Days Short Recap Thursday, February 9, 2023

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Jack ran into Xander. Xander called him out for not speaking to him. Jack told him about kidnapping two women. He said he was upset about him bringing Gwen down with him. Xander said he did worse than that. Jack said he knew better now. He said he saw Xander change, but when he gets desperate, he will go back to his old ways. Xander asked Jack to give Gwen another chance. Jack talked about the things she has done. Xander said Jack was upset that Gwen wasn’t Abby. He said Jack’s love was conditional. Xander said he didn’t like the way she was being treated after everything she has done. He said he was okay with Jack not being friends with him. He said he didn’t want to be friends with someone like Jack. Later, Xander went to see Gwen. He told her what happened with Jack. Xander said he wished could do something about her losing everything. Leo appeared and said they use Jennifer’s car accident against her. Rex showed up at the Kiriakis mansion with a letter from Phillip. He told Sarah that Phillip faked his death. He asked her to keep it a secret until he talked to Brady and Chloe. He said he felt bad expecting her to keep a secret from her husband. She told him she wasn’t with Xander anymore. Rex apologized for Xander hurting her. He said he was no one to talk after the way he treated her. He apologized for being a bad boyfriend. She said he didn’t kidnap anyone. He said he cheated on her. He said it meant everything that she forgave him. He asked if she would forgive Xander.

Sarah told Rex that the divorce papers were filed so she didn’t consider herself married anymore. She said Xander was sleeping with Gwen. He told her to let out her pain. He gave her a pillow to hit. He asked if it worked. She said it didn’t but thought kissing him would help. He stopped her from kissing him. She said she knew he never got over her. She said this was his chance. She wanted him to go to her room. Chanel was furious about finding Allie and Alex together. Allie told her about being with Johnny. Allie got in an argument with Johnny and Chanel. Johnny and Chanel walked away from her. Alex told Allie to go after Chanel. Allie said she was only interested in drinking. At the pub, Tripp told Wendy that Joey called her so they could be together. Tripp said Joey wants them to be a couple. He said he liked her, but she was dating Johnny. She said she and Johnny were trying to date. He told her to text Johnny. Johnny and Chanel walked in the pub. Wendy told Johnny about going to Chanel. He said he was trying to help his friend the same way she was helping Tripp. She said she and Tripp weren’t married. She said she liked him, but they didn’t stand a chance if he still had feelings for Chanel. She said she didn’t want to get hurt. Johnny and Chanel went back to Paulina’s house. They started drinking. They talked about the past. She tried to kiss him, but he said he didn’t want to hurt Allie. He said he didn’t think she did either. She said he was right. She said she had to be loyal to Allie even if she didn’t deserve it. Allie and Alex went back to her apartment. He asked if he could stay in her office again. She told him he could be in her bed. He said that wasn’t a good idea. She convinced him to be with her. They started kissing each other. Gwen went to see Jack at the Horton house. She wanted to talk about the paper. He thought she wanted her job back. Xander showed up to tell him they wanted the whole paper. They told him to sign over ownership of the paper or they would send Jennifer to prison for hitting Gwen.

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