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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Chanel went to the apartment to return the key to Allie when she noticed her suitcases. She wondered if Allie was leaving. She told Chanel that she was going to New Zealand with Will and Sonny. Chanel wondered why she was leaving. She knew that she wouldn’t forgive her and that she wouldn’t want to work with her anymore. She knew she messed things up and thought it was better that she left town. Chanel let her know that they weren’t going to be together, but she still cared about her. She gave Allie her blessing to go. They saw an old picture of them together. They thought about the good times they had together. Roman went to see Lucas at the prison. He told him that Kate told him not to kill Orpheus. Lucas thought he was drunk. Roman assured him that he was sober. He said that Kate convinced him not to do something that he would regret. Lucas said that even if that were true John and Steve weren’t answering their phones so they couldn’t get in touch with them. Roman suggested that he pretend to get drunk again, but he said he was cleared of drinking. Orpheus told John and Steve that he could tell them who stole the orchid. He said the person is more guilty than he is. John was interested in the information, but Steve said they had to kill him.

Nick was ready to take Marlena, Kate and Kayla to Hell. Kate threw a vase at him. She insisted that they were going to stay and fight him. Marlena said they didn’t have weapons so Kate gave them pieces of the vase. Nick made the pieces disappear from their hands. He was about to send the ladies to Hell when he was stopped. Jake showed up and stopped him. Kate was shocked that Jake was in the good place. He explained that it was decided that his good deeds outweighed his bad deeds. Jake told them that Nick cheated and he wasn’t talking about the contracts. Nick wanted to know why he cared so much. Jake reminded him that he came back from the dead and tried to kill him. Nick winked at Marlena and said he wasn’t working alone. Jake wasn’t concerned about that. Jake announced that the women weren’t really dead. John let Orpheus know that if they were going to spare his life, they would need proof. Steve still wanted to kill him. Orpheus warned him that they wouldn’t know who else was involved if they killed him. Steve was able to live with that. He prepared to put the syringe in Orpheus’ arm. Roman showed up and tried to stop him. He told them about Kate’s warning about killing Orpheus. John told him that Orpheus knew who stole the orchid. Steve told them that they lost their leverage over Orpheus. John took Orpheus out of the restraints and they were about to leave. Orpheus stopped them and gave them a clue. John, Steve and Roman met with Lucas. He thought Kristen was robbed of the orchid. Lucas wondered who stole the orchid. They knew that it was a DiMera who did it. Jake told Kate that she wasn’t cremated and Marlena and Kayla weren’t buried. Nick took their souls from inside of their bodies. He said they didn’t belong there. Marlena wanted to know where they were. Marlena, Kate and Kayla were in three pods at the DiMera lab.

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