GH Short Recap Tuesday, September 5, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

Ava demands that Mason give her Nikolas’ body, but he says that he has to wait until his boss tells him to return the body to her.

Sonny refuses to tell the FBI anything so he has to stay in jail until his arraignment in three days.

Michael and Carly suspect that Josslyn fixed the damaged flash drive and turned Sonny in to the FBI. Josslyn tells Carly and Michael she didn’t turn Sonny in to the FBI. Dex tells Carly and Michael he intended to burn the flash drive but he didn’t have time so he threw it in a public trash can. Carly and Michael think someone was following Dex and took the flash drive out of the trash, fixed it, and gave the flash drive to the FBI.

Maxie wants to take the deal Tracy offered them and not take the case to court and risk losing Deception.

Austin tries to persuade Nikolas to go back to town and tell Ava that he is alive but Nikolas tells Austin that it isn’t the time for people to know he is alive.

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