Days Short Recap Thursday, July 13, 2023

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Paulina was getting ready for Abe’s funeral with Chanel. They talked about what Abe meant to them when Theo showed up. Paulina wanted Chanel to go to Steve and Kayla’s place to get pictures of Abe. She and Theo were going to meet Chanel at the church. Paulina wanted to talk to Theo alone about his eulogy. He practiced what he was going to say and she was moved by his speech. John showed up at Steve’s place. He told Steve that he had the same dream about Abe. He wondered if it was more than just a dream. John felt like it was a premonition like the one Steve had about Kayla. He thought Abe might be alive. Steve agreed with him so they looked through the file again. They focused on Whitley’s first statement. Chanel showed up at Steve’s place. Steve and John offered their condolences. She told them about Whitley showing up to see her mother. She also told them how Whitley worked on Abe’s campaign and was at Abe and Paulina’s wedding. After Chanel left, Steve and John thought Whitley’s actions were suspicious. Steve went to the hospital to talk to Whitley. Marlena found Brady putting up Rachel’s picture. He didn’t think she was missing. He thought Kristen had her. He wanted to talk to her. Marlena wanted to talk to her. He finally agreed with her.

Lani surprised Kristen at the DiMera mansion. They were happy to see each other and then the conversation switched to Rachel. Lani felt like Kristen knew what happened to Rachel. She tried to talk Kristen into doing the right thing and telling Brady what happened. She thought they could work something out. Marlena showed up after Lani left. Marlena felt like she owed her for helping her when she and EJ needed her help. Kristen said she needed something if she was going to tell her about Rachel. Whitley drugged Abe again when he accused her of not being his wife. He said he remembered the real picture of Paulina. Jerry showed up at Whitley’s place. He felt bad for Abe’s family. She let Jerry know that she planned on leaving town with Abe. She agreed to give him a bonus if he left town too. She left to go to the hospital. Abe’s funeral was over. Lani wanted to stay behind. She needed a moment alone. Paulina and company went back to her place. Jerry was packing his bags when there was a knock on his door. He opened the door and saw Lani standing there. Steve saw Paulina at the hospital and started questioning her. She answered his questions and wanted to find Kayla. He wanted to know why she wanted to talk to Kayla. She said that she was resigning.

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