GH Short Recap Wednesday, January 4, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

Josslyn feels guilty about sleeping with Dex before she broke up with Cameron. Josslyn also tells Dex she doesn’t know how a relationship with him will work since she doesn’t approve of him working for Sonny and she won’t live her life making excuses for his job. Dex takes Josslyn to Kelly’s to talk to Cameron, but he stays outside so Josslyn can talk to Cameron alone. Cameron is devastated when Josslyn tells him she isn’t in love with her anymore. Cameron tells Josslyn he had no idea she felt like they had grown apart because he thought they had fixed their relationship. Josslyn wants to remain friends, but Cameron tells her that he doesn’t think that he can ever be friends with her again since he is still in love with her, and he can’t just turn off the way he feels for her.

Britt starts to cough up blood, and while gasping for breath, she tells her mother that the scratch that is bleeding was given to her by the hook and she is being poisoned. Britt also asks her mother to hold her until she dies because the ambulance won’t get there in time. Britt dies on the floor of the Haunted Star ballroom where just hours earlier she had celebrated her birthday. Liesl later says farewell to Britt and gives her a kiss on the forehead and asks her to give Nathan a kiss when she sees him.

Dante questions Esme who claims she can’t remember anything not even her name. Nikolas and Spencer think Esme is lying about having amnesia. Elizabeth and Trina think Esme isn’t lying about having amnesia and Elizabeth tells Nikolas that the easiest way for Esme to give herself an alibi for the hook killings is to tell the police that she was being held hostage at Wyndamere.

Trina tells Ava that Esme is pregnant and that the baby doesn’t belong to Spencer. Ava demands that Nikolas tell her if he is the father of Esme s baby. Nikolas wants to talk in private but Ava demands Nikolas tell her the truth right now in front of everyone. Nikolas admits that he is the father of Esme’s baby.

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