Days Short Recap Friday, December 29, 2023

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Xander was taking care of Victoria when Sarah arrived. He thought she was going to a party. She wanted to check on them before she went. Sarah kissed Victoria and noticed that she was warm. Xander didn’t notice it before. They took care of Victoria together. Xander and Sarah were happy that her fever broke. Sarah decided not to go to the party. She wanted to stay there with them. Chanel and Johnny were at the town square. They were getting ready for the NYE party. She told him that she was worried about her mother. He said they would face what happened together. Chad bumped into Leo at the pub. Leo had a proposition for him. Chad told him to talk to Everett. He asked Chad if he had plans with Stephanie for NYE. He told him they broke up. He wanted to know more about what happened between them, but he walked away. Leo left to find Everett. Everyone got together for the NYE party. Stefan got an update about two kids from Salem that died because of overdose. Ava thought they were responsible for it. She let him know that she lied to Harris about them dating. Ava didn’t want Harris to suspect they were working together to sell drugs. He agreed to do it, but he didn’t like the idea of cheating on Gabi.

Holly was getting ready for the party and looked at her pills when Nicole showed up. She wondered if Nicole wanted her to stay home. Nicole let her know that she had a therapy session, and she was fine. She and EJ were going to stay home. The NYE party was under way. Stephanie went to the party with Everett and introduced him to people. Leo showed up at the party and spotted Everett. He talked to him about getting his job back. Everett agreed to give it to him. Holly showed Tate the pills she had. She thought they could have some fun. Tate wanted her to put the pills away. He reminded her that his parents were addicts and he refused to take drugs. She thought they would make him feel better. Holly left to go to the bathroom. It was midnight and Johnny and Chanel kissed each other. Stephanie and Everett kissed each other too. Chad saw them kissing each other. Tate looked for Holly. He finally found lying on the ground on the dock. She overdosed.

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