Days Short Recap Monday, May 29, 2023

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Tony was about to make an announcement to EJ. Anna thought about telling Tony about Nicole’s pregnancy. She blurted out that she couldn’t let Tony finish. She said that he was drunk. She couldn’t let him say anything that he would regret later. The family wanted to hear what Tony was going to say. Tony looked at Anna and decided to tell EJ that he was proud of the job he did at the company. He told Kristen and Megan that they should support EJ. Anna took him with her so they could talk in private. Eric saw Nicole and Sloan at the hospital and wanted to know what was in the box Nicole was holding. Sloan told him that it was a medical test kit. Nicole lied about a virus and said everyone had to test negative before they could visit patients. Nicole told him that she let Sloan use hers so she could visit her brother. Sloan advised Eric to take the test so he could visit Abe. Tony let Anna know that he wasn’t going to tell Nicole’s secret. He wanted to support EJ. Anna apologized for doubting him. He felt like EJ had a right to know the truth. EJ wanted to know what he had a right to know. Tony lied and said Anna was worried about his feud with Stefan. EJ thanked him for always having his back. Stefan and Gabi tried to get Megan and Kristen to take their side. Megan wanted to know what they could do for her. Stefan would welcome her into the family. He said EJ wouldn’t do that for her. EJ walked in the room and said that wasn’t true. EJ was willing to give her the master suite. Kristen reminded him that she was locked up too. EJ told her that Megan had seniority. Kristen didn’t want to accept his offer since he stabbed her in the back.

Eric didn’t want to take the test. He wanted Sloan to use it so she could see her brother. He said he would meet her at home. Nicole and Sloan went back and forth about their plan not working. They argued over the fact that Eric could be the father of her baby. Sloan hoped that he wasn’t the father. Tony didn’t like lying to EJ. Anna felt like they had to be careful about anyone overhearing them talk about the pregnancy. Nicole walked in and thought EJ knew about the pregnancy. Anna assured her that EJ didn’t know the truth. Nicole promised to reveal the truth once she got the results from the paternity test. She wanted to know how she could swab EJ’s cheek without him knowing about it. Anna gave her sleeping pills to use on him. Nicole saw Megan and Kristen at the mansion. She was surprised to see Kristen out of prison. She went to EJ and wanted to know why he was letting his sisters live there. He told her that he was doing it for the votes. He didn’t think he was doing a great job getting their votes. Nicole suggested he take a pill to help him go to sleep. EJ was about to take the pill when he got a phone call. He had to leave. Nicole was frustrated that her plan didn’t work. Eric and Sloan were in bed. He was asleep so Sloan took out the swab. She leaned toward him. She called Nicole and told her that she had the sample in her hands. Nicole was relieved because she would find out the truth soon enough.

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