Days Short Recap Thursday, November 2, 2023

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Nicole ran into Eric at the Square. She told him she and EJ were getting married that day. He told her he was thinking about her. He said he knew that it was her wedding day. They talked about Holly’s issues with the wedding. She said Holly missed him. He said he missed her too. He asked if she would be marrying EJ if she weren’t having his baby. She said she probably wouldn’t be marrying EJ. She told him EJ was the father of her baby. She said she was going to have a healthy baby. It was a sign they belonged together. She said she loved EJ. Eric said he was happy for her if she was happy. She asked about the adoption. He said he and Sloan were going through with the adoption. She said she was happy for him if he was happy. They walked away from each other. Eric went to see Marlena so he could talk. He told her Nicole was getting married to EJ that day. She said she could tell he was emotional. She asked if he would have gotten back together with Nicole if her baby was his. He said he would have. She asked him about Sloan. He told her he was happy with Sloan, but he still loved Nicole. She told him to be sure of what he wants before he made a commitment with Sloan. Stefan met with Rolf in the park. He said he needed Rolf’s help to blackmail Li. Rolf wanted to know why he should help. Stefan reminded him that he helped Megan and Li try to kill him. Rolf said he kept him alive for years and never got a thank you. Stefan thanked him. He said Stefano would support what he was doing. He said he was blackmailing Li to sign over his shares which would give him control of DiMera. Rolf agreed to do it for Stefano.

Li went to look for Gabi. When he was about to leave, Rolf was at the door. Li wanted to know why he was in Salem. Rolf said Megan sent him there. Li said he didn’t have time for this because Gabi was kidnapped. He said he had to save her. Rolf said Megan was the one who kidnapped Gabi. She was using Gabi to get Li’s shares in DiMera. Rolf reminded him that he helped Megan kill Stefan. Li admitted to what he did. He said he was wrong to do it. He said he was working on getting over Gabi. Rolf didn’t believe it would work. Li was shocked when Gabi came out. She said she wasn’t kidnapped. Li didn’t understand why she did it until Stefan showed up. Stefan played the recording of Li admitting to his role in trying to kill him. They told Li to sign over his rights to them. Li agreed to sign them his shares. He threw them out of the apartment and vowed to get revenge on them. Johnny asked why Holly didn’t want to see their parents getting married. She said she would never get the man of her dreams. Johnny wanted to know who it was. She said it was EJ. They talked about it for a little bit before she told him she was okay with the wedding. When Chad showed up at the mansion, EJ and Nicole got married. Stefan and Gabi showed up at the wedding. Gabi made a toast to the couple. EJ wanted to know why they were there. Stefan shocked everyone when he fired EJ.

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