Days Short Recap Wednesday, July 19, 2023

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Justin and Bonnie talk about how close they came to Xander finding out Sarah’s secret. Bonnie said it was hard to keep the secret. He said the best way to keep the secret is to stay quiet. Maggie walked in and wanted to know what they were talking about. They lied to her about what they were talking about, but she said she knew what they were keeping something from her. Bonnie asked if Rex told her. Maggie said she was confused because she thought they were talking about Justin being upset with her that Alex moved out. Justin said he wasn’t upset with her. He said he wasn’t avoiding her. Maggie said she was happy about that but she wanted to know what secret they were keeping that involved Rex. Bonnie said she found out Sarah was dating Rex again. She said Sarah swore her to secrecy. Maggie believed her and left. Bonnie called Sarah and told her to go along with the story. Sarah agreed to go along with it.

Stefan told Gabi about his truce with EJ. He also told her what happened with Dimitri and Kristen. She told him what she did with Li. Stefan was upset with her. He said he was sick of her putting herself in danger. He said it had to stop. They ended up arguing with each other. She eventually saw his point and agreed not to do it again. Stephanie told Chad she planned a romantic dinner for them. Alex showed up and asked if they were having trouble with their hot water. Chad was upset that Alex didn’t have a shirt on. Chad was also upset that he was interrupting them. Alex asked if he could use their shower. Stephanie said he could use it for five minutes. While Stephanie and Chad were about to eat, Alex came out of the room in Chad’s robe. Chad was upset, but he wanted him to leave. Alex asked if he could join them for dinner. When they finished eating, she told Alex to leave.

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