Y&R Short Recap Tuesday, November 14, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

Chloe returns to work with Sally at her interior design business.

Mamie continues to pressure Nate to work at Chancellor-Winters especially now that he has been fired from Newman Enterprises.

Jack agrees to give Ashley more time to find out Tucker’s plan before they release the article about the singer on his music label sleeping with underage girls.

Abby tells Ashley that Devon and Lily think Tucker gave Mamie the money to invest in Chancellor-Winters. Ashley thinks that she needs to shift Tucker’s focus to Chancellor-Winters so he can stay away from Jabot.

Victoria decides to stay at Newman Enterprises even though she is still angry with her father. Nick also returns to work at the company and Victor males it clear that Adam will also have an important job at Newman Enterprises.

Nikki goes to Blue Lake with Claire to meet Claire’s Aunt Jordan. Nikki plans to plans to make it a quick visit and then fly to visit her sister Casey. Nikki and Claire arrive at her Aunt Jordan’s house and her aunt leaves Claire a note saying she went to the doctor. Claire puts something in Nikk’s tea and Nikki gets dizzy and wonders what is happening to her. Claire tells Nikki that soon everything will be as it should be.

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