GH Short Recap Thursday, November 30, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

James tells Maxie he wishes Cody was his brother because he is tired of being the only boy in the house.

Felicia continues to wonder if Cody could be Mac’s son.

Dante questions Ava about Austin’s death. Ava tells Dante that the last time she saw Austin was two days before Thanksgiving at the gallery. Ava also tells Dante she left the gallery at midnight, but she can’t prove it because she doesn’t have cameras in the back room of the gallery. Ava tells Dante that she left through the back door of the gallery. Dante advises Ava to get a lawyer when the Pawtuck police question her.

Michael tells Nina the only reason he is keeping her secret is for the sake of Sonny and Willow.

Dex tells Sonny that Pikeman wants another meeting.

Portia advises TJ not to postpone his joy because life is too short to postpone joy.

Molly cries because Willow made her realize she shouldn’t have talked to the surrogate matching professional without telling TJ what she wanted to do.

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