Days Short Recap Wednesday, January 4, 2023

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Jada gave Rafe an envelope at the police station. He opened it and saw that it was divorce papers from Nicole. He realized that as soon as he signed the papers, his marriage was over. He said he felt like a failure for the third time. She tried to comfort him. She told him it was better to have loved and lost. He didn’t care for her advice. She told him to sign the papers when he was ready. He signed the papers. Maggie asked Sarah if she was overreacting about divorcing Xander. Sarah didn’t think she was. She reminded Maggie that Xander kidnapped two women. She said one of them was dead. Maggie said he didn’t mean to hurt anyone. She said he let them go. Sarah said she would always love Xander, but she didn’t know how she could stay with him. She said she didn’t trust him. Maggie suggested that she divorce him. She said Sarah should give the decision some time because she might change her mind. Maggie said she would support her. Justin pulled Bonnie away from Xander after she hit him. Xander didn’t know what was going on.

Justin and Bonnie told him that they knew Xander was the kidnapper. They said he was going to pay for it. Xander said he never wanted her to be a part of it. He said he felt guilt and shame. She asked if Gwen was his accomplice. He said she wasn’t involved in it. Justin told him to get a good lawyer. They left him alone. Rafe told Jada that he was going to go back to putting the bad guys away. Bonnie and Justin showed up at the police station. She told Rafe and Jada that she had one of the bad guys for him. Bonnie and Justin told them what Xander did. Bonnie asked if they were going to arrest Xander. They told Bonnie that they needed evidence, or someone had to confess. Sarah went to the motel. She told Xander that she wasn’t staying. He said he understood why she gave him up to Bonnie and Justin. He asked if she was going to go along with Bonnie and Justin’s story with the police. She said she wouldn’t lie for him. He said she might not have to since a wife couldn’t testify against her husband. She said that was assuming she was still his wife. She said she doesn’t trust him and was going to file for divorce. Leo told Gwen that Sarah gave up Xander as the kidnapper. Gwen tried to warn Xander, but Leo took her phone. He told her that Xander was sinking and she should abandon ship. He said Bonnie and Sarah thought she was the clown. He said he was afraid the cops were going to figure out he was involved. He said now that he had his life back together and Sonny trusted him, the last thing he needed was to be in trouble. Rafe and Jada showed up to see Gwen. They said they knew she helped Xander. They said they would appreciate any information. Gwen said she didn’t know anything. when Rafe and Jada left, Leo told her to help the police. He said she shouldn’t have to pay for what Xander did.


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