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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Maggie cleared Vivian’s things out of the office. Alex showed up and she told him what happened. Alex let her know that he was happy that she got the house, but he was the one who got control of the Titan. Maggie didn’t agree with him. They went back and forth about who should be in charge of the company. Alex didn’t want Maggie to keep arguing with him because he wanted to be CEO. She wanted to know if it was payback for her firing him. He assured her that wasn’t the reason he wanted the job. He didn’t agree with the way she ran the company, but he wasn’t trying to get revenge. He wanted the job because he felt like Victor wanted him to run it. She thought she could be there for him once the truth came out. She wondered if Victor wanted them to work together. He didn’t think it would work because they don’t have the same views for the company. He warned her that he would get the board involved if she didn’t walk away willingly. She backed down and told him that she was disappointed in him. He offered her a job, but she didn’t want it. Kate went to see Marlena. They talked about Philip and Chloe leaving together. Kate was afraid that Philip would backslide if he were with Chloe. Marlena reminded her that he was a grown man, and that Chloe wouldn’t go to New York with him if she didn’t think he changed. Kate was sad because she thought it was a chance for them to get closer. Gabi was getting ready for a meeting, but Vivian had other plans. Vivian wanted to go to the meeting, but Gabi didn’t like that idea. Vivian said that she didn’t have anything now that Maggie kicked her out so she needed to be by her son’s side. Gabi told her not to get too comfortable with being there. Vivian said she that wasn’t going anywhere.

Jada arrived at the DiMera mansion with questions for Stefan. She wanted to know why he lied to her. He lied again about hearing the gunshot from upstairs. He told her that the prints on the gun belong to Dimitri and Kristen. He said that Kristen must have shot him. She told him that the bullet that came from Dimitri didn’t match the gun. Stefan still acted as if he didn’t know anything. Jada threatened to lock him up if he lied to her. Gabi told her that she couldn’t lock Stefan up. Gabi told her that Vivian was the one who shot Dimitri. She gave Jada the gun from Vivian’s bag. Stefan wanted to know what she was doing. She told him that she wasn’t going to let him go to prison for his mother. Vivian walked in the room and wanted to know what happened to her gun. Vivian told Jada what really happened, and Stefan backed up her story. Gabi told her that they wanted to press charges against Dimitri for trying to kill them. Jada wanted to know if they would testify, and they agreed to do it. Jada thought it would help Vivian avoid attempted murder charges. She told her that she was still in violation of her parole, but she was going to talk to her parole officer. After Jada left, Stefan demanded answers from Gabi. She didn’t want him to get in trouble. Stefan was upset and Vivian asked him if he was going to let Gabi throw her under the bus. He said there was nothing they could do since Jada knew the truth. Vivian said she had to leave town. Gabi couldn’t be happier about it. Stefan and Vivian share a warm goodbye. After Vivian left, Gabi thought she did him a favor by getting her to leave. Leo saw Kristen at the hospital. He blamed her for what happened to Dimitri. She said that she didn’t shoot him, but he didn’t do it. He stormed off to be with Dimitri. Dimitri woke up and saw Gwen standing over him. He told her that he was shot. She wasn’t surprised since he was a dirtbag. Gwen told him that she knew the truth. He apologized to her. She was sorry too and took a scalpel from her boot. He was afraid because he thought she was going to cut his penis off to punish him and Leo. He called for help as she got closer and then Leo walked in the room. Leo stopped her from cutting him. Leo begged her not to hurt him. He hoped that she would forgive him. She refused and walked out the room.

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