GH Short Recap Wednesday, September 27, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

Spencer calls Trina and tells her that Eve’s daycare called and said Ace may have been exposed to chicken pox, but Spencer arrives later and tells Trina that the child that was sick has poison oak and not chicken pox, so Spencer books another flight to New York.

The Quartermaine family goes to the Savoy to support Eddie. Olivia tells Brook Lynn that she feels like she is cheating on Ned because she wants Eddie to kiss her. Olivia tells Brook Lynn that she thinks Eddie’s unfinished new song may be the key to Ned getting back his memory. Eddie dedicates a classic Eddie Maine song to Olivia because she is the best friend a guy could have and has been very supportive of him.

Kristina, Molly (now played by Kristen Vaganos), and TJ are also at the Savoy watching Eddie sing. Kristina wishes Molly and TJ congratulations on their baby.

Sasha confronts Gladys and gets Gladys to admit what she did to her. Sasha tells Gladys that, if she loves her, she will turn herself in to the police. Sasha also wants Gladys to testify against Dr. Montague, so he won’t hurt anybody else.

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