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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Rafe told Abe about the drugged biscuits. Rafe told him he kissed Jada while he hallucinated. Abe understood what he was telling him. He said he had to document it. Rafe said it was handled discreetly, but Sloan saw what happened. Abe said she was most likely the one who drugged the biscuits. Jada and an investigative team got the evidence from the kitchen. Chanel said Sloan was the one who drugged the biscuits. Jada asked Talia about her recipe. Talia was shocked when Jada told her the victims went to the hospital. Eric thought about his encounter with Nicole. Sloan showed up to get her scarf. She was nasty to him. He asked her why she thought he and Nicole were drugged. Nicole thought about her encounter with Eric. EJ showed up. He told her about the drugged biscuits and what it did to people in Salem. He said his hallucinations made him photocopy a picture of his behind. He said he tried to send the picture out to everyone at the company, but he forgot the password. He asked if she did anything while she was under the influence. She said she did. Stefan brought Melinda flowers. He asked her if anything was hurting. She said her pride was hurting. He said they were both out of their minds. They joked about her attacking him. He said he wouldn’t press charges against her. She asked if he thought EJ did it. He said he thought EJ was innocent. Gabi went home to Li. She said the hospital took some blood, but the test results weren’t back yet. She told him she was feeling better. He said she was in good hands with Stefan there. She brought up how she asked him to make love to her when she thought he was Stefan. She asked why he didn’t do anything.

Li told Gabi he was tempted, but he loved her too much to take advantage of her. He said he didn’t just want her in bed. He wants her heart. He said the way she looked at him when she thought he was Stefan showed him that would never happen. He said he was giving up on chasing after her. He said she was free of their agreement and their marriage. He said he regretted hurting her, but he loved her. She said she hurt him too. She gave him back the ring. Nicole lied to EJ about what she did while she was hallucinating. When Stefan’s name was mentioned, she thought EJ and Stefan were at war with each other. EJ said he was going to win the war. He said she had his attention. When he tried to kiss her, she pulled away from him. She said she was still feeling the effects of the drugs. She went to take a shower. Talia asked Jada how Rafe was doing. Jada was defensive. Chanel asked what he did while he was influenced. Jada thought about Rafe kissing her. Talia said she looked warm. Jada ignored what she was saying. She noticed the security cameras. Chanel opened up the app on her phone, but there was no footage from that night. Jada told them to stay away from Sloan while she finds out who did this. Sloan said she thought Eric and Nicole were drugged based on how they were acting. She said half the town got sick. When Eric said she didn’t eat them, she thought he was trying to accuse her of something. He said he believed she was innocent. He said he was glad she was okay. She yelled at him for being with Nicole. He said what happened was a one-time thing. He said they could barely tolerate each other. She said it wasn’t like she was his girlfriend. He said she kept saying that. They continued to talk. He said they could go out to dinner and take things from there. Melinda told Stefan she wasn’t honest about her feelings. He said he was insensitive to ask her. She said he was a nice guy for a DiMera. He said she was cool and fun. He said a lucky guy will be glad to get her. She told him to be with the woman he loves. She reminded him that he and Gabi owed her one. She said she was going to collect. Gabi told Li that her lawyer was drawing up the divorce papers. He said it would go smoothly. She asked if he would consider letting her keep his DiMera shares. He told her she couldn’t keep them. Jada went to see Rafe at the hospital. She told him and Abe that the lab called. She said the drug was something they had never seen before. She said Chanel didn’t drug the biscuits. she said someone was trying to destroy her and the bakery. Nicole called Eric to make sure they were on the same page about what happened. She said she didn’t tell EJ what happened, so it had to be their secret. Eric agreed to keep it a secret. When Nicole went to her room, EJ came from another door. He was upset.

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