Y&R Short Recap Wednesday, December 13, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

Daniel tells Heather that Lily is out of town visiting Mattie, so Heather takes Daniel out to lunch to thank him for helping her find an apartment and a job.

Cole returns from Oregon with a DNA sample from Claire’s hairbrush and toothbrush so they can do a DNA test.

Michael agrees to represent Claire in her trial because he believes she needs psychiatric help, not jail time. Cole and Victoria tell Michael they will help Claire even if it turns out she isn’t their daughter.

Nikki gives Audra a general synopsis of what happened to her family in Oregon. Nikki remembers her ordeal and sneaks a drink from a flask in her purse. Nikki tells Audra she isn’t feeling well, and leaves work early. Nikki is glad that nobody is home, and she chugs vodka from the bottle. Victoria arrives, looking for Nikki and Nikki quickly swallows the vodka in her mouth, but the half full bottle of vodka is still in her hand, its a good thing Victoria hasn’t walked into the living room yet.

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