Days Short Recap Thursday, March 23, 2023

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Rolf told Marlena and Kayla that the serum was working. He said Kate might have sipped from her fountain of youth, but she chose to be difficult. He said she was dead. Megan put Marlena and Kayla to sleep to keep them from escaping. Rolf wanted to see how the serum would work on a human. Megan yelled at Rolf because Bo went rogue. She said Bo said it was the last order he was doing for her. He locked himself in the other lab and wasn’t talking to her. Rolf said he could mold people’s minds, but he couldn’t change who they were at the core. Bo looked at the orchid and thought about talking to Kate. He thought about the gunshot. He looked through the drawers and found a file with his name on it. He saw his parents’ names on it. He thought about Victor telling him he was proud of him. Harris was upset that he couldn’t remember anything after Megan took him. He told Hope that he wanted to find Megan so they could bring her down for both of their sakes. A psychiatrist came in the room. She said Kimberly asked her to consult. She said the changes to Harris’ brain chemistry are embedded. She said psychotherapy may not be enough to retrieve his memories. She said shock therapy was an option, but it could be fatal. He said he didn’t care. He wanted to do it today. Hope told him to think about it. He signed the consent form.

Harris had electrodes on his head. The doctor turned up the voltage. Hope told her to stop, but Harris wanted her to keep going. When he was given another shot, he remembered being in a lab with Megan and Rolf. He told Hope and the doctor about a tube. Hope asked who was in the tube. Rolf told Megan that he was confident Bo was over Hope. Megan wanted to know how he was so sure Bo has fallen for Hope again. She said she sacrificed everything to get Bo back. She said she wouldn’t lose him again. She wanted Rolf to make sure Bo was devoted to her. She wanted him to use the serum to turn back time before Hope ruined everything. Bo looked through the file and saw a picture of Hope. He read about their relationship. He thought about their relationship. He read Megan’s plans to make him fall in love with her. He read that she wants to tap into his dark Kiriakis side. He thought about Victor. Harris told Hope and the doctor that he couldn’t see who was in the tube. He said there was a map on the wall. He wrote down the coordinates. Bo had memories of Hope. Megan told Rolf that she had plans for Bo. She told Rolf to keep working on the serum. While Bo was looking at the file, Megan came in with a syringe behind her back.

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