Days Short Recap Thursday, December 7, 2023

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Konstantin let Maggie know that he wasn’t leaving Salem. He wanted to have coffee with her to explain his decision. Theresa was eating with Alex and saw Konstantin with Maggie. Alex wondered why Theresa was upset, but he realized why when he saw Maggie and Konstantin walk in the pub. He wanted to pay their bill. Maggie wanted to know why they were rushing off. Alex tried to cover, but it didn’t work for Konstantin. Konstantin knew it was because Theresa was still upset with him for what she said. He gave her an apology and she pretended to accept it. Alex and Theresa left the pub. Maggie was impressed with Konstantin for his apology. She wanted to know why he wasn’t going back to Greece. He told her that the loan sharks accepted the money, but they would kill him if he ever came back to Greece. She wanted to know what he was going to do. He said he was going to stay in Salem. Konstantin had to get a job or marry an American citizen. Stephanie confronted Chad about buying the paper. She thought he did it to get rid of Everett. Chad admitted what he did. She was upset because he didn’t trust her. Chad told her that Everett was the one he didn’t trust. She didn’t want to hear what he had to say. Stephanie told him that she found the ring Everett had for her. He planned to propose to her. Chad wanted to know what she would have said. She said it wasn’t important. Chad thought it was important. She thought it was funny that the man she thought ghosted her wanted to marry her, but the man she’s living with doesn’t want to do it. Stephanie stormed off.

Chad went to Everett’s room and told him that he knew that he found out that he fired him. Chad wanted to offer his job back. Everett wanted to know the catch. Chad told him there wasn’t a catch. He wanted an honest answer. Chad asked him if he was in Salem to get Stephanie back. Everett admitted he wanted Stephanie back. Chad appreciated his honesty and left his room. Everett looked at the ring box and thought the ring could be on Stephanie’s finger sooner than he thought. Alex ran into Chad in the hallway. He told him that Stephanie wanted him to give him something. Alex gave him Stephanie’s key and he took it. John and Steve talked about Konstantin. Steve told him that Konstantin was behind Victoria’s kidnapping. They wanted to find any footage of the kidnapper. John and Steve worked together to figure out where the kidnapper went after leaving Maggie’s place. They got a grainy picture of the kidnapper holding the baby. They had trouble figuring out who it was so they talked to Shane about it. Stephanie arrived after John left. She asked if she could stay with him and Kayla until she figured things out. Rafe and Jada were together in her room. He asked her about moving in with him. She hesitated because she only lived with her ex-husband. Rafe realized that she never talked about her ex-husband She gave him details about him. Jada wasn’t sure she was ready to move in with him yet, but she promised to think about it. Rafe went to take a shower. She took pictures of her Christmas tree and looked at her other pictures. Jada looked at a picture of her and ex. Her ex-husband is Everett.


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