Y&R Short Recap Monday, November 6, 2023

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Recap written by Suzanne

Mariah, Tessa and little Aria are with Sharon at the coffee house. The women tell Sharon that they’re worried about whether the new hearing aids that Aria’s getting will help her; they don’t want their daughter to bear the pain of being “different”. Sharon gives them good advice. They take Aria to see Dr. George. She prepares them for what might happen and how to deal with it. She puts the hearing aids in Aria’s ears and her moms try to talk to her. Nothing happens, so Tessa starts singing to her, and she seems to react. They’re overjoyed. Later, they go back to give Sharon the good news, and Sharon talks to Aria as well. They’re all very happy that it worked out.

Nikki has flashbacks to arguing with her kids and husband about how Victor may or may not be faking his dementia. Claire comes in to ask her something, but she doesn’t hear at first. Claire asks her if everything is OK. Nikki hints that it’s trouble with her family. Claire wonders if she may have overstepped. She runs into Nate and shares her fears. He’s sure that she didn’t go too far and offers her some advice. She flirts with him and asks him if he might want to go to coffee sometime to talk to her about how to do well at Newman, and he says that maybe they can do that.

Victoria brings some paperwork in to Victor, saying that this is a bad deal, and she can’t believe anyone at Newman approved it. He gets defensive. She tries to tell him that she just wants clarification, but he accuses her of wanting his job. He goes to leave to meet with Adam, talking about the merger (that didn’t happen). Nate rushes in and suggests that he get Victor a car to drive him, but Victor snaps at him that he has his own driver and leaves.

Nate informs Victoria that he didn’t think confronting Victor about his mistake was a good idea. He tells her that he spoke with Victor already about his mental health and that he might be willing to go away to a clinic for a week or more to be evaluated and treated. She’s not happy that he wasn’t going to tell her, but he explains it was Victor’s requirement. She’s not crazy about the whole idea, but she rushes out to protect Victor from Adam.

Claire gets Nikki some coffee, so Sharon recognizes the order, and they chat for a second. Claire figures out that Sharon is Nikki’s former daughter-in-law. After Claire leaves to get a hurried phone call, Sharon looks after her thoughtfully. Claire gets a phone call from her “Aunt Jordan.” She says that she thought she’d have more time but that she’ll get it done. She tells her, “I love you” before hanging up.

Adam prepares to meet with Victor, hoping that he can meet his expert doctor; Nick is there and not too keen on Adam’s idea of tricking Victor into chatting with a doctor. Victor arrives to meet with them and mentions the new company they’re forming. Nick tells him that something is wrong, and they both talk to him about how he’s been having memory lapses. Nick spills the beans about Adam’s plans to have the doctor talk to Victor without his knowledge, which doesn’t make Victor too happy. Adam explains that he was just worried about him and didn’t think he would talk to someone voluntarily. Victoria arrives, and Victor thinks she’s trying to make him feel incompetent, too. He demands that they all go to Newman to meet. They all go, along with Nikki and Nate. When they’re all there, Victor tells them that it’s time they all knew the truth.

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