Days Short Recap Friday, October 27, 2023

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Gabi edited the recording of Rachel. She told Stefan she didn’t feel good about it. She said she would be devastated if anyone accused her of abusing Arianna. He said what they were doing was terrible, but they didn’t have a choice if they wanted the shares. He said no one would ever see the video as long as Kristen does what they want. She said they also had to betray Brady to get what they wanted. He said he felt worse about that, but they didn’t have a choice. They wanted to move quickly with the plan so EJ wouldn’t get Kristen’s shares before they did. EJ and Kristen walked at the square. He told her he was concerned Stefan and Gabi would come after her the way they did Dimitri to get control of their shares. He said she should give them to him so he could protect them. She was suspicious and said she would have to think about it. Stefan called Kristen and asked her to meet him and Gabi at home. When she got there, they told her to sign her shares over to them. She laughed at them until they showed her the recording of Rachel saying her mother gave her a black eye and the video of her saying she would discipline her daughter anyway she wanted. She realized they set her up. She yelled at them but she didn’t back down.

Stefan and Gabi told Kristen they would give the video to Brady if she didn’t sign over her shares. Kristen said she was calling their bluff. She was going to take her chances with the judge. She said she didn’t want to risk losing Rachel. She signed the paper. Stefan told her she had to convince Peter to sign over his shares. When they left, EJ showed up. Kristen told him what happened. Marlena asked Brady about his deal with Gabi and Stefan. He told her they were setting Kristen up to look like she abused Rachel physically. He said he agreed to help them. She said what he was doing was wrong. He said he didn’t care. He said he wanted his daughter back no matter what he had to do. She tried to talk him out of it, but he refused to change his mind. She had to leave to go to the hospital. After she left, Gabi and Stefan showed up. They told Brady they deleted the videos because they made a deal with Kristen. He was upset that they double crossed him, but they didn’t care. Chad asked Stephanie if Steve was right about her wanting to get married. She said she did want to get married, but he wasn’t ready. She said she lied so she wouldn’t pressure him. He wasn’t happy that she lied to him. They argued over his feelings for her and Abby. Stephanie told him he didn’t understand how hard it was for her competing with his dead wife and losing. He said he could see marriage for them, but he wasn’t ready. He was still grieving Abby. He said he loved her. She said he didn’t love her the way he loved Abby.

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