GH Short Recap Thursday, November 2, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

Port Charles continues celebrating Halloween as the children of Port Charles have a Halloween party at Kelly’s.

Spencer and Trina go to a Halloween party at the college but decide to leave and spend Halloween at Ava’s gallery because the party gets too loud and rowdy.

Dex and Josslyn go to the same party but don’t go inside because they see the police arrive at the party. Dex and Josslyn pick up food and head back to Josslyn’s dorm to spend Halloween together. Josslyn is unaware that Adam installed an app on her computer that allows him to listen to everything that is going on in her room.

Anna thinks she has found out who might be targeting her.

Cody and Sasha spend Halloween together at Sasha’s apartment. Sasha accepts Maxie’s offer to continue to be the face of Deception.

Jake asks Charlotte about the key she has on a key chain. Charlotte tells Jake that it is the key to getting everything she wants but Jake doesn’t know that it is the key to Anna’s apartment.

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