Days Short Recap Wednesday, January 11, 2023

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Stefan told Gabi that Johnny and Wendy found Rolf and told them about the brainwashing. Gabi couldn’t believe that Wendy betrayed her. She was happy that Stefan knew the truth. She thought the truth would change everything. He gently let her know that it didn’t change anything. He felt bad about the way he treated her. He knew she still loved him, but he didn’t love her. She blamed Rolf for that, but he let her know that his feelings for Kate were real. He knew he used to love her, but he didn’t feel anything for her now. She wondered if he really wanted to be with Chloe. She knew he was forced to love her. Wendy showed up at the house to speak for Li. She apologized for what happened. She hoped that she could forgive Li. Gabi told her that she hated Li for what he did to her and Stefan. She closed the door in Wendy’s face. Gabi went back to Stefan. He let her know that they weren’t getting back together. She thought Rolf could fix things for him. She wanted him to be able to have his free will. Kristen let EJ know that she needed a place to stay. He rejected her because he knew what she did. She knew he would have done the same thing to get the woman he loved back in his life. They went back and forth until she warned him that she would tell Stefan that he knew about the brainwashing. She told him that he would lose his power at DiMera Enterprises.

Rafe showed up at the DiMera mansion looking for answers from EJ and Kristen about the orchid. EJ was adamant that he didn’t know where it was. Kristen tried to be sympathetic towards Marlena. Rafe let her know that Rolf was going to be brought back to Salem. He was bringing forensics to check the room where she kept the orchid. He also wanted the security tapes. EJ was willing to do whatever it took to keep Johnny from losing his grandmother. Rafe warned Kristen that he planned on getting Rolf to turn on her as well as anyone else who was involved with him. He wished them luck before he left the mansion. The forensics team started looking through the mansion. EJ allowed Kristen to stay at the mansion. He warned her that they better find the orchid. Stefan and Gabi went to the station to ask Rafe about Rolf. He said that Rolf disappeared without a trace. Brady told Chloe why he broke up with her. She was shocked, but she wished she knew before she slept with Stefan. Brady was hurt by her admission, but he knew he was responsible for it. She said she couldn’t go back to him as if nothing happened. He understood and told her that he would wait for her. Nicole ran into Eric at the town square. She wanted to offer her condolences to him, but he wanted to walk away. She forced him to talk. He told her about Kristen and how he kidnapped Rachel. Nicole was upset to find out that Rachel was with Sloan. Eric thought she was being jealous. She defended herself and wondered what type of man he’s become. They ended up arguing and he blamed her for Jada aborting his child. Nicole got upset and walked off to pray for Marlena and for him.

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