B&B Short Recap Wednesday, July 12, 2023

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Recap written by Suzanne

At Spencer, R.J. encourages Liam to talk to Hope before it’s too late, but Liam is still hurt by her actions with Thomas and feels forgiveness isn’t possible. R.J. urges Liam to fight for his marriage, emphasizing that what he and Hope share is unique and special. Despite R.J.’s plea, Liam believes forgiveness isn’t in the cards for him.

At Forrester, Katie, Carter, and Ridge discuss the situation between Hope and Thomas. They agree that Hope needs to focus on her marriage and maintain a professional boundary with Thomas. Katie believes Hope made an impulsive mistake but trusts that she will not let it happen again. Ridge feels Liam should not blame Thomas but rather look to Hope.

At Thomas’ place, Hope and Thomas continue their physical relationship, and Hope admits to feeling alive and a newfound power when she’s with him. She admits to being confused but cannot deny her strong attraction to Thomas. They agree to keep their relationship between them as Hope figures out her next steps.

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