting Rachel first. She knew it was Kristen’s fault. She felt responsible for Rachel’s attitude. She didn’t want to continue like that. Brady understood, but he wanted to know if they were really over. She started crying and told him that she would always love him. He said he would always love her too.

Xander wanted to know why Colin was trying to get into the bakery room. Colin says Xander had the wrong room, but he was sure he saw Talia there. Colin argued with Xander before he went to his room. Chanel pulled away from Talia’s kiss. She didn’t know Talia was into girls. She said she only dated guys before, but she felt a strong connection between them. She thought it felt right to kiss Chanel. Chanel thought it felt right too. She wondered if Chanel was over Allie. Chanel thought it was time to move on. She kissed Talia. Talia flashed back to her conversation with Colin. Talia backed away from Chanel. She wanted to know what was wrong. Talia reminded her that she was her boss. Chanel said there was nothing keeping her from going out with her. She said that Talia might not have a job anymore if she lost the store. Colin texted Talia to find out how things were going. Talia told Chanel that it was a spam text and they could go out to eat. Jada told Rafe that Talia had the same opportunity Sloan did to get Paulina’s keys. Rafe told her that Talia didn’t have a motive for what she did to Paulina and Chanel. He said someone would have more time to copy the keys before Paulina saw them. Jada told him there was a hardware store in the square. Talia went to see Colin. He told her what he wanted her to do. Rafe and Jada talked to an older man about seeing Sloan at the hardware store. They showed him Sloan’s picture and he didn’t recognize her. Jada showed him Talia’s picture. He remembered her because she was in a rush.


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