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Recap written by Suzanne

Nina goes through some of Britt’s things in a box that Liesl grabbed from her office. Ava comes home and they have a nice long talk. Ava tries to console Nina about being sad about Britt. Nina tells her Britt was dying. Ava tells Nina that Esme is pregnant with Nikolas’s child. She still plans to get revenge on Nikolas and hopes to take Wyndemere and Spoon Island away from him. They’re both sad that Ava may be moving out. They talk about how they’ve both lost family, and briefly chat about Sonny.

Willow and Michael wait to meet with Terry. Willow doesn’t want to tell his family anything about being sick until she’s sure that she’ll be okay. She thinks Michael should try to see Sonny’s side of things. Terry tells them that Willow’s bloodwork isn’t good. She wants to schedule the transplant right away but thinks they should induce labor first. Willow is worried about having premature birth. Later, Terry tells them that the donor fell through. Michael is optimistic about other possible treatments and donors.

Martin tries to stop Dante and Jordan from questioning Esme, but Finn examines her and pronounces her fit for questioning. Dante shows her photos, but she claims not to know anything. Martin thinks that he can get Esme out of trouble with the law. Her best bet is to produce an alibi for where she’s been hiding out. Dante isn’t so sure that Esme is the Hook killer and hopes to figure out where she’s been. Liz expresses sympathy to Terry about Britt’s death. Terry is overwhelmed now that she’s the full chief of staff. Liz and Finn are awkward with each other. She starts to tell him something, but Jordan interrupts to question her about Esme attacking her – whether she was pregnant. Finn suggests they look at Spoon Island for Esme’s hiding place.

Alexis meets with Nikolas at Kelly’s. He wants advice about getting full custody of Esme’s baby. Alexis is shocked to hear that he’s the father and won’t help another Cassidine take a mother’s child away. He thinks that Spencer will never forgive him, but he wants to save his unborn child from Esme. Alexis advises him to make up with Spencer and tells him that he has to take care of his children no matter how difficult it is. She promises to find him a good custody attorney.

Sonny goes with Spencer to move out of Wyndemere. Victor is there and not happy to hear that Spencer is moving out. Nikolas tells him about Esme being pregnant by Nikolas, so Victor is forced to agree that moving out might be a good idea. Victor asks Sonny to convince Spencer to fix things with Nikolas, but Sonny doesn’t think either Spencer or Nikolas want to fix things. Victor tries to appeal to him based on his own relationship with his father and his son, which annoys Sonny. Later, Nikolas comes home, so Victor wants to know what he’s been doing in the north tower.

Sonny goes to Nina’s and tells her and Ava that Nikolas will be staying with him. Ava tells him that she’s taking Wyndemere from Nikolas. Sonny and Nina get romantic. Sonny sees something in one of the papers from Britt’s office.

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