GH Short Recap Thursday, March 23, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

Sasha decides to pay Gladys for being her conservator and Gladys feels guilty because Cody knows that she has been using Sasha’s money to gamble. Cody agrees to be one of Magic Milo’s magic wands for the Nurse’s Ball. Cody advises Sasha that before she puts Gladys on the payroll she should trust but verify.

Jordan advises Curtis that if he meant the wedding vows he said to Portia he should forgive her. The ethics committee decides to reinstate Elizabeth to her job because Finn and Terri persuaded the committee that Elizabeth helped Esme because she thought Nikolas might harm her.

Gregory tells Alexis he is sick but he doesn’t tell her what illness he has and makes her promise not to tell Chase or Finn.

Marshall tells Portia the results of his genetic counseling and she thinks he should contact the doctor who diagnosed him with schizophrenia and talk to him. Marshall calls Stella to see if his medical records are in her sister Irene’s papers.

Trina tells Spencer she understands why Esme and baby Ace are living with him in Kevin and Laura’s house but tells him to keep an eye on Esme in case she is faking her amnesia or her memory returns.

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