Days Short Recap Wednesday, April 5, 2023

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Nicole asked Stefan how his night went with Gabi. He told her that it was fine until Li walked in the room. Stefan texted someone while Nicole was talking to him. She pretended to feel bad for him. He told her that everything was okay because he caught him in bed with someone else. She wondered who it was when Melinda walked in the room. Stefan pulled her in a kiss. They started making out so Nicole asked them about when they got together. She wanted to know about Gabi. He said that she got cold feet and didn’t want to lose her shares. Stefan and Melinda put on another show for Nicole and then he wanted to take her to his room. EJ met with Li in the park. He wanted to know what happened when he walked in on Stefan and Gabi. Li told him that Stefan was with Trask. EJ was upset, but he realized that Stefan played them. Li was upset about being played. EJ told them that they had to be more creative. Li didn’t want to humiliate Gabi and mess up their arrangement. He just wants her. EJ told him that he didn’t have a chance of getting her back. He reminded him of what he did to her. He said the shares were the only thing he had left of the relationship. Li didn’t care about the shares. He warned EJ to stay away from his marriage.

Abe went to see Rafe. He asked him about Jada. Rafe was very happy to sing her praises. Abe wondered if something was going on between them. Rafe knew that they couldn’t be together because of the policy. Abe needed to hear him say it. Rafe said he wasn’t seeing Jada. He reminded him that he and Hope were together while they worked at the station and were each others’ superiors, but no one said anything about it. Abe said they were equals. He said he would change the rules for him, but his hands were tied. Jada told Talia that she and Rafe could lose their jobs if they even went to a movie together. Talia noticed that Jada didn’t deny having feelings for Rafe. Jada said they weren’t ready to get involved. Li came home and saw Gabi texting. She lied to him about who she was meeting. She left and Li followed her. EJ talked to Nicole about Stefan being with Melinda. She wasn’t sure if they were pretending to be together. She said she saw them together. They put their ears to Stefan’s door. They heard Melinda crying out in ecstasy. Melinda was sitting fully clothed when Stefan slipped into the tunnel. Li went to the Bistro and looked around for Gabi. Stefan and Gabi were in the wine cellar.

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