GH Short Recap Wednesday, November 1, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

Diane invites Robert to go to a benefit to help homeless animals.

Anna gets Robert to help her move a trunk of top secret WSB files into her apartment. Anna goes to see Valentin to tell him she decided to sublet Maxie’s apartment. Charlotte steals Anna’s apartment key. Anna goes through the trunk of WSB files hoping to find a clue to the identity of the person targeting her.

Eddie remembers kissing Lois after their wedding on top of one of the towers of the Brooklyn bridge. Eddie then adds some words to his unfinished song.

Brook Lynn tells Tracy she doesn’t want Deception because she loves writing music and managing musicians.

Carly refuses to give Cyrus a job at Kelly’s because she knows that he hasn’t changed at all.

Charlotte has her first session with Kevin before she goes trick or treating with her friends.

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