Days Short Recap Thursday, March 30, 2023

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Justin wondered why Alex was working from home. Alex showed him his eye. He said Maggie told him to work from home until it got better. Justin wondered if it had to do with him going behind Maggie’s back. Justin said that was a bad idea. Alex told him about the fight he had with Xander over Gwen. Justin talked about the kind of person Gwen was. Alex defended her. He said they were using each other. Justin told him he should get over Stephanie with someone else. Alex said he wouldn’t fall in love again. He said sex worked best when it was casual. Justin said he should make it clear to Gwen that she was a relief player. He said Alex shouldn’t make her a scorned woman. Maggie talked to Xander about his fight with Alex. Xander said the fight was over Gwen. He said he was worried that Alex would hurt Gwen. She said punches were usually thrown out of jealously. He said he was a little jealous but he didn’t have a right to since he still had feelings for Sarah. He asked if she heard from Sarah. She said Sarah loved her job and has moved on. She told him to do the same thing. Chloe went to the pub and saw Brady looking at his tablet. She thought he was reading what she said about Rachel. He said Leo printed a story about Victor going senile. She told him Leo asked her about their relationship. He said there was no mention of their relationship in the paper. Brady said he made Kristen write a note to Rachel telling her to accept his relationship with Chloe. He said they could be together. He said they should hang out with each other.

Rachel went to see Kristen. Rachel pulled out the letter she wrote. She wanted to know what the letter was about. Chloe ran into Xander. She asked if he knew why her comments about Rachel weren’t in the paper. He said he cut Leo’s column. He said he saw upset she as about it. He said he was being petty. Chloe thanked him for his help. She said she didn’t think she and Brady would survive. Kristen tried to explain the letter to Rachel, but Brady showed up. He said he had to track her down after the school called. He wanted to know if Kristen put Rachel up to it. Kristen said Rachel was there because of the letter he made her write. She told Rachel that she wanted Brady to be happy. She said if it meant being with Chloe then it was okay. A guard came to get Kristen. She told Rachel not to do this stunt again. Brady said Rachel scared him. He said he would take her back to school and then they would spend time with Chloe. She promised, but she crossed her fingers behind her back. Alex went to see Gwen. He told her he wasn’t looking for a relationship. She said she was happy with a sexual relationship. Chloe hugged Xander. Leo found out Xander cut his column. He saw Xander and Chloe together. He took a picture of them hugging.

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