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Recap written by Eva

The entire episode takes place in Oregon at the house in Blue Lake.

Aunt Jordan tells everyone that they must sit and listen to her and Claire and if they listen maybe after they hear the story then they will have to persuade her and Claire to give them the antidote to the poison which will soon kill them. Claire tells Cole and Victoria that she is their daughter Eve which Victoria gave away because she didn’t want a baby to interfere with her life. Aunt Jordan tells Cole that she is his aunt and she wants to get revenge on Victor because she thinks Victor caused the death of his mother Eve. Cole isn’t sure if Jordan is his aunt because he only met his aunt. His mother and Aunt Jordan didn’t get along well. Cole and Victoria explain to Claire that baby Eve died because she was born prematurely and Cole was there when baby Eve took her last breath. Aunt Jordan claims she switched the babies the day Eve was born to make the Newmans pay for taking her sister away from her.

Nikki is upstairs hallucinating that Victor is telling her to fight to live and take the IV of Vodka out of her hand. Nikki manages to take the IV out of her hand and drops the IV pole. Victor and Nick hear the noise. Nikki also hallucinates Claire telling her she will never get out of that room. Everyone downstairs is getting weaker because of the poison. Claire is confused and hurt because her aunt lied to her. Jordan tells Claire not to believe Cole and Victoria because they will say anything to stay alive. Cole and Victoria tell Claire that if she gives them the antidote they will help her find out if she really is their daughter.

Nick grabs Jordan so Victor can go upstairs and look for Nikki. Victor finds Nikki and manages to open the door to the bedroom. Jordan heads upstairs with Nick right behind her. Nick grabs Jordan to keep her from stopping his dad from rescuing his mom. Jordan stabs Nick with a big knife and then goes upstairs to stop Victor and Nikki from leaving the bedroom. Victor and Nikki are about to leave the bedroom when Jordan arrives, points the knife at them, and says
“Where do you think you are going?”

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