Y&R Short Recap Tuesday, January 3, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

Mariah and Tessa get ready to get on a plane to meet Delphine, the young woman who might let them adopt her baby. Christine advises Tessa and Mariah to be themselves and ask Delphine some questions so they can all be on an even playing field.

Danny and Christine catch up on their lives since they have not seen each other since she married Paul.

Nate advises Victoria to let Johnny have a little independence and assures her that Johnny will always love and
respect her even though he won’t always tell her he feels that way. Victoria takes Nate’s advice when Johnny sends her a text message asking if he can go have pizza with Connor. Victoria tells Johnny he can go since he finished his homework.

Chelsea persuades Billy to ask Lily for another chance to fix their relationship. Billy later talks to Lily he is willing to go to couples counselling and do anything he has to do to fix their relationship because he loves her. Lily agrees to give their relationship another chance and try to fix things between them.

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