B&B Short Recap Thursday, July 13, 2023

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Recap written by Suzanne

At the cliff house, Steffy and Finn express their appreciation for each other and their family. Steffy reflects on the difficult times they’ve faced and their reunion in Monaco. Finn assures her that he’s committed to their relationship and that they won’t go through such hardships again. They discuss Liam and Hope’s situation, with Finn emphasizing the importance of prioritizing family. Steffy mentions Hope’s assurance that she has no feelings for Thomas, remarking that she’s truly a Logan.

Meanwhile, at Forrester, Ridge is in a good mood and reveals a sketch of Brooke, attributing his happiness to a Logan. Brooke and Ridge talk about their own challenges and surviving them. Carter mentions the positive impact of Ridge’s friend’s advice and hints at Ridge’s gratitude. Brooke acknowledges that Thomas has changed and kept his professionalism with Hope. She expresses a desire to talk to Thomas, planning to visit his place.

At Thomas’ place, Hope wakes up after falling asleep in his arms. They share another kiss and become intimate. Hope admits her feelings for Thomas, though she feels conflicted about hurting Liam and her family. Thomas reassures her and expresses his happiness about their connection. They continue to talk, and Hope reflects on her argument with Brooke, admitting that her mother had been right about her feelings for Thomas. They share more kisses upstairs.

While Hope and Thomas are engaged, Brooke arrives at Thomas’ place and enters to find them together. She is shocked to find them in bed together.

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