GH Short Recap Thursday, November 30, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

James tells Maxie he wishes Cody was his brother because he is tired of being the only boy in the house.

Felicia continues to wonder if Cody could be Mac’s son.

Dante questions Ava about Austin’s death. Ava tells Dante that the last time she saw Austin was two days before Thanksgiving at the gallery. Ava also tells Dante she left the gallery at midnight, but she can’t prove it because she doesn’t have cameras in the back room of the gallery. Ava tells Dante that she left through the back door of the gallery. Dante advises Ava to get a lawyer when the Pawtuck police question her.

Michael tells Nina the only reason he is keeping her secret is for the sake of Sonny and Willow.

Dex tells Sonny that Pikeman wants another meeting.

Portia advises TJ not to postpone his joy because life is too short to postpone joy.

Molly cries because Willow made her realize she shouldn’t have talked to the surrogate matching professional without telling TJ what she wanted to do.

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Y&R Short Recap Friday, December 1, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

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Recap written by Eva

Billy tells Kyle he knows in his gut something is off with him and that he hopes he is wrong about him.

Ashley is unable to persuade Devon to pretend to forgive Tucker in hopes of preventing Tucker from going after both their companies.

Abby is unwilling to wait for Tucker’s next move and asks Devon to put her on the board of Chancellor-Winters so she can fight for their family too.

Chance decides to leave law enforcement and is considering Jill’s job offer to join Chancellor-Winters.

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GH Transcript Thursday, November 30, 2023

General Hospital Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne


hello. Tj? Hey. Portia. Looks like you got a lot on your mind, huh? Yeah, I was, uh, caught up in my thoughts. A-are you on break or are you just getting off work? Honey, you k now you don’thave to do that with me, right? Do what? Change the subject.

[ Scoffs ] I can tell that something’s wrong. You want to talk to me about it? I might have made a huge mistake with molly. Mom, it is very generous for you and mac to offer to bail me out of credit-card debt. You’re our daughter. Of course we want to help. Mac and I are fully confident that you will be back on your financial feet in no time. The deceptor will be flying off the shelves, and deception will make a historic comeback. Maybe I can hang on until it does. Maxie! Or I can take out a partial loan, okay? You guys don’t have to completely bail me out. Ugh! On the other hand, if someone could just assemble this desk, I would be eternally grateful. Would you like me to ask mac to come over and put it together for you?

[ Door opens ] Guess what! What? What? I saddled own pony today!

[ Gasps ] You did? All by yourself?! Cody helped. Cody is the coolest! Call me crazy, but that was actually kind of fun. -What? Grocery shopping? -Yeah! I know. But watching you move around with maximum efficiency. You knew exactly what you wanted, and you knew exactly which aisle to get it. Yeah, well, when I feel like wandering, I go to the farmer’s market, but for staples, I am in and out. Yeah. So you’re telling me that all this is only gonna last you three days? Mm. Wow. Teenage boys. Well, and scout. She can hold her own. Trust me. Westwood? That’s where i went. I loved westwood academy! Are you guys thinking of sending scout there? Well, um, drew is pushing it, and scout really wants to please her dad. Nina. You know where sonny is? I haven’t seen sonny since he left the penthouse this morning. Why? Is willow and the kids — are they alright? Yeah, no. They’re fine. Sonny asked me to meet him here. Oh, I’m sure he’ll be here soon. If you want to sit at one of the tables, you’re more than welcome to. Sonny: Oh, great! You both are here. Hey. There are a few things that, uh, we need to settle. Welcome home, ms. Jerome. Thank you, giles. All your mail from today is on the desk. Thank you, giles. I’ll look at it later. Can I make you a martini?

[ Sighs ] No. No. Thank you. I’m surprisingly not in the mood. Very well. I’ll be down the hall if you need me. Thank you, giles. Sonny: Austin gatlin-holt

is dead.

You listen to me. If you killed austin… you need to tell me — now.

[ Doorbell rings ]

[ Door opens ] Dante: Hey. Detective falconeri here to see ava jerome. Hi, cody. Felicia. Maxie. Cody. James says he saddled his own pony today. He did. He also aced all of his riding lessons, too. I told you, mom. Cody said I was a natural with the horses. I sure did. Uh, yeah. He’s — he’s come a long way since his first lesson with me. Haven’t you, buddy? A really long way. My riding lessons are my favorite part of the week. I look forward to them more than recess. I knew that you were a jack of all trades, but it looks like you’ve gone from horse-riding instructor to handyman. Cody fixed comet’s stable door really fast, and I told him that georgie’s desk was back in the box because we didn’t know how to put it together. What? Cody, I am so sorry james put you on the spot like that. You do not need to assemble georgie’s desk, but thank you. Cody said he’s going to help me put it together. No, he’s not, james. I’m gonna send the desk back. Are you sure? ‘Cause I’d really like the opportunity to show off my handyman skills. Was that the blender I heard? Yeah. I thought we should try the new protein powder that I bought, and I did. And — chocolate. Strawberry. Strawberry. Come on. Chocolate! Okay. Thank you. You’re welcome. That’s really good! Nicely done. Mmm. It is good. You know the other place that has really good smoothies? The snack bar at westwood academy. Funny, that. I don’t know if you remember, but… I really enjoyed my time there. I think… I think in hindsight it would have been better to just stay there through 12th instead of transferring to madison. Yeah, you used to talk about westwood a lot. It was a lot of fun, and I still keep in touch with a lot of the girls from there. It’s a great school, and the teachers are so invested, you know? They really care. Why do you think it might not be a good fit for scout? Well, ’cause she’s thriving where she is right now. Okay. What if she thrives even more at westwood? All girls. They have a great swim team. I know. Drew has, um, told me about all that. I just — I don’t think that he realizes, like, scout had a really tough time when he was in prison. She would ask me every single day if he was gonna be okay. And school, it’s a bright spot for scout. She likes her teachers. She likes her friends. And I just — I don’t want to take her away from all that. Mm. I mean, especially in the middle of the year. Drew wants her to start westwood in january. And I don’t know. It just can be really tough on a kid. And it’s not fair. Okay. Okay what? Just — just say “no,” then. It’s as easy as that. I’m not sure that I should. Giles: Excuse me, ms. Jerome. Detective falconeri is here to see you. I can see that, giles. Thank you. Hello, ava. I assume you’re here on official business. Best to keep my wits about me, eh? What can I do for you? Answer some questions. Go for it. When’s the last time you saw austin gatlin-holt? Molly! Hi! Come. Hang out. Hi, willow. Hello, amelia! I don’t want to intrude. Oh, please. Don’t be silly. It’s no intrusion at all. No. The more the merrier. What, uh, brings you out this afternoon? It’s a gorgeous autumn day. How many more of these do we have before it gets cold? Winter is right around the corner. And with the lake-effect winds, it’ll be colder sooner than we realize. Yeah. Have a seat, please. Okay. Hello, amelia! Look at you! She is so precious. Thank you. Yeah, we were just enjoying some mother-daughter bonding. The service that matched us with andrea contacted molly about looking at other potential surrogates. Okay, and how do you feel about that? It’s too soon. I am still processing the miscarriage. I can’t even imagine investing in the prospect of another baby this quickly. Well, okay. What about molly? How does she feel? Molly’s ready to meet with the matching professional and look at other possible surrogates. Have you told molly how you’re feeling about the whole thing or…? I asked her to put it on hold for now, but… maybe that was a mistake? It’s just such a time-consuming and complicated process. Do you think trying again so soon — that that would be rushing it? Actually I don’T. Well, christmas is just around the corner, and I was — you’re probably busy with a lot of family obligations. Am I right? Yeah, yeah. I know. Between mom and josslyn and bringing the kids to the quartermaines’ and then just having enough time with just me, willow, and the kids, it’s — yeah, we’re fully — fully booked. Yeah, that’s what I thought. We have a busy schedule, too. But I was thinking maybe you and willow and the kids could spend time with me and nina — as a family. When you’re ready to begin treatment for chronic lymphocytic leukemia, why are you asking me about austin? Because austin’s dead. I’m so sorry to hear about the doctor’s passing. Well, you don’t seem that sorry

or surprised to hear about it. Did you already know? So, what are these questions that you came all the way out here to ask me? Because I’d like to get on with my afternoon.

[ Scoffs ] You know, ava, you’re showing a remarkable lack of curiosity. Well, you know… curiosity killed the cat. Don’t you want to know how he died? I imagine you’re gonna tell me. Well, I imagine you already know. I’ll have to talk to willow. I figured that. That’s why I’m, you know — I’m approaching you now. So, you have any — any plans for christmas yet? Uh, you know, nothing — nothing definitive yet, but, um, I mean, I know wiley’s really excited about santa claus. I know willow wants to make christmas morning a really big deal for him, so… I know carly’s gonna want to carry on the tradition of you coming over for christmas breakfast. And the q’s are gonna, you know, do their traditional gathering on christmas day, so we were thinking maybe you can come over for christmas eve. You know, everybody can see you. You’d make everybody happy. I think that’s a great compromise, sonny. Yeah, I mean, you know, the kids will open up their christmas presents from grandma and grandpa. We can make our own traditions, you know? And I’ll even cook. Big salad. Ravioli like the one that.. you used to love. Wait. Is it your ravioli recipe? No, no. It was mrs. Cerullo’S. But not — lois doesn’t even know the recipe.

[ Laughs ] But if you come early, bring wiley, he can come in the kitchen, help me cook like you used to. If I’ve learned anything in my life…

[ Chuckles ] …From, um, keeping trina’s paternity a secret for as long as I did… to curtis’s shooting… it’s that life is too short. Don’t postpone your joy. Don’t postpone happiness. And you can’t sit around and wait for somebody to come knocking on your door, either, to make all your dreams come true. But if you and molly —

[ Sighs ] You two want to have a baby, right? There is never, ever gonna be the perfect time that you are guaranteed that everything’s gonna work out exactly the way you want to. It just doesn’t work like that. You got to take a leap of faith. Yeah, but we’re both still mourning the miscarriage. Yeah, no, I get it. I-I get that. You’re gonna have to find another surrogate. You’re gonna have to go through the whole process again, and it’s gonna take time, maybe even months. So why — why subject ourselves to that kind of stress? You’re always gonna have stress, tj. You got stress now, being a doctor. And I know molly’s got all kinds of stress being an A.D.A. But time… mnh-mnh. Time waits for no one. And it plays by its own rules… rules that you can’T… and, honestly, you won’t change. Since I went back to work at G.H. And michael’s running aurora, amelia has been spending a lot of time in the q’s nursery. And wiley’s in school full-time now? Can you believe it? If I’m not careful, I will blink, and it’ll be amelia’s turn. So we thought we would take full advantage of my day off and hang out in the park together while we have the chance. And here I am, intruding on your special day together. No, no. Not at all. Molly, I wanted you to join us. Michael and I were talking this morning about how fast she’s growing. I mean, I loved every stage of watching wiley grow up, but there is something about this time when they’re still babies…

[ Amelia fusses ] …That I want to take in every moment, every smile, every laugh, and just…

[ Amelia fusses ] …Really, really live in the moment with her. She’s a sweet, little angel. Would you like to hold her? Huh. How long have you been tracking our car’s value with carvana?Just, like, 7 months. Should we sell it? We hold… I’m glad you decided to go forward with james’ riding lessons. He’s really taken to cody. Yeah. Don’t tell cody I said this, but he’s kind of terrific.

[ Chuckles ] Yeah. Mom! Come on! Me and cody put georgie’s desk together! Maxie: Okay. It sounds like you impressed james with your handiwork. He — he did it all himself. Oh, sure he did.

[ Laughs ] I’m impressed, too. Well, it was — it was no big deal, really. I wasn’t just referring to the desk, though. It was really lovely of you to put that together for maxie. What I meant was, is all the attention that you’ve been giving to james, teaching him how to ride and how to tie knots… and now assembling a desk.

[ Chuckles ] Well… I really like him a lot. He’s a — he’s a great kid. And he — he does have a way with horses. He doesn’t just want to ride them. He wants to get to know them. He’s got a real understanding of them. That’s gonna lead to a great connection. He’s gonna become an awesome rider someday. Mm. Well, I am quite the horse woman myself. I grew up on a hacienda in texas that my grandmother and I both ran. Really? We had some really wonderful, wonderful horses. So it runs in my family. Oh. Okay. Wow. I am impressed. I tried for two hours to assemble that thing and got nowhere. Georgie’s gonna love it. Thank you. Yeah, we did an awesome job, cody. We sure did. Ow!

[ Felicia laughs ] Are you gonna tell drew how you really feel about westwood academy? I’m really torn over it. Sam, scout is your daughter. You can and you should do whatever is best for her. I know that drew is a good dad, but sometimes mother’s intuition knows best, right? If you don’t think that this is a good fit for scout, then just say so. I want to parent with drew amicably, and I want to respect what he thinks is best for scout, and if that’s going to westwood academy, then… I don’t know. Maybe I should just agree. After all, he’s been through so much. Yeah. How’s he doing physically since the assault? Well, he seems like he’s recovering, but I can tell that he’s in a lot of pain. I keep finding him trying to hide it from me or trying to cover it up. I just don’t want drew to feel even more shut out of scout’s life than he already has. She adores her dad. She will do anything for him. Even if she doesn’t want to go? She doesn’T. She already told me. Well, sam, there you go.

[ Sighs ] I know. I know. Scout deserves to have her opinion considered, but she is way too young to be choosing what school she needs to go to. In the end, it’s between drew and me. But wh at unsettles me is the wayhe just decided this for her. There was no discussion, no debate. Literally went just like that. Sam, let’s face it. There are a lot of gaps in scout’s childhood where her father was missing, and I think now he’s trying to make up for that time. I don’t know. There’s something different about drew. I didn’t see it at first, and I can’t quite put my finger on it, but something about him has changed. Thank you for letting me hold amelia. So amazing. She’s such a blessing. She really is a miracle, considering everything she went through to get here. How many weeks pregnant were you when you had to have a c-section? 36. I heard from tj that your — your surrogate miscarried. I am so sorry. Yeah. There are support groups at G.H. That specialize in this kind of loss. If you ever need me to point you in the direction of one or… you can talk to me. Anytime. Thank you, willow, for being so understanding. And thank you for being so open and generous with amelia. Of course. No, really. I mean, you could have easily scurried away the second you saw me thinking the sight of a baby would upset me too much, but you didn’T. Well, I-I think it depends on the person, but when I learned that my son had died, I found tremendous comfort in holding wiley. It helped me on my road to healing. I thought maybe it would help you to hold amelia. It does. Can I ask you a personal question? No subject is off the table between us. After what happened with your first child, did you ever think that maybe you didn’t want to try again? Having the whole family gathered at our place for christmas eve? It sounds too good to be true. So, I want to hear about these fabled ravioli. And why haven’t I had them? Because I-I only make them on christmas ’cause — very special. Oh. Okay. Well, I can’t wait. And is it truly 100% homemade or are you secretly buying the dough pre-made? All authentic. Made from scratch. You know those big raviolis? You got to cut them with a water glass? Put ricotta cheese in there… mmm! …And some secret ingredients. Years of asking gloria for the recipe. She would never give me the recipe. Finally, she gave me the recipe, and I cannot make it as good as hers.

[ Sonny and nina laugh ] I’ll be right back. Excuse me. What the hell are you trying to pull? Using sonny to get around me? Why are you here? I thought you’d want to know right away. We heard from pikeman. I’ve got another side job for us. You do? Alright. Well, what is it? The cabinet in the kitchen is loose. Let’s go take a look at it. Alright, boss. Wait. No, james. That’s enough. Cody’s already done plenty for us. It’s no big deal. I’m sure big james and I can fix it. This one. We can. And when we’re done, we can take a look at the garage door

and the front door. They both squeak. And can you build me a treehouse? There’s a huge tree in the backyard, and that would be perfect. James. [ Sighs ] Come here. If cody does everything on your list, he’s gonna be here all night. That would be so cool if he did spend the night. Can you? You can sleep in my room. I have two sleeping bags, and they’re both “star wars.” Grandma bought them both. Didn’t you? And grandpa. Cody has a job he has to go do. He needs to go back to the quartermaine stables to take care of comet and the other horses. No. This isn’t fair. Grandpa’s at work, and if cody leaves, that means I’m the only boy. Even the turtles are girls. I wish cody was my brother. If you came all the way out here to spoon island to inform me of austin’s death, well, you’ve done your civic duty. You can go now. I can’t, actually. I’m here on behalf of the pautuck pd. They’ve got questions for you. Why pautuck? That’s where austin died. Or was murdered. Two shots to the chest. Close range. Whoever did it wasn’t messing around. But because he lived and worked in port charles, the pautuck pd thinks that the killer is here. There’s a whole big city full of people out there, detective, and yet you’re questioning me. Well, you know, none of them knew austin quite as well as you did. Austin had a lot of associates. Have you spoken with the quartermaines? How about maxie jones? How about all the people that he worked with at the hospital? How about none of those people were kidnapped by austin’s cousin mason? But you were, ava. Wait, wait, wait, sam. Of course he’s changed. You did when you were in pentonville. A-and michael, he was a shell of himself at first. Maybe sending scout to westwood is drew’s way of proving to himself that he can provide better opportunities for his daughter. You never really know, sam. I know. I know. You could be right. It’s why I don’t know if I should fight drew on this. Then don’T. I mean, look, maybe scout is gonna be as happy as I was at westwood. Or maybe she won’t be. I-I just — I don’t know what’s best for her. Hume came in person, walked into the restaurant, and asked to see you. What’d you tell him? I sent him away pretty quickly, but before he left, he told me to give you this message. He needs to see you. He’ll meet you wherever you want. I didn’t put sonny up to anything, michael. You should know your father well enough to understand that he is not so easily manipulated. Wiley and amelia are his grandchildren, so of course he wants to see his grandchildren for christmas. Can’t you see your whole plan to police my access to my daughter and my grandchildren is not gonna work? We are family. Our lives intersect on too many levels for you to continue this vendetta against me. Yeah, my mom is family, too, and her life intersects with mine and willow’s on just as many levels, but that didn’t stop you from turning her in to the sec, did it? I have done everything that you have wanted me to do. I offered to sell my half of the hotel back to carly, and she refused. What more do you want? What do I want? What I want… is to expose you in front of the whole world so they can see what kind of a liar you really are. The only reason I’m not doing that is because I know how much it would hurt my father and willow. So I’m keeping silent for them. For them. Not you. But you benefit. Okay? So it’s gonna cost you. What if I’m not willing to pay? You two want to tell me what I just missed? I always knew I wanted more children. Where did you find the courage after losing your first? It’s different for everyone. You may feel the same way I did or it may take you a while to decide. But when I realized I was pregnant with amelia and then was diagnosed with leukemia, I was advised to terminate my pregnancy so that I could start chemo right away. But despite the health risks involved, you kept the pregnancy. In my mind, there was no alternative. I even went as far as keeping my diagnosis a secret from michael, something I will always regret. I should have shared everything with him. It’s not fair to shut the person you love out of a life-altering decision. Kayaking is my thing. I always wanted a brother, but you know what? What? Even though I think cody would make an excellent brother, we’re gonna settle for him being our friend, okay? Cody would be an awesome brother. We could play video games until midnight every night. But not on school nights. Alright. Uh, that should do it. No more squeaking. Now I can sneak candy without my mom hearing the door open. Is that why you wanted that cabinet fixed? Cody, let’s go take a look at the garage door now. Um, hey, I’m sorry, but I really got to get back to the stables and bed down the horses. Aww. Can’t you stay for dinner? Well, uh, you wouldn’t want comet to be uncomfortable in his bed tonight, would you? No. Hey. I’m sorry. I really do have to go. I’ll walk you out. Come with us, mom. Okay. Thank you, cody. I’ll see you later, felicia. You’re not my dad, mac. What? Are you sure? Yeah. It’s not a match. May I see that? Mac: What’s the point of dragging it out, felicia? Looking at the paper’s not gonna change what it says. Cody’s not my son. When’s the last time you saw or spoke to austin? Two days before thanksgiving. Where? He came by my gallery to see me. We spoke. He left. You got proof? Yes. We have security cameras at the gallery, so you’ll be able to see austin leaving through the front entrance. What time did you leave the gallery? I was working late. It must have been… sometime after midnight. Hm. And your security footage will back up you leaving the gallery at the time you say you did? Unfortunately, no. Why not? I locked the front door after austin left, and then I went to the back room to do inventory, and I… left out the back. You mean there’s no security cameras at the back door? We’ve been having trouble with those cameras. They’ve been shut off for weeks. We’re in the process of upgrading them now. So basically you’re saying that you cannot prove that you were at the gallery past midnight? Thank you for your time, ava. I imagine the pautuck pd will have more questions for you at a later date. I’ll be sure to have my lawyer with me. Might be a good idea. I’m trying to take the temperature down between you two. The reason I wanted to have this discussion today was to make plans for christmas. I leave for five minutes… and there’s tension. No, no. No? No, babe. There’s no tension. It’S… I was — I was just quizzing michael about what he was going to get wiley for christmas. That’s it. And I-I just don’t want us to duplicate gifts. Speaking of which, I want to get wiley tickets to a yankee game next summer. You, me, and wiley sitting behind home plate. We’d take the jet. What do you think? That’s a great idea. I never really thought about giving wiley yankee tickets, so, yeah. Feel free to. I just want to create family memories with you and wiley, right? Well, yeah, I have to talk it over with willow, but, um… hope I see you at christmas.

[ Sighs ] You okay? You know what? Why don’t I take care of your patients for the rest of the day? You can just go home. No, no. I think being at work actually helps. Thank you for your time and your advice. You really always know what to say. If only I could take my own advice, right? We’re our own worst critics. You’re doing fine. Tj. Good luck. Whatever you and molly decide. Well, obviously you and michael got past all that. I’ve never seen two people more in love. We’re very lucky. You’re in remission. You and michael have two beautiful children. You even have your birth mother in your life as a bonus. How are things with you and nina now? Actually, we are getting along better than I ever dreamed possible. That’s so great to hear! And the kids, they adore nina. She brought them over these gifts on thanksgiving. She got wiley this robot that he still can’t put down and a stuffed kitten for amelia. And if I know michael the way I think I do, he’s still holding a grudge against nina? Yeah, he just can’t seem to let go of his anger at her. Well, when michael makes up his mind, it’s hard to change it. Don’t get me wrong. I respect michael’s right to his feelings. But I wish that he would just see nina for who she is now, instead of focusing on what she’s done in the past.

[ Exhales sharply ] Oh.

[ Door opens ] Ohh! I really hate going out to wyndemere. Between the cold, foggy boat ride to spoon island… and, uh, its inhabitants… not a good time. You okay? Just have a lot on my mind. Yeah? What is it? What’s going on? I think drew and i may have hit our first co-parenting snag. And I don’t know what to do about it. Hey. There’s my two favorite girls. Hey, amelia. Come here.

[ Laughs ]

[ Grunts ] So how’s she liking the park? She loves it. I pointed out a few squirrels to her. She was smiling. You just missed molly. She sat with us for a bit and hung out. How’s she doing? She’s still dealing with her surrogate’s miscarriage. Helped her to see amelia, though. That’s good. I understand what molly’s going through right now. Hopefully she and tj will figure out how they want to proceed. Where have you been? I tried to reach you at your office, but then your assistant said you were out, and then you weren’t picking up your cell. That’s why I sent you a couple text messages. Um, yeah, I just had a meeting outside of work. Someone needed to be, uh, straightened out. I’m okay. I’m better than okay. I-I just worry about you. Why? Why? You know, the prospect of having the whole family over at our place for christmas eve, having this legendary ravioli and a beautiful set table… some christmas carols. It’S… family I always wanted. It’s perfect. Listen. Um… I know michael — you guys — it’s still tense. And I’m sorry about that. You don’t have anything to apologize to me for when it comes to michael. Yes, I do. Because he’s my son. I-I know he doesn’t make it easy. It’s taken him a long time to get right with me, and I still feel there’s, like, A… the relationship is fragile. I just want you to know that I appreciate you being patient with him. Molly: Thank you for

letting me hold amelia. So amazing. She’s such a blessing. I even went as far as keeping my diagnosis a secret from michael, something I will always regret. I should have shared everything with him. It’s not fair to shut the person you love out of a life-altering decision.

[ Sobbing ] Oh, my god. Molls!

[ Sobbing ] Hey, hey. What happened? Oh. Come here. I’m never gonna be a mom! Oh, molls. It’s okay.

[ Sobbing ]

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Interview with Kristoffer Polaha, Neal McDonough and Brock Heasley

TV Interview!


Kristoffer Polaha, Neal McDonough and Brock Heasley of the movie "The Shift"

Interview with Kristoffer Polaha, Neal McDonough and Brock Heasley of the movie “The Shift” by Suzanne 11/29/23

It was so great to speak to these three. I’m a huge fan of these actors from their past work.  I enjoyed the movie, which is SciFi but also Christian.  It’s not preachy, though, and it’s an exciting action drama. You definitely don’t have to be religious to like it. It’s a fun ride. The cast is very good. Besides these two, it also stars Sean Astin and Elizabeth Tabish. I hope you enjoy this video! I didn’t have very much time to speak with them. I could easily have chatted with them for a half hour each, or more.


MORE INFO: Official Site Trailer

Key art for the scifi movie "The Shift"

Film Synopsis:

The Shift is a modern-day retelling of the book of Job. Kevin Garner gets separated from Molly, the love of his life, when a mysterious adversary known as The Benefactor sends him to an alternate dystopian reality. Will hope and faith be enough to find his way back?


After a tense encounter with a mysterious stranger with otherworldly powers, a man is banished to a tyrannical, parallel Earth where he fights to get back to the woman he loves.


Infinite worlds. Endless choices. One way out.

Fast Facts:

  • Kristoffer Polaha (Wonder Woman 1984, Mad Men) plays the lead role of Kevin Garner.

  • Neal McDonough (Minority Report, Yellowstone) plays the mysterious figure of The Benefactor.

  • Elizabeth Tabish (The Chosen) plays Molly Garner and Sean Astin (Stranger Things, The Lord of the Rings) plays Gabriel.

  • The film is produced by Ken Carpenter and directed by Brock Heasley.

  • The Shift will be distributed by Angel Studios.

  • The film will be released December 1, 2023.

  • You can Pay it Forward to The Shift to cover the cost of a movie ticket for someone who wouldn’t otherwise be able to see it.

Social Media Accounts:

About the Cast

Kristoffer Polaha

Kristoffer Polaha as Kevin Garner

Kristoffer can currently be seen in Harlen Coben’s new series, Shelter, streaming now on Amazon. Probably best-known for starring in the critically-acclaimed CW series Life Unexpected, more recently Kris starred opposite Angie Harmon in the Lifetime movie, Barstow, and recurred on the cable series Get Shorty opposite Ray Romano and Chris O’Dowd as well as the limited series Condor opposite William Hurt and Max Irons. He also co- starred with Rainn Wilson in the Fox series Backstrom, as well as a number of TV series over the past ten years, including North Shore, Miss Guided, Made in Jersey, Ringer and Valentine, in addition to a multi-season recurring role on the acclaimed series Mad Men and numerous guest stars on both cable and network series. Kris is also well known for his many starring roles in the Hallmark Hall of Fame series of television movies.

On the feature side, Kris stars as the lead in the film The Shift for director Brock Heasley, being released December 2023. He was recently featured as ‘Handsome Man’ in Wonder Woman 1984 for Warner Brother Studios as well as the recently released blockbuster Jurassic World Dominion for Universal Studios. Kris has appeared in numerous independent features, including Where Hope Grows, Back in the Day, Devil’s Knot and Petty Crimes. He recently wrote, directed, and starred in the short film, “A Work of Art,” which premiered at The Cannes Film Festival. Instagram Twitter Facebook Official Site YouTube

Neal McDonough

Neal McDonough as The Benefactor

Trained at the London Academy of Dramatic Arts and Sciences, Neal McDonough has been a fan favorite since his breakout role of Lieutenant Lynn “Buck” Compton in Band of Brothers. and has been featured in popular shows like Justified, Van Helsing, Altered Carbon, and Suits, as well as films including THE WARRANT, RED, MINORITY REPORT, and his role as Timothy ‘Dum Dum’ Dugan in the MARVEL Cinematic Universe. Most recently, Neal delivered a standout performance as Malcolm Beck in Yellowstone, acting opposite Kevin Costner. Above all else, Neal prizes his relationship with his wife Ruvé, their five children, and his devout Catholic faith. Instagram

Brock Heasley

Brock Heasley – Director

Brock Heasley is a writer, filmmaker, and artist. After graduating from California State University Fresno with a degree in Graphic Design, Brock became a full-time Graphic Designer and, later, an Art Director. In 2006, he launched the online comic The SuperFogeys, and then co-created the online comic Monsterplex in 2010, which went on to win the DC Comics Zuda competition. In 2018, Brock’s YA Contemporary novel Paper Bag Mask (Pen Name Publishing) was published, reaching the top of Amazon’s Young Adult Fiction New Release chart in the first week. Brock’s debut memoir, The Other Side of Fear: A True Coming-of-Age Story of Murder, Forgiveness, and the Peace Only Faith Can Bring, released in Fall 2020 from Cedar Fort Publishing. His writing has appeared on the Independent Journal Review and at

In 2015, Brock left the Graphic Design world for the film world, working on and producing feature films for Tremendum Pictures, Blumhouse Productions, New Line Cinema, Warner Bros., and Lionsgate. In 2017 he released his directorial debut, “The Shift,” about an ordinary man receiving a job offer from the Devil himself. The short film earned him an Outstanding Filmmaker of the Year Award from the Hollywood Dreamz International Film Festival and you can watch it here. His second short film, “The Two Hundred Fifth,” about a young college girl with a dark past that comes back to haunt her on the day she chooses to reveal all to her best friend, had its World Premiere at the renowned Fantasia International Film Festival in 2019.

In early 2023, Brock turned his short film, THE SHIFT, into a feature film to be released theatrically by Angel Studios in December 2023. Expanding on the story from the short, it stars Kristoffer Polaha, Neal McDonough, Elizabeth Tabish, John Billingsley, Rose Reid, Paras Patel, Jordan Alexandra, Jordan Walker Ross, and Sean Astin.

Brock lives with his wife, three daughters, two dogs, and one cat in California. Brock didn’t want another dog, but his girls made a pretty killer PowerPoint presentation and he didn’t want to look like a jerk. Instagram Facebook Twitter

Proofread and Edited by Brenda

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Kristoffer Polaha and Neal McDonough in the movie "The Shift"


Y&R Transcript Thursday, November 30, 2023

Young & The Restless Transcript


Y&R logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne

Ashley: Hi.

Abby: Hi. Hello.

Ashley: Thank you so much for meeting me. Hi, how are you? Nice to see you.

Devon: Thank you for suggesting this.

Ashley: Sure, thank you.

Devon: Yeah.

Ashley: So, did you already order?

Abby: No, no, we were waiting for you actually. Here you go.

Ashley: Oh, okay. Thank you. Actually, I think coffee’s good for now. I’m just gonna wait to order until we can catch up. Do you realize that I never get a chance to do this? I never get the two of you all to myself, ever, so I want to hear everything. How’s it going? What’s new?

Abby: Uh, I’m sure you have more news than we do. Um, are you happy to be back home?

Ashley: Oh, yeah, I am. I am. It’s good to be home. It’s good to be back in the house. Craziest thing of all is that, um, diane and I are actually making peace. Yeah, I never thought I’d see it in my lifetime, honestly. It’s happening and of course, it’s nice to be back on good terms with my brother, right?

Abby: Yeah.

Ashley: So, that’s all good. So, how’s my grandson? What’s happening with dominic?

Abby: He’s great. Aunt traci took him to the park this morning.

Ashley: Oh, I’m jealous.

Abby: His favorite place.

Devon: And traci is definitely one of his favorite people.

Ashley: Well, he’s got good taste. She’s one of my favorite people too. And you know what? She’s great with kids. Have you noticed that? How they’re just kind of naturally attracted to her?

Devon: Oh, yeah. We see that with dominic every time. He lights up when he sees her.

Ashley: He is getting so big. Every time I see him, he’s an inch taller, isn’t he? He just grows so fast.

Abby: Mom?

Ashley: Yeah.

Abby: I’m sure you didn’t invite us to breakfast just to talk about dominic, so…

Ashley: Um, well, there might be another reason why I wanted to meet with you.

Devon: Oh, yeah? Believe that you really are hungry for some breakfast? Or maybe you’re feeling a little crowded in that abbott house and you wanted to get some air? Or, maybe you wanna get some information on tucker?

Jack: Well, I sure don’t like the sound of that. What are our options?

Kyle: I found the tie, mom. It was in the back of the closet.

Diane: Ah, that’s the one. It’s my favorite.

Kyle: No, I’ve got it. I’ve got it.

Diane: Oh, let me straighten your tie. It’s your first day at your new job.

Jack: Okay. Keep me updated. Thanks. Your mother and I couldn’t be any prouder–

Diane: Or happier.

Jack: Or happier that you’re starting your first day as the chief operations officer of jabot.

Kyle: Well, too bad you’re not biased about me. And how smart and wonderful and talented I am.

Diane: Well, you are all those things and more.

Kyle: Thanks, mom.

Jack: Unfortunately, your first day already has a bit of a hiccup in it.

Kyle: Oh, what’s that?

Jack: I just hung up with the building supervisor and there is an electrical issue on the top three floors.

Diane: Our offices?

Jack: Exactly. Which means…

Kyle: We’re working from home.

Diane: Oh, no, it’s your first day.

Kyle: Yeah. It’s a little weird, but let’s do it. And as jabot’s new chief operations officer, I know exactly what I have to do first.

Diane: What? Are you gonna rewire the building?

Kyle: No, no, I have enough sense to stay away from electricity. But I’m going to make sure the problem is fixed.

Jack: Excellent. But wherever we are, this is a very important day. It is the beginning of a very special part of your career. And your mother and I have the privilege of witnessing it all. My father, your grandfather, would be very proud of you.

Kyle: This wouldn’t have happened without you, dad. And mom’s overly enthusiastic encouragement. But, um, seriously though. The fact that you believe so much in me, it means the world. I know I haven’t been the easiest son, but I really appreciate everything you’ve done to make this happen.

Jack: I don’t have a doubt in the world that this is the right decision.

Kyle: Neither do I. I’m actually excited about it. And thank you, dad, for making this happen, and thank you for having so much faith in me. I promise not to let you down.

Tucker: Hey, billy.

Billy: Well, well, well. Look what the cat tried to keep out, but you snuck in anyway, huh?

Tucker: Slow day at the office?

Billy: No, not at all. It’s nice and early. I guess not having a real job, your body clock must be all out of whack.

Tucker: I have a real job. You just don’t know what it is. Or where I’ll turn up next.

Billy: I’m sure if I look under enough rocks, I’ll find you soon enough.

Tucker: I’m a little surprised at you, actually.

Billy: Is that right? Why?

Tucker: Oh, that you’ve managed to, you know, let your desire to crush me not get the better of you. Jack seems to think that, uh, you’re a champing at the bit to really drop the hammer on me. Release that damning information you and he have. You know, if you’re gonna threaten to release damaging information, eventually, you have to release the damaging information.

Billy: Actually, I’ve rethought my position. I– I– I like the idea of hanging the sword of damocles over your head. You know what else I like?

Tucker: Well, I can’t wait to hear.

Billy: The fact that that damning information that we’re holding on to seems to be working.

Tucker: That so?

Billy: Well, you haven’t made any moves against jabot or the family.

Tucker: Mm. Or maybe I already have. Maybe I’ve already succeeded in sabotaging things and you and jack and ashley just haven’t noticed yet. Hi. Ooh, those look great.

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that keeps you dry?

Announcer: Additional sponsorship provided by…

Billy: What’s the point of revenge if I don’t know if it happened or not? I don’t see it. If I don’t feel it, it’s not worth a damn thing without results.

Tucker: Well, there are many forms of revenge, billy. Some more insidious than others.

Billy: I don’t buy it. This is just another one of your defensive sleights of hand.

Tucker: Could be.

Billy: Yeah. I’ll give you this, tucker. You’re a smooth operator.

Tucker: Thank you. And, uh, just to keep you in the game as far as the sleight of hand thing, don’t give it a second thought. I’ve already lit the fuse.

Billy: I guess we’ll find out soon enough if you’re bluffing or if this is just another one of your unhinged plots.

Tucker: Well, it doesn’t matter, either way. You could still try to destroy my reputation by releasing that damaging information. But it might be too late.

Billy: Have a good day.

Tucker: Yeah, you too. I’ll see you.

Billy: See you later.

Ashley: Devon, tucker is your father, as you know, and, um, I– I do understand why you didn’t want to meet us at the club on thanksgiving for a drink. But I am concerned about your relationship with him. Do you communicate at all with him?

Devon: Yeah. Yeah, there’s been a lot of communication. And you don’t need to be concerned because I don’t want to have anything to do with him moving forward. Plus, I’ve been wanting him to be someone that he’s not for too long. And as I’m sure you’ve learned, he’s incapable of changing. So, it’s disappointing, but it’s necessary.

Ashley: I’m sorry. It must be difficult for you.

Devon: You know what? I think that if, uh, if I was the only one involved, I’d probably be dumb enough to keep trying with him. But we have a family and I just can’t risk him getting close to our son.

Abby: Wait, mom, after the way he treated you. You wanted to maintain a relationship with your family and keep your job and he just couldn’t handle it.

Ashley: I know, he exploded. I mean, maybe he’s remorseful. He said he was sorry, kind of.

Abby: Oh, my gosh. Please don’t tell me you’re falling for the “I’m sorry, I hurt you” act.

Devon: Yeah. I don’t think he’s capable of being truly sorry for anything.

Ashley: Well, yeah. He was a much different person, you know, when we were planning our life together. And I just– I thought that, uh– I thought that we were in love with each other. I guess I’d like to think that, um, some part of that was actually real.

Abby: Wait. Are you saying that you could forgive him for the things that he said and did to you?

Diane: Hm. You look handsome. Like a business executive is supposed to look.

Kyle: Mom, I’m not playing dress up. I am a business executive and I’m ready to dive into my first day at jabot. It’s time for me to stop pouting and put my oversized ego to the side and get to work.

Jack: I’m very proud of you, son. And if there’s anything good about today, it’s gonna be a very short commute.

Kyle: Well, I have a couple of things I need to take care of before I start the day. And there is a surprise in the works that I need to talk to mom about.

Jack: Oh, that sounds intriguing.

Diane: Um, are you going to ruin the surprise by telling him?

Kyle: Oh, not a chance. Nice try though, dad.

Jack: Listen, I have a meeting with billy at the coffeehouse. I will be right back.

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Kyle: As hard as it may be to believe, I think I finally have tucker in my pocket.

Diane: What do you mean?

Kyle: I told him I’ve been so remorseful and completely humble with the family and I accepted the coo job.

Diane: And how did he react? Kyle: Like a larg

Kyle: No, he hasn’t given me the slightest hint, but he will. I’m sure of it. He needs me.

Diane: Kyle, you need to be careful. I mean it. Don’t get overly confident with tucker. He is a snake and a dangerous one at that.

Kyle: Don’t worry, mom. Tucker thinks he’s working me. He has no clue that I am working him.

Abby: Just the best, right?

Devon: Mm-hmm.

Abby: I don’t know what we’d do without him. Thank you.

Ashley: Merci. I really want to talk this through with you, please.

Tucker: I prefer to drink. You can do whatever the hell you want.

Ashley: Okay. You said that I wasn’t the woman that you married, but I’m exactly who I’ve always been. And that’s a woman who’s deeply in love with you. I love you.

Tucker: Oh, yeah. Those are such kind words, ashley, and I’m gonna hold them near to my heart.

Ashley: Okay. I know that you’re angry.

Tucker: Is that what you think this is?

Ashley: Yes. When I told you that I was gonna, you know, I needed to stay at jabot, I know that was a shock to you, but it’s not an insult to you as a man. It’s– it’s– it’s not a betrayal of what we have. I’m wearing your wedding ring. We are here in paris on our honeymoon.

Tucker: Yeah. And you’re here fixating on your family. Your one true love.

Ashley: Oh, come on.

Tucker: That and the company daddy built. You know, you and jack and billy, you are all emotionally stunted human beings. It’s disgusting. You’re all obsessed with each other. I made my choice. I put you first, ashley. And this is our one chance. This is our only chance to be more than a team, more than partners. To be two halves of a whole. But you–

Ashley: Tucker. Tucker. Come on. Look at me, please. That’s really sweet, but it’s not realistic. We’ve always been really different people. I don’t want you to change who you are. Who you are is why I fell in love with you–

Tucker: Don’t you dare dare to lie to me!

Ashley: I can’t– I can’t talk to you when you’re like this.

Tucker: Good. Don’t talk to me, please.

Ashley: So, are you saying that– are you saying that–

Tucker: What?

Ashley: We don’t have– what we have isn’t meaningful?

Tucker: We don’t have anything. We have nothing, ashley. You made me beg you. You made me cut open a vein and bleed for you, beg you to trust me! To believe in us. I had to love you, so– no, I didn’t just have to love you, did I? I had to worship you because that’s the only way to get this ice queen to thaw. Total devotion. And you gave me nothing in return. Just a little, oh, here’s some affection, a little sliver of affection. Here’s a little consideration. And only once I’d proven my worth to you, well then…

Ashley: Okay. Okay. Sh. Please just calm down.

Tucker: You want me to calm down? Don’t you tell me to calm down because you destroyed me, ashley! Destroyed me. Every thought, every plan, every vision of the future. You! Only you, for years. But I never really had a chance, did I? Right? What a fool. What an idiot I am.

Ashley: Maybe we should talk about this to– tomorrow, okay? And if you– you can keep your temper in– in check.

Tucker: I’m not keeping anything with you. I’m not keeping anything in check with you. I don’t care anymore. I don’t care where you sleep. Uh, I don’t care what you do. I’m done. Goodbye, ashley. You go to hell!

Ashley: Okay.

[ Ashely sobbing ]

Abby: Mom? Mom, are you all right?

Ashley: Yeah. Yeah, I was just thinking.

Abby: Not about tucker, I hope.

> Ashley: No. I was thinking about the fight we had and how he blew up.

Abby: Which wasn’t your fault.

Ashley: Mm. Yeah. I… I– I– I played a part in what happened though.

Abby: You can’t say that.

Ashley: Well, I’m not saying that what tucker did was right. It– it was wrong. It was completely wrong, okay? But I just feel like I’m partially responsible in some way for what happened in paris.

Devon: I don’t know if I agree with that, ashley. I think tucker is a narcissist. He can’t take the blame for anything. It’s never his fault.

Ashley: Right. I know. Um, you know what happened is that, um, I pulled a, uh, a change of heart on him, devon. And it– I think I could have handled it better. It doesn’t mean that I’m defending what he did. It’s just that, you know, the whole thing could have been avoided.

Devon: Maybe. Maybe. But maybe your instincts kicked in and you sensed that something was off with the guy.

Ashley: Yeah, maybe. I have a lot of regret. I just– I mean, it– just because of how it ended so horribly.

Abby: Mom, you have to see tucker for who he really is. He is a rage-filled man who masqueraded as the love of your life.

Ashley: Yeah. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. You guys are so sweet. Thank you for being so concerned about me.

Devon: Of course.

Ashley: I know this has to be very hard for you.

Devon: Well, listen, I’ve defended tucker more times than I can count. So, it’s what it is for me. I just want you to know that you are the victim here and not tucker.

Abby: And you have to be done with him. You have to. Because I cannot go through this again.

Ashley: Okay. Okay, okay, okay, okay. I know. I just have to keep remembering that I’m not the only person that was affected by what happened in paris, right? A lot of people were. Like you.

Abby: Then, turn your back on him. Turn your back and walk away. Forget about this guy, forever.

Ashley: Thank you. You don’t have to worry about me, okay? My eyes are wide open when it comes to tucker mccall.

Abby: Good because it sounds like you’re giving him the benefit of the doubt.

Ashley: No, I’m not. Not at all. I mean, I can be forgiving but I’m not foolish, all right? And I mean, um, he’s just so arrogant, isn’t he? He always thinks he’s calling all the shots. I’ve– I’ve got his number though. Trust me.

Abby: Okay. And you’re not gonna be lured back into his orbit with his duplicitous charm?

Ashley: Abby, no, I’m not. No. Stop.

Abby: And the annulment?

Ashley: It’s moving forward. My biggest concern now is trying to figure out what he’s up to when it comes to jabot.

Devon: Well, it’s frustrating, isn’t it? I don’t know what he’s got going on or has planned for my company either.

Ashley: Well, what harm could he possibly do?

Billy: Thank you.

Ashley: Well, I just came from seeing tucker, so I thought maybe he reached out to you.

Jack: Actually, we were just talking about kyle.

Billy: Just to fill you in. Kyle has been trying to get jack to kick me to the curb so he could take over the co-ceo position. I confronted him about it and ultimately, he backed down.

Ashley: Well, that’s good, I guess.

Billy: His turnabout seemed a little, uh, you know, abrupt to me. I don’t think I told you this, jack, but I– I asked kyle if he would, you know, use audra to spy on tucker for us a while back.

Jack: You didn’t think it was important to tell me?

Billy: It was a spur of the moment and, uh, you know, kyle refused to use audra in order to spy on tucker for our benefit.

Ashley: Wow. Maybe he was being loyal to his girlfriend.

Billy: I don’t think kyle is really too concerned about us or the company. I think he’s watching out for himself.

Jack: Now, kyle, I know feels rejected and disrespected and wants to prove me wrong for not giving him what he wants.

Billy: I don’t know. Maybe there’s a connection here that we’re missing.

Ashley: What’s that?

Billy: Tucker is coming after jabot, which we all ultimately think he’s doing. He’s gonna need someone on the inside. Kyle is feeling boxed in, knowing that he’s not gonna get what he ultimately wants.

Jack: I don’t like where this is going.

Billy: No, neither do I. But I think tucker may have got his claws into kyle and turned your son against us.

Jack: Billy.

Billy: Hey.

Jack: Gee, nice talking to you.

Billy: Jack. I just had a very disturbing conversation with tucker.

Jack: Is there any other kind? Coffee, black, please?

Billy: He was wondering why we haven’t used the dirt we have on him to blow him out of the water.

Jack: Oh, good, he’s curious. That means we got under his skin. That can’t be all bad.

Billy: I told him that we were content in using the information to keep him guessing.

Jack: So, how did he react?

Billy: Ominously. I expected more bluster, more empty threats. Instead, he was– he was calm and measured.

Jack: What did he say?

Billy: He implied that he already set something in motion inside jabot that’s going to take us all down.

Diane: I am serious, kyle. Don’t get cocky about putting one over on tucker. He is shrewd. He could be setting you up as a test of some kind.

Kyle: I’m aware that’s a possibility, so I’m watching my back. But don’t worry, mom, I plan to be careful.

Diane: Well, please do so. Look, I’ve had a lot of experience dealing with tucker and maybe that could help me help you figure out a way to outmaneuver him.

Kyle: Mom. I’ve got this.

Diane: All right, just promise–

Kyle: No, I appreciate you and how much you care about my well-being, but I can handle things.

Diane: I– I know you can.

Kyle: So, how about you trust me? Luckily, I have audra as an ally.

Diane: Okay. I do trust you. But I am worried about the fact that you see audra as someone who can have your back?

Kyle: Okay. Mom, what’s going on? Are you having doubts about our plan? I know it’s intricate with a lot of moving parts, but I can handle it. I mean, are you worried that I can’t pull it off?

Summer: Pull off what?

Looking for a medicare plan?

Diane: Summer. Nice to see you. I– I– I didn’t realize, um, that you were here. Uh, how’s it going?

Summer: It’s good. Seems like I walked in on kind of a serious conversation. Sorry about that. Mrs. Martinez sent me in earlier. Hey, kyle.

Kyle: Hey, summer.

Summer: So, what is it that you’re trying to pull off?

Diane: Oh, oh. Today is kyle’s first day back at jabot as coo and we’re just really excited.

Kyle: And as usual, my mom is worried about me.

Summer: Wait. Why– why are you worried?

Kyle: She still thinks I’m eight years old.

Diane: Kyle.

Kyle: Well, I– I think her main concern is that I’m going to be disappointed when I return to work, not at the position I wanted, replacing billy as co-ceo.

Summer: Well, I think it’s really great that you’re back working with your family. Know how much it means to all of them.

Kyle: We abbotts are an all-for-one, one for all family.

[ Diane chuckling ]

Summer: And I know that it’s not my place to give my opinion on it.

Kyle: Well, that’s never stopped you before.

Summer: Right. And I agree with diane. I think that you should try to not let your pride get in the way of embracing this new position.

Kyle: Ladies, I promise you, I am up for whatever challenge lies ahead. So, summer, um, what brings you to the house so early?

Summer: I had a present for harrison that I wanted to leave on his bed. I was also hoping to catch jack. There’s this internal issue at marchetti that I wanted his advice on, so…

Diane: Oh, you just missed him.

Summer: Oh, okay. Well, I will catch him at the office then.

Kyle: Oh, yeah, about that. Um, the top three floors are dark. No electricity. So, gonna have to work remotely.

Summer: Oh, okay. And I guess top of my list is to file a complaint with the new chief operations officer.

Kyle: Yeah, I saw that coming.

[ Diane chuckling ]

Diane: Hey, why don’t you work here with us today? I’m sure harrison would love to see you when he gets home.

Summer: I do love seeing him right after school. He’s so energetic and chatty. I– I guess I could work from here. It would be really convenient.

Diane: And since you and kyle used to work together at marchetti, maybe you could, um, maybe you could run that problem by him and the two of you could figure it out together.

Jack: Tucker is bluffing. He cannot bring himself to admit we have beaten him.

Billy: I’m pretty good at reading a bluff, jack. He didn’t have any tells. He knows something that I don’T.

Jack: And that’s your read?

Billy: Yes, that is my read. He’s not bluffing. He’s got something planned for jabot. Some kind of attack. We need to figure out what it is and we need to stop it.

Jack: That is your opinion. Forgive me for being skeptical, but your reads of people in the past have led you into a lot of trouble.

Billy: Oh, is that right? Name one.

Jack: Billy.

Billy: This read is pristine, jack. I’m telling you.

Jack: You are a gambling addict. You have lost hundreds of thousands, if not more, at the poker table. Forgive me being skeptical of your pristine read.

Billy: That’s actually not true.

Jack: What part?

Billy: I mean, I’ve lost on the horses, sports, blackjack, and baccarat, but I’m a winning player at the poker table.

Jack: How do you figure?

Billy: Because poker is not gambling.

Jack: The hell it’s not.

Billy: Jack, all due respect, you don’t understand, okay? Those other forms of betting we’re talking about, you’re playing against a horse, you’re playing against a team. Playing against the dice or cards. With poker, you’re playing the person. You’re not reading the cards, you’re reading the person. You understand if they got a strong hand or a weak hand and you act accordingly. And I am telling you, tucker has a strong hand.

Jack: What is it that makes you think that?

Billy: Some players, they watch another player’s breath or they watch their eyes. If you’re looking at my chips, I assume you have a strong hand. You’re looking at your own, I assume you have a weak hand. Me, I watch the hands. Are you tapping on the table? Are you fidgeting? Are you playing with your chips? Fumbling about. Are you touching your mouth? Are you touching your face? Those are all signs of weakness? The hands don’t lie.

Jack: And what were tucker’s hands doing?

Billy: Nothing. They didn’t move. I’m not saying he’s got pocket aces or anything like that. Seems to me he’s holding a three and a five and he’s looking for a straight. It’s sneaky confident. Like he’s already got someone on the inside of jabot.

Jack: I– I don’t think so. Who would trust him, let alone collude with him?

Billy: Somebody pretty high up. Maybe somebody new. Maybe it’s someone who’s been around a long time or maybe it’s someone who’s both.

Jack: Oh, wait. You– you don’t still think that tucker has his claws into kyle?

Devon: You’re aware that tucker has an involvement in mamie’s investment in chancellor-winters?

Ashley: Yeah. Yeah. To what end?

Devon: Well, he claims that his only interest is shoring up the company for my benefit and for dominic’s future.

Abby: And devon thinks there’s more to it than that.

Devon: I’m certain there’s more to it, which is another reason why I cut him off.

Ashley: Wait a second. So– so possibly tucker’s interest in chancellor-winters, it’s his project, right? So maybe he’s telling the truth when he says that he has no interest in going after jabot?

Abby: I don’t believe it. I just don’t believe it. If it’s not one thing, it’s another with this guy. He is not going to be happy by burning down one company. He won’t be satisfied until he burns down the whole world. My mom’s alzheimer’s never changed how much we love her.

Kyle: As much as I would like to help with your problem at marchetti, I have a lot to do.

Summer: Yeah. Like getting the lights turned on at the office for starters, huh?

Kyle: Exactly. And I really need to run an errand before I dive into that, so I’m gonna step out for a moment.

Summer: Sure.

Kyle: I’ll see you both later.

Diane: Okay. Hm.

Summer: Well, I guess if– unless it’s to discuss harrison, kyle really doesn’t want to be in the same room as me.

Diane: Yeah, I kinda noticed that and I’m sorry. And I’m sorry if it upsets you.

Summer: Yeah. We are getting a divorce and yes, we have both moved on, but I don’t know, I just think it would be nice if we could at least be friendly with each other.

Diane: Well, I think it would be nice if you could find your way back to one another. If so, do you think that you would give the marriage another try?

Summer: Diane, I really don’t think that there’s any point in hypothesizing about that. I mean, kyle made his choice. I just don’t want there to be animosity between us.

Diane: Well, I don’t think that kyle feels animosity. I think he– he finds it awkward. And probably more so when I’m meddling. Trust me, he’s as sad about the situation as you are.

Billy: I would love to give kyle the benefit of the doubt.

Jack: And why is it again you can’t do that?

Billy: Because I’m having a really hard time trusting his sudden turnaround from anger to contrition, okay? I know he’s your son and you love him and it’s hard to believe that he would be involved in something this shady, especially with tucker.

Jack: That’s right. I don’t want to believe that. In fact, I don’t want to have this conversation.

Billy: I saw something in his eyes this morning. He’s not bluffing. He’s up to something, okay? And kyle’s sudden flip to team player, it’s a little too coincidental if you ask me.

Jack: Look, I know you think you can read people. You’re the consummate poker player. And maybe you’re right, maybe tucker already has a plan in motion, but that does not mean kyle is involved. I refuse to believe that.

Billy: I don’t want to believe it either. He’s your son. He’s my nephew. I love the kid and I fully understand what kind of train wreck this is gonna set off for all of us if I’m right.

Jack: And kyle knows how devastating this kind of betrayal will be. That’s why he would never be involved in this.

Billy: Okay. Okay. I’ll drop it, for now. But I’m gonna keep digging and I’m gonna stay on guard, jack. And I promise you if I am right, I won’t say I told you so. Where are you going?

Jack: Anywhere but here.

Billy: Jack, wait.

[ Knock on door ]

Tucker: Hey. How’s your first day on the job?

Kyle: Uh, I haven’t really started yet. There’s an electrical problem at the building. Hey, you’re not behind that, are you? As a way to disrupt things?

Tucker: By shutting off the lights? Do I look like an amateur to you?

Kyle: I just wanna make sure you’re not messing with me on my first day.

Tucker: I know. As much as I enjoy the idea of billy and the rest of them working in the dark, no, it wasn’t me.

Kyle: Okay. So, um, I want to meet face to face. No text. No emails.

Tucker: Okay, good.

Kyle: So, now that I’m coo, how exactly do you plan to take advantage of my new inside position?

Tucker: I thought you’d never ask.

Rsv is out there.

Summer: Look, I know that it was more my fault than his. I’m the one that started things moving towards what eventually became the divorce.

Diane: Yeah. And kyle sealed the deal.

Summer: True. Maybe he did it because he was hurt. Maybe he slept with audra because he wanted to hide from his feelings. I don’t know, but he was definitely doing it to make a statement that he was moving on.

Diane: Well, it was the wrong statement to make. Kyle is smarter than that.

Summer: Look, diane, I know that this is hard for you to witness your son going through all of this. It’s hard on a lot of people.

Diane: No, it’s– it’s more than that. To be honest, I don’t like audra. I don’t trust her. I don’t want her in our lives.

Summer: Forget about audra. Kyle is, in time. I think right now, he’s just going through one of his phases where he’s flexing his muscles trying to prove to everybody that he’s the big man on campus.

Diane: You’re probably right. I’m just– just worried that he’s gotten himself into something that he can’t get himself out of.

Billy: Hold on. Hold on a second, okay? You can’t just walk away. This is too important. We gotta figure this out.

Jack: So, what if we let this play out? And when it does, it’s too late for us to fix it?

Billy: Jack, I get it, okay? I understand. He’s your son and it’s got to feel awful even entertaining the thought that he would be involved in something this nefarious–

Jack: We don’t know that kyle has done anything and you don’t know how I feel, believe me. I don’t know how I feel! And let me finish this, whatever concerns we have will be on tucker. And if he has kyle… if tucker mccall has my son in his clutches, he will find himself in a world of pain and he will not see me coming.

Billy: Look, the more I think about this, the more I’m convinced that ashley is the one person that can stop tucker in his tracks.

Ashley: I don’t think that tucker wants to burn down the entire world. I think he wants to own it.

Abby: Mom, I’m sorry, but I just don’t see how someone as beautiful and smart as you could be fooled by someone as deranged as tucker. Why are you still talking to this man?

Ashley: Okay, abby. I’m sorry. Maybe it was misguided. I thought that I could reach out, reconnect with him and maybe manipulate him and find out what he’s up to. But I realize the only person that has any influence over him is you, devon. You are his– you are his achilles heel.

Devon: Yeah. I don’t think that me or you could manipulate that guy.

Ashley: No, you don’t have to manipulate him. He is so desperate for your love and for your approval and he just craves to have your forgiveness.

Devon: Well, what are you getting at? Do you think that if he gets it and he thinks that I forgive him, that he’ll what? Open up and tell us what his plans are?

Ashley: Well, no. You won’t be able to fake it because he’d see right through that. It would have to be sincere.

Devon: Right.

Ashley: I guess what I’m trying to say is that if there’s any real emotion left inside of tucker mccall, you’re gonna be the only person that can bring it out.

Tucker: There are actually many ways we can take advantage of your position. Uh, just this morning, I set the wheels in motion with billy. Muffin stump?

Kyle: No, I’m okay. How did you do that?

Tucker: I let him believe that there’s a metaphorical bomb taking away at jabot. And if he took the bait and it seemed like he did, he and jack will certainly go sniffing around for said bomb, so I need you to find out what they suspect is about to happen so I can anticipate.

Kyle: Mm-hmm. And I assume I am the bomb.

Tucker: Very good. You’re a lot smarter than you look, kyle. No offense.

Kyle: Oh, I’m sure. And I would be right under their noses supposedly helping them dig. So, how do you intend to use me, specifically?

Tucker: What do you mean?

Kyle: Since I’m your inside man, I’d like to at least know some of the details of your game plan.

Tucker: You’ll know what you need to know when you need to know it, okay? Right now, you just keep playing spy and you let me know what you find out.

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B&B Transcript Thursday, November 30, 2023

Bold & The Beautiful Transcript


B&B logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne

[ Relaxing music ]

Donna: Please, eric, you heard the doctor.

Eric: Yeah, yeah. I did. I… I heard his advice, yeah.

Donna: But you’re gonna choose to ignore it.

Eric: I’m gonna choose to ignore it.

[ Donna sighing ] Donna, I’m gonna live my life the way I want to, right here at forrester, creating and– and– and designing. And at home, in our beautiful home with you. Side by side with you, snuggled up in my arms. I’m not gonna be hooked up to a bunch of old machines and– and being poked and prodded. Not– no hospital. No hospital.

Donna: But what if the hospital could help?

Katie: Hospital? What? What are you talking about? What happened?

Eric: Well, katie, in case you’ve forgotten, I’m dying.

Ridge: My dad is facing the biggest challenge of his life, and I can’t be there to help him.

Brooke: Not in the way that you want. But you are there for your father, ridge. You are. You’re giving him exactly what he wants and needs right now.

Ridge: What does he want and need? Me pretending that this isn’t real? That– that it’s–

Brooke: Okay, look. I understand your frustration.

Steffy: We all do. We all do. It goes against every instinct to go along with this, pretending that everything is okay when all we want to do is just reach out and hold him and help him somehow. I’ll always remember it as grandma being, you know, the stubborn one, but… granddad, he can be stubborn too. We don’t really have a choice but to let him play this out the way he wants. Live his life on his terms. ‘Til the end.

Brooke: Steffy is right. We have to give this to eric. We have to keep pretending we don’t know.

Ridge: Okay. But rj said that– that dad almost collapsed today. If any of us had seen that, then what do we do?

Steffy: It would have been impossible to ignore.

Ridge: Exactly.

Rj: Yeah. I– I’m glad I was there to catch him though. That was good.

Ridge: We’re all glad. Not just today, but this whole time you were there, you were a steady hand, literally. We have to give this to eric. We have to keep pretending we don’t know.

Ridge: Okay. But rj said that– that dad almost collapsed today. If any of us had seen that, then what do we do?

Steffy: It would have been impossible to ignore.

Ridge: Exactly.

Rj: Yeah. I– I’m glad I was there to catch him though. That was good.

Ridge: We’re all glad. Not just today, but this whole time you were there, you were a steady hand, literally. You helped him get his designs on paper one last time.

Katie: Eric, of course, I haven’t forgotten. I was just worried hearing you talk about the hospital.

Eric: Uh-huh. Nothing’s really changed. Nothing. I’m still dying. Like everybody else on the planet, and, you know, just a little sooner for me, that’s all. But just because I’m on a– on a fast track for– for– for dying doesn’t mean I need to throw in the towel and then crawl into some hospital bed someplace. No. No, I’m gonna spend it doing what I love doing most. Right here, creating.

Donna: I– I get that. I mean, we– we actually– we get that, but– but what if spending just a little bit of time in the hospital will prolong your life so that you can continue to create for many more years?

Eric: No, no, no. Being in a hospital is just– that’s just– it’s just sitting there and fading away and being forgotten. I’m not gonna do that. I have this collection to finish. I have to finish this collection and that’s what I’m gonna do. I may be gone one day soon and away from this office and I’ll be away from everywhere, but I’m gonna create this and– and it’s a line that’s gonna go on forever, never to be forgotten. You know, give this place back to ridge one day and– and then it’ll be done. That’s what I’m gonna do.

She found it.

The feeling of finding

the psoriasis treatment

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Or finding your swimsuit

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New infallible matte

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up to 16 hours long-lasting it makes me feel infallible. You’re worth it.

Ridge: You’re gonna be here, right? You’re gonna help him. You’re gonna put every design on paper, every last one of them.

Rj: Every single last one of them. And I’m gonna do everything that it takes to do that, dad.

Ridge: Okay.

Rj: Even if, you know, there may come a time when it’s too much for him.

Ridge: When it’s too much for him?

Rj: Yeah.

Ridge: Have you met my dad? Too much for him? He’s gonna do this until the end.

Brooke: I’m so happy that rj can be there for eric. But what about the rest of us? I mean, what can we do to support him? How can we be there for him without letting on that we’re aware of the situation?

Steffy: I’ve been wrestling with this myself. We can’t possibly keep–

Ridge: Can’t possibly what? Keep up the charade of– of saying that everything is fine? This– we could have quality time with him. Instead, we’re doing this. We– we’re here talking about it, wasting it.

Steffy: We’re gonna have quality time, but I don’t want to pity him. That’s the last thing he needs. I just wish we could have an open, honest conversation with him, as honest as it can be. So, if he’s here at the office, behind the desk, knocking it out, another brilliant design, then fine. That’s just as meaningful. That’s what granddad wants. That’s gonna bring him joy, then you said it yourself, we need to respect his wishes.

Ridge: Come here. We will. Okay?

Donna: You know that I want you thriving and creating, but this isn’t about sending you to some hospital room to spend the rest of your days. This is about going to the hospital, doing a few tests and maybe this won’t be your last collection.

Katie: Exactly. Exactly. Eric, you can’t stop fighting. You can’t give up.

Eric: That’s not what I’m doing. I’m not. That’s not– giving up would be curling up in a ball in a– in a– in a hospital room somewhere. Between the sheets of some bed, someplace. I’m not doing that. It’s not what I’m doing. I have to stay here. I have to stay alive and I have to finish my last collection. This is my life, this is my passion.

Katie: No one is saying that you have to quit designing. Everyone can see how wonderful this has been for you. But– but you can do both. You can continue to design and look for treatment options.

Eric: What? From a hospital bed? No. Work from a hospital bed? Some people can do that. Not me. Not me.

Katie: Eric, please. Listen to your doctors. Listen to donna. Treatment could give you and look for treatment options.

Eric: What? From a hospital bed? No. Work from a hospital bed? Some people can do that. Not me. Not me.

Katie: Eric, please. Listen to your doctors. Listen to donna. Treatment could give you more time with her. Isn’t that a reason enough?

Eric: That’s it. It’s reason enough. I– I– I love your sister. Katie, I love donna. What she gives to me– she gives everything to me. I’m so– I’m so grateful for that.

Donna: You could have so much more though, eric. Years to come.

Eric: So, let’s hang on to that, all right? Let’s– let’s live those moments that we have. Let’s– let’s thrive on that. Grab those moments and live those– live those moments. Please. Look, I– I appreciate so much how the two of you who have supported me through this, both of you. It humbles me, it does, but I’m the only one who knows how I’m feeling and I’m the one who gets to decide what I’m gonna do. And I choose– I choose to move on with my life, to design. This is– this is what I wanna do. You have to trust my instincts.

Katie: What if your instincts are leading you away from– from possible lifesaving treatment?

Eric: No, my instincts are not wrong. My instincts tell me to finish this. To finish this collection. I have one wonderful collection left in me and this is it. And that’s what I’m gonna do. I need you to both– I need you both believe in me. Please.

Katie: Yeah.

Eric. Please.

Katie: Of course.

Donna: We do.

Eric: Okay.

Donna: Yes, we do.

Eric: Okay. Good. Now, I need your help.

Donna: My help?

Eric: Yes, I need your help too.

Donna: Okay.

Eric: Here’s what we’re gonna do. I want you to model this dress for me. This– the one in the middle, the purple. I want you to put that on, I want you to bring it to life for me, all right? And I want you to call rj and tell him to meet us in the salon. He can see my latest– the latest forrester fashion creation come to life.

Rj: I just got a text from aunt katie, and she says, um, granddad wants to meet up.

Brooke: Oh, well, that’s great. Must mean he’s inspired to work.

Ridge: Probably thinking about his next fashion show.

Steffy: The next fashion show won’t be a competition.

Ridge: Right.

Steffy: It’ll be eric forrester’s originals in the spotlight. But what if he doesn’T…

Rj: No. He’s going to finish. He’s working day and night. He’s gonna make it.

Ridge: All right, then go. Meet him and help him finish his couture line. Go ahead.

Brooke: Yeah. Keep us updated. We need to know how he is.

Rj: Okay. I– I got to admit, I– I feel… terrible. I feel like I just betrayed his trust.

Steffy: No, no, no. You did the right thing. Not just for granddad, but for our whole family. Thank you.

Ridge: Yes, thank you. Now go. Finish your collection.

Brooke: I’m really proud of him. Everything he’s doing for your father.

Ridge: I know. That’s our son. Seeing my dad through this. It feels right.

Brooke: Yeah.

Ridge: We did good.

Eric: I actually love this space, you know. I’m surprised we don’t use it more often.

Katie: Oh, I’ve used it for a couple of events, press conferences, it’s nice. It’s more intimate, cozy.

Eric: Yeah. It’s nice.

Katie: Yeah.

Eric: I mean the– I suppose it could have to do with the fact that I beat the pants off of ridge at the fashion challenge.

Katie: That might be why you like it, yes.

Eric: Maybe so.

[ Eric chuckling ]

Rj: Hello? Hey, aunt katie, granddad. Do you– you wanted to see me for something?

Eric: Rj, we have a surprise for you. Stay right there.

Rj: That’s– okay.

Eric: Donna, we’re ready. Beautiful. The dress is very nice too. Very nice.

Donna: It’s gorgeous.

[ Eric coughing ]

Eric: I’m sorry.

Rj: Are you okay? Do you wanna take a break maybe?

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Steffy: Just tell me granddad will live long enough to see this collection on the runway.

Ridge: I would love that. But I can’t promise.

Steffy: I just wanna see him up there. He takes in the showstopper and he takes in the applause. Yeah, he should have a thousand more shows.

[ Ridge chuckling ]

Ridge: Let’s start with one, okay?

Steffy: I just wish he knew that we knew. We could tell him that we love him and that we’re there for him.

Brooke: Yeah. We all feel that way.

[ Brooke sighing ] But you made a good point earlier. We can’t pity eric. These are his final moments, not ours. We need to let eric do this his way. I’m just guessing that at some point, it’s going to be difficult to keep on pretending that we don’t know.

Ridge: Well, I’m sure the day will come when his condition deteriorates to point where… here’s what I know. This man is gonna stand tall as long as he can.

Brooke: Takes an enormous amount of strength.

Ridge: I know I couldn’t do it.

Steffy: Well, you’ve been extremely brave. Showing so much strength, holding us together.

Ridge: I think it’s gonna take all of us.

Brooke: Yeah.

[ Eric coughing ]

Donna: Okay, I think– I think we need to get some water.

Katie: I’m gonna– I’m gonna see what I can find.

Eric: Stop it! Stop it! I don’t want this. I don’t want any of this. I’m tired of it. I don’t want these long faces. I don’t want any sadness, all right? No sadness. I want– I want laughter and I want joy. And I want– I just got the best– I just got the best idea.

Katie: About a fashion show?

Eric: No, no, the funeral.

Donna: What? Er– eric.

Eric: No, I’m sorry. You got me wrong. I don’t mean funeral. I mean– I mean, uh– I mean, a celebration. Something that– that I can attend. The most wonderful celebration ever. A party!

Donna: A party?

Eric: Yes, a party with– with– with everyone. With all my friends and family and I can be there with a– with a glass of champagne, and everyone can laugh and have a wonderful time. And there’d be no tears. There’d be no crying and no tears at this party. Do you understand?

Donna: Eric, is that really fair? I mean, shouldn’t family and friends get a chance to say goodbye to you?

Eric: Yes, yes, and they can at my real funeral when that happens, whenever that is. And they can be there and cry as much as they want, but they shouldn’t spend a lot of time doing that because life goes on, and it should. This is what I want to do. And I would be very honored if you would do it with me, this final celebratory act of mine. The most– the most fun act I’ve ever had. A beautiful, beautiful celebration, and one final, final act. Yes?

[ Katie gasping ]

[ Eric laughing ]

Eric: Yeah, yeah.

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Days Update Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Stephanie questions Chad wanting to give Everett a chance and suddenly seeming so chill about him. Chad claims he’s realized he’s been critical and made unfair assumptions about him. Chad insists that he’s chill. Stephanie is glad he can be chill about Everett since she works with him now, but it feels like a 180, so she wonders what’s changed.

Xander goes to the Spectator where Everett is finishing up the response to Leo’s murder charges and asks if he wants to take a look at it before it’s sent to the printer. Xander tells him to actually stop for now. Everett questions if he’s having second thoughts about defending Leo. Xander responds that it’s not about Leo, but about Everett. Xander informs Everett that he’s sorry but he’s going to have to let him go. Everett is shocked as he questions Xander firing him. Xander thinks back to Chad’s offer to be his silent partner. Everett demands an answer, saying he knows for a fact that he’s doing a good job which Xander just told him a few days ago. Everett asks what this is about and why he’s firing him.

Sarah tells Kayla and Steve how Konstantin caught the kidnapper and rescued her daughter, risking his life to save her. Steve remarks that it sounds like he was at the right place at the right time, feeling it was too convenient. Sarah asks what he’s saying. Kayla points out that Konstantin was knocked out on the floor. Sarah adds that Maggie did see the kidnapper from behind so Konstantin couldn’t have made that up. Steve suggests Konstantin had an accomplice and partner in crime. Sarah questions why he would do that. Steve says maybe he’s like a firefighter who starts fires just to put them out and play the hero. Kayla questions thinking that Konstantin arranged to have Sarah’s baby kidnapped. Steve confirms that and brings up putting Konstantin on notice and thinking he was a liar. Steve believes that Konstantin figured if he saved Sarah’s daughter, he could no wrong in Maggie’s eyes ever again.

Theresa complains that she can’t watch Konstantin sucking up to Maggie while she has no idea that he’s just after her money. Theresa says the whole thing is making her sick. Konstantin argues that she’s doing the exact same thing. Alex comes back in to the room as Konstantin tells Theresa that they both know she’s only after Alex to get her hands on his inheritance. Alex asks if everything is okay here as it sounded like they were going at it. Alex reveals he heard Konstantin say that Theresa is only with him for his money. Alex questions why Konstantin would say that. Theresa claims that she just officially met him today and he accused her of being a gold digger because Alex is rich and she’s not. Theresa says she explained that they are not in a relationship but he finds it highly suspicious that they are living together and working together. Alex questions why their relationship is any of Konstantin’s business. Maggie then walks in and says that’s what she would like to know.

Kayla thinks it’s extreme for Konstantin to fake a kidnapping because he’s worried that Steve is onto him about lying a tablecloth, not to mention the risk if he was caught. Steve says the whole story just doesn’t sit right with him. Steve goes over that Konstantin is a senior citizen and the minute he volunteers to watch the baby, he gets knocked out from behind, and then after being knocked out, the senior citizen leaps up and runs down a supposed kidnapper, retrieves the baby but loses the perp and in the process, conveniently forgets what they look like. Kayla points out that he had been knocked out which Steve questions. Steve asks about the motive for the mysterious kidnapper. Sarah says the police think there would’ve been a ransom demand. Steve brings up how there was no evidence of that, no suspect, prints, or signs of forced entry. Steve says he’s suspicious because he already thinks Konstantin is bad news. Kayla and Sarah find Konstantin charming. Sarah admits that when he first came and was getting close with Maggie, she felt he was getting too close, too quickly and that she told him to be careful about asking him to stay through Christmas. Steve asks Sarah when she told Maggie that. Sarah admits it was the day that Victoria kidnapped. Steve believes that Konstantin could’ve been hiding and listening in on their conversation. Sarah admits it’s possible. Steve points out that when Konstantin rescued the baby, Sarah’s feelings about him changed, so if that was his grand plan, it worked like a charm.

Chad tells Stephanie that she’s right that he feels a lot better about Everett and her history with him and working with him. Chad claims he just finally came to his senses. Stephanie questions him coming to his senses out of the blue and being just fine with everything. Chad says he’s not going to waste his time being suspicious and jealous when he can just do something about it. Stephanie asks like what?

Everett questions if Xander is not satisfied with his work since he just told him a couple days ago that hiring him was the right decision and everything was up. Everett asks what changed his mind. Xander offers him an amazing severance package but Everett demands a straight answer as to why he fired him. Everett argues that he uprooted his life and moved halfway across the country, so he has a right to know why he fired him. Xander then admits that it wasn’t his idea, but his partner’s.

Stephanie asks Chad for an answer as to what he thought he could do to get over his jealousy. Chad claims he realized it doesn’t matter to him whether Everett came to Salem thinking they would pick up where they left off. Chad says maybe he misjudged the situation and was completely off base with what his intentions were. Stephanie thinks back to finding out that Everett was going to propose. Stephanie then reveals to Chad that he wasn’t wrong as she does think Everett hoped there would be a chance for them. Stephanie promises that Everett knows now that there’s not, because she has moved on with Chad. Stephanie asks what Chad is thinking. Chad responds that things have been rocky between them and he was worried that Everett would take an opportunity because of that, but he knows he can’t blame people for his mistakes which is why he had to take responsibility for his actions. Chad tells Stephanie that he wants to fix what’s going on with them and he wants them to get back to living the wonderful life they had before, if that’s what she wants too.

Everett questions Xander as he thought Gwen left town and was no longer involved in the day to day operations of the paper. Xander responds that she isn’t and he didn’t think she still reads the paper, but she does and she saw his article on Leo. Xander claims that Leo’s most recent betrayal of Gwen is still very raw to her, so she called him, demanding that he let him go. Everett questions Xander having to give in to that demand. Xander says his history with Gwen is complicated and the whole partner situation is tenuous at best. Everett says he was just finishing up another piece defending Leo Stark. Xander confirms that will never see the light of day. Xander repeats that he’s terribly sorry about everything. Everett says he doesn’t believe him.

Sarah hears what Steve is saying, but says she genuinely likes Konstantin and he has made Maggie so happy. Sarah says if Konstantin did save her little girl, then she’s beyond grateful to him. Steve says that’s exactly what Konstantin was counting on. Steve doesn’t mean to scare Sarah but says that Maggie is a grieving widow with a lot of money and brings up that if Konstantin has money problems back in Greece and was brazen enough to stage a kidnapping. Kayla questions if Konstantin had a partner in crime, who the hell it would be. Steve responds that he doesn’t know, but he intends to find out.

Konstantin says to forgive him if he overstepped, but he heard Theresa recently moved to Salem and immediately moved in with Alex, so he was concerned for her motives. Alex tells him that he doesn’t need to be as they started spending time together before any of them had a clue that he was Victor’s son. Theresa says that is true and admits maybe she has chased a guy for his money in the past, but claims that’s not something she would do now because she has too much self respect. Maggie says that Theresa has come a long way since then and she’s very proud of her. Theresa thanks Maggie. Theresa then asks who wouldn’t want Alex just the way he is. Alex jokes with Maggie, who suggests they drop all this and enjoy their tea. Konstantin apologizes and says he spoke up out of concern for Victor’s family and he’s sorry for hurting Maggie as he hopes she can forgive him. Maggie assures that she does and understands he cares about their family which she appreciates.

Stephanie assures Chad that she wouldn’t be there if she didn’t want to be, but lately they have felt like an old married couple, like they’ve been going through the motions of a relationship instead of dealing with the commitment and relationship goals. Chad says he knows as they hug. Chad thought maybe it would be good for them to be alone tonight as the kids are sleeping over at Doug and Julie’s. Chad suggests they can start working on those relationship goals and just enjoy each other. Stephanie says she would like that a lot as they kiss.

Xander questions Everett not believing his reason for letting him go. Everett believes that Xander is hiding something. Xander says maybe he’d understand if he knew Gwen. Everett guesses he’ll never have the pleasure. Everett wishes Xander luck in finding content to publish in the paper tomorrow. Xander adds that he really hates having to do this. Everett says that doesn’t make him feel better. Everett guesses he will clear out his desk.

Sarah thanks Kayla for the insight and says she should be used to difficult patients, but this one threw her. Kayla says it’s understandable. Sarah is glad she stopped by and calls it illuminating for a lot of reasons. Kayla is glad she could help and that Steve was there also. Sarah prays that Steve is wrong about Konstantin because Maggie would be devastated. Sarah adds that it was truly terrifying to have her child kidnapped, once she was back in her arms, she and Xander started to see things differently. Kayla asks how so. Sarah explains that instead of the warpath they have been on with each other, they realized that what’s most important is that they care about their daughter and each other.

Konstantin thanks Maggie for understanding and claims his suspicions only come from the deepest concern for her family. Theresa claims she no longer has an appetite and Alex decides go with her. Maggie offers to send them home with leftovers, so she takes Alex and Theresa to the kitchen to choose what they want. Steve then walks in and startles Konstantin. Konstantin asks if he’s looking for Maggie but Steve assures that he was looking for him.

Alex and Theresa walk through the town square. Theresa apologizes for cutting he and Maggie’s time short and for causing problems. Alex assures that Maggie adores her and that she wasn’t the problem. Alex mocks Konstantin and jokes with her. Alex tells her to forget about what Konstantin said because he has no idea what he’s talking about since he doesn’t know her. Xander then walks up and asks if Alex is sure about that.

Kayla is glad that Sarah and Xander were able to work things out. Sarah says she didn’t want Victoria to grow up without a father and admits she was scared to trust Xander again. Sarah adds that she was even more scared that she might let herself fall in love with him again. Kayla questions if she’s not worried about that anymore. Sarah says they didn’t close the door on that, so they just have to wait and see what happens between them. Kayla asks if there’s a chance they could work things out.

Konstantin asks Steve what it is this time. Steve says it’s the same thing as before as he doesn’t think he’s been entirely honest with Maggie. Steve brings up Konstantin telling Maggie that Victor gave him a free pass and didn’t expect to be paid back. Konstantin claims that is the truth but Steve says that doesn’t sound like the Victor they knew, so he decided to look in to it. Steve reveals that he just got back from Greece where he spoke to a whole lot of people who told a very different story about Konstantin’s history with Victor. Konstantin questions Steve flying all the way to Greece to dig up dirt on him. Steve shouts that he and Kayla care about Maggie and don’t like to see her taken advantage of. Steve tells Konstantin that he won’t tell Maggie about any of this on the condition that he goes back to Greece and never shows his face here again.

Chad and Stephanie continue kissing until there’s a knock at the door. Chad says he’ll get rid of them but opens the door to see Everett. Chad tells him this isn’t the best time. Everett says he’s sorry to interrupt but it’s about work. Chad argues that it’s Thanksgiving. Everett says he won’t be dragging Stephanie away and just wanted to tell her that he doesn’t think they will be working together anymore because he just got fired. Stephanie questions what happened as she thought Xander was thrilled with his work and said so multiple times. Everett responds that apparently, his silent partner decided to break her silence and now he’s out of a job. Chad claims it makes sense since Gwen likes to make everyone as miserable as she is. Stephanie asks what Gwen’s problem is. Everett says he understands Gwen and Leo have bad blood. Stephanie says it’s because of her PR strategy then and blames herself. Everett assures that she was brilliant and it’s not her fault as he calls this a personal vendetta. Everett says he just came by to let her know since he hired her and she’ll have to talk to Xander about her position in the company. Stephanie says she’ll have plenty to say to Xander but Everett asks her not to do so on his behalf. Stephanie asks who is going to put out the paper tomorrow. Everett responds that Xander should’ve thought about that before he fired the person who does so, but it’s not his problem anymore. Everett says he just came by to give Stephanie the heads up. Stephanie thanks him and asks what he’s going to do since he just moved here, signed a lease and bought all his new furniture. Everett says he’ll figure it out as he’s been through worse. Everett wishes them a happy Thanksgiving while Chad wishes him good luck and he exits.

Konstantin questions Steve blackmailing him in to leaving the country. Steve calls that one way to look at it, or he could see it as improving his life’s circumstances. Steve warns that Maggie looks sweet and forgiving but he wouldn’t like to be on the receiving end when she finds out he’s been conning her. Maggie then comes in and greets Steve as she asks what’s going on. Konstantin reveals that Steve wants him to leave Salem. Maggie asks Steve why. Konstantin says that Steve is upset with him because he lied to her. Maggie questions what he lied about. Konstantin then tells Maggie about the tablecloth not being Victor’s or from Greece. Steve tells Maggie that there’s more. Konstantin admits he bought the tablecloth at the bargain basement, saying he was trying to do something nice for Maggie and bring her comfort. Steve tells Konstantin to continue. Konstantin then tells Maggie that when he told her that Victor forgave the debt to his restaurant, he was lying again because he wanted to spare her feelings to think the best of her husband, but he was not too generous with his finances. Konstantin claims he loved Victor dearly nonetheless. Maggie says she did as well. Konstantin swears that everything else he’s told her has been the God’s honest truth. Steve asks if he’s leaving something out. Konstantin asks what he’s getting at. Steve then suggests he tell Maggie about the kidnapping.

Sarah tells Kayla that her head is spinning since so much has happened between her and Xander as some of it was wonderful and some of it was terrible with no in between. Sarah says no matter how hard she tries to put her feelings for him behind her, she can’t seem to outrun them but she doesn’t want to screw up their ability to co-parent. Kayla says she has her priorities in the right spot. Sarah knows Xander isn’t Kayla’s favorite person. Kayla says she loves Sarah and wants her to be happy. Kayla recalls when her family didn’t want her to be with Steve, so she knows how hard it is. Sarah points out that her mom is actually Xander’s biggest fan.

Theresa tells Xander that she and Alex were having a private conversation and that Xander doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Xander reminds her that he saw her and Konstantin talking in the town square just the other day. Theresa claims that he was just asking for directions. Xander says he didn’t look that lost to him. Theresa argues that he’s just picking a fight with her because he’s trying to poach her editor-in-chief from Bella but she just gave her a big raise so she’s not going anywhere. Theresa wishes Xander luck with that dumpster fire he calls a paper. Xander remarks that only an idiot like Alex would hire someone like Theresa to revive Bella. Alex asks what that’s supposed to mean. Xander remarks that if he just inherited the money that Alex did, he wouldn’t waste a penny on a schemer like Theresa. Xander adds that Victor must be rolling over in his grave, konwing that his secret son is put all his faith in Theresa who he calls worthless. Alex then punches Xander.

Chad wants he and Stephanie to pick up where they left off but realizes she’s no longer in the mood. Stephanie says she just feels bad that her decision got Everett fired. Chad argues that they were his decisions to make and the buck stops with him which she agrees with. Stephanie tells Chad that she feels better and they continue kissing.

Everett walks past the Brady Pub and calls Gwen, leaving a message saying they don’t know each other but he imagines she knows her name since she just fired him by proxy. Everett reveals that he got her number from his former copy editor. Everett says he has a few questions to ask her.

Alex tells Xander that Theresa has been insulted enough and demands that he apologize. Xander refuses as Sarah rushes up and questions what happened. Xander tells Sarah that he’s fine. Sarah says he needs ice and they walk off together. Theresa calls that very gallant of Alex to come to her defense like that as she doesn’t think anyone’s ever done that for her before. Alex calls the knight in shining armor routine new for him too but says she had a rough day and Xander got what he deserved. Theresa checks on Alex’s hand. Alex admits it hurt and hopes that she knows she’s not the problem for Xander. Theresa states that he has lots of problems with her. Alex argues that Xander always wants something he can’t have but he’s never going to be able to trade places with him…

Konstantin questions what Steve is talking about in regards to the kidnapping. Steve says he didn’t want to say anything until he had more information, but it’s very possible that Konstantin orchestrated the kidnapping to score points with Maggie and Sarah. Konstantin swears he would never do that and that he had nothing to do with the kidnapping. Steve questions if it was just a coincidence that a mysterious stranger just wandered in as soon as he started watching the baby. Konstantin then shouts that it was not mysterious at all and reveals he knows who did it.

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Days Short Recap Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Days of Our Lives logo

Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Stephanie was surprised that Chad came to his senses about Everett. She was suspicious of him until he wanted to invite Everett over. Chad realized he was off base about Everett’s intentions towards her. Stephanie insisted that Chad wasn’t wrong. She admitted what Everett’s intentions were when she first saw him. Xander told Everett that he had to let him go. He wanted to know why. He thought about Chad’s offer. Xander lied about Gwen disapproving of his article about Leo. He told him that Gwen wanted him to fire him. Everett didn’t believe him. Steve thought Konstantin had an accomplice so he could look like the hero in the kidnapping. Kayla didn’t think that theory was true. Sarah agreed with Kayla that Konstantin was charming. She remembered that she was hesitant about him at first too and shared her thoughts with Maggie. Steve thought Konstantin probably heard them. She thought it was possible. Sarah admitted that her feelings about Konstantin changed when he saved her daughter. Steve thought his plan worked like a charm. They wondered who the accomplice was. Alex overheard Theresa and Konstantin talking about her going after Alex’s inheritance. He wondered why Konstantin cared about it. Maggie overheard them and wondered why it mattered to Konstantin as well. He covered his tracks by saying he was concerned about Theresa’s motives. Alex and Maggie defended Theresa.

Chad and Stephanie enjoyed their time together until Everett arrived. He let Stephanie know they won’t be working together anymore. She wanted to know what happened. He told her that Xander’s silent partner wanted him to go. He wasn’t sure what would happen to her because he hired her. She wondered what he would do now. He would figure it out. Chad pretended to be shocked about his firing. He wished him luck. He had dinner with Stephanie and assured her that things would be okay. It wasn’t her fault that Everett lost his job. Everett called Gwen, but he got her voice mail. Maggie talked to Konstantin. He let her know that Steve wanted her to leave town. She wanted to know why. He admitted that he lied to her about the tablecloth. Konstantin also admitted that he lied about his relationship with Victor. He swore that everything else was the truth. Steve suggested he tell her about the kidnapping. Konstantin was upset that he accused him of the kidnapping. He could tell them who really did it.

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Days Transcript Thursday, November 30, 2023

Days of Our Lives Transcript


Days of Our Lives logo

Transcript provided by Thane and Suzanne


[phone ringing]

I’ll warm up the bottle, Eric. He’s probably just hungry.

[phone beeps] Hello?

Have you gotten Leo out of prison yet?

[soft dramatic music]

Wow, could you give me a break? It’s only been a couple of hours. And in case you’ve forgotten…

[baby crying] Hear that? That’s a baby I’m caring for.

Not my problem, Sloan. Do your job, because if you can’t get those wheels of justice in motion, I assure you my next call will be to the baby’s real mother.

Oh, I’m sorry that Cole took so long. I’m afraid the work of a district attorney is never ending, even on Thanksgiving.

No worries.

Can I refresh your tea? Or I can see if Cook left something in the fridge.

No, honey, I’m fine. So did everyone else in the house go out for Thanksgiving?

Oh, you’re home.

Well, that was very gallant of you to come to my defense like that. I don’t think anyone’s ever done that for me before.

Well the whole knight in shining armor routine is new for me too. But you had a rough enough day already, and Xander got exactly what he deserved.

[sighs] How’s your hand?

I think knights aren’t supposed to say how much that actually hurts.

It’s OK, Mr. Tough Guy, your secret’s safe with me.

Thank you. As long as you know that Xander’s problems, they’re not because of you.

Yeah, Xander’s got lots of problems because of me.

OK, well, still. The thing that’s eating at him the most is the fact that he always wants something that he can’t have. So he can throw all the little temper tantrums in the world that he wants, but he’s never gonna be able to take–

You know, why are we wasting our time talking about Xander? Why don’t I take my knight in shining armor home?



[soft acoustic music]

Maggie, I didn’t want to say anything until I had more information, but I think it’s very possible that Konstantin orchestrated your granddaughters kidnapping in order to score points with you and Sarah.

Maggie, I swear that’s not true. I would never endanger little Victoria like that. I had nothing to do with her kidnapping.

So was it just a coincidence that as soon as you were watching that little girl, some mysterious stranger wandered into–

No, no, no, not mysterious at all. I know who did it.

Are you saying you know who took Victoria?

[tense music]

I hate to break this up, but I need the kid now.

Oh, you are one sick son of a bitch, you know that?

And you are the monster who abducted Sarah Horton’s baby. Yes, I do.

Well? Don’t leave us in suspense. Who was it?

[soft orchestration] announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “Days of Our Lives.”

This is very hard for me to say.

Yeah. Maybe just spit it out.

I know I said you were mistaken, Steve, but I’m starting to believe you were not completely off base.

[tense music] The person who did it, who took Victoria, did it because of me, to force my hand.

Sorry, you guys probably want some space. I’ll just go up to my room.

Holly, wait, wait. Sweetheart, I’m so sorry about what happened at the hospital yesterday, snapping at you when all you were trying to do was make me feel better.

It’s really OK, mom. I know you were, like, super upset. I mean, I can’t imagine what you were going through, what you’re still going through.

Thank you.

Do you need anything?

[somber music]

Come here. Oh. You know what? I have everything I need right here in this room. And sweetheart, I just want you to know that I am so grateful to have you as my daughter, and I just love you so much.

Sloan? I’m gonna need you to acknowledge that you heard my request.

Oh, I heard you, all right, especially the part where you were threatening me and my son.

So what’s your response?

All right. I’ll leave my son home on his first night and come and deal with Leo.

Great. And then you can come here and tell me that it’s done. I’m staying at the White Dove Motel.


[tense music]

You hear that?

Oh, I don’t hear anything.

Exactly. Finally got the little guy to sleep.

Oh, sorry. I forgot to warm up the bottle.

It’s OK. Is everything OK?

Actually, no it’s not, I got a call from a client.

On Thanksgiving?

Yes, and it’s an emergency. I have to go deal with it. Are you gonna be OK here with the baby?

Yeah. Us men here, we’ll hold down the fort.

Thank you. You’re a lifesaver.


Happy Thanksgiving.


[soft dramatic music]


So I forgot that I turned the ice maker off because it was making so much noise, so we have peas.

Ah, why not?

[exhales sharply]

How does that feel?


Yeah, that’s the point, you know?

[both sigh] Alex, I hate that you got hurt.


But I’m also so grateful that you came to my defense, twice in one day, actually.

Xander had no right to talk about you that way. And this Konstantin guy doesn’t know either one of us, and he’s claiming you’re after my money? Come on.

Yeah, well, those kind of assumptions come when you hang with guys as powerful as you.

Oh, yeah, well, they shouldn’t. I know Maggie likes this guy and all, and he seemed OK at first, but honestly, now I’m starting to wonder about him. I think I’m gonna swing by the mansion tomorrow. I wanted to scope things out, but I’m gonna be swamped at the office all day long.

What? The day after Thanksgiving?

Yeah, now that we got Basic Black in the fold, there’s a lot more work to be done. And if you want to come along with me, I wouldn’t say no.

Mm-hm. Um–yeah, about that, I’ve been thinking.

Go on.

[clears throat] Well, Alex, now that we have this working relationship…


I don’t know, where does that leave our personal relationship?

You’re saying someone kidnapped my granddaughter to force your hand?

It all goes back to my life in Greece. I am ashamed to admit that there are some people over there to whom I owe money.

Who are those people?

Well, it started with my loan from Victor for my restaurant. I had every intention of paying it back, but when I couldn’t, well, I went to this rather unsavory man who could help me with the loan.

A loan shark?

He has his hands in many sorts of businesses but all of them with connections back to the Greek underworld.

So you’re talking about the mob?

But I couldn’t afford to pay him either, so the interest accrued, and before I knew it, it was twice as much as the money I had borrowed from Victor.

So what does any of this have to do with little Victoria?

I’m getting to that. I think this man or one of his associates took the baby. They must have thought that they could use the child as some sort of leverage.

And as it turned out, they were right. My God, this is unconscionable.

Sure is. But Konstantin, I’m wondering… If this kidnapping is connected to you and this huge debt you couldn’t pay back, why did you wait until now to say anything?

[tense music]

Happy Thanksgiving.

Oh. Oh, hold on there. I have a little spit up on the shoulder.

Oh, well, I don’t mind a little spit up. What I mind is not getting a hug from my son who is now a dad.

I am indeed. Happy Thanksgiving, Mom.

Oh, honey. Mm. We could stand around here and hug each other, or do I get to see this sweet baby?

The boy, I just put him down. But look, you’re more than welcome to go take a look on him.

No, no, no, that’s OK. Number one parenting rule is don’t wake a sleeping baby. I could maybe tiptoe in and just take a little peek.



And I brought his present. Maybe he’ll let you open it for him.

Yes, well. Oh, to the newest Brady with so much love.

Well, I didn’t know his name.

Well, don’t worry. We don’t either because Sloan and I, we haven’t agreed on one yet.

Oh. Well, there’s always time for that. And where is Sloan? I’d like to congratulate the new mom.

She stepped out. She had some client emergency.


[doorbell ringing]

The staff has the night off tonight. I’ll get that.


I gotta say, Mom, you seem a lot better today.

I am, with good reason. Holly, there’s something I want to tell you, and I didn’t want to say it in front of EJ.

OK, what is it?

[soft dramatic music]

My baby is alive.

I asked you a question, Konstantin. If you knew these mobsters were the ones who kidnapped Sarah’s baby, why did you wait until now to speak up?

Because I–I didn’t put it together until today. But now I wonder, were they watching me all along?

Here? At the house?

They could have followed me here and waited for an opening. And when they saw that I was alone with your granddaughter, they jumped at the opportunity. I am so sorry, Maggie. I never meant to put your family in danger.

[tense music]


Look, Alex, I don’t mean to put you on the spot, OK? It’s just that we haven’t really defined what we had. I mean, we slept together in Greece because you felt sorry for me.

No, no. That is not what happened. And I told you that, Theresa, that was not pity sex.

OK, fine. After we had not pity sex, we said that we were gonna take a step back and take things slow, right?

That’s what you said you wanted.

Yes, it is. It was, it is. Um, just–

[chuckles] I mean, we are living together now, and even with separate bedrooms, you have to admit, uh… For people who are taking it slow, you don’t really share a bathroom, you know?


So I guess what I’m just trying to say is… Where do we go from here?

Well… is there someplace you were hoping to go?

[soft dramatic music]

Well, we did go on one date already, right?


How do you feel about… another date, maybe? Or, I don’t know, is this situation just all just too messy for you?


That’s cool, Mom. Wow, these are the coolest.

Well, I got several different pair. I just I couldn’t decide.

Oh, of course you did.

So there’s a tiger, there’s a lion, there’s a panda.

No, I’m good with the sharks. I mean, they actually fit seeing that the little guy’s mom is a lawyer.

Oh. Honey, I got a pair for Nicole’s baby as well.

You heard what happened?

I don’t know how she lives with that pain.

Yeah, she had high hopes for this child.

Yeah. I was gonna stop in and check on her, but I thought I’d give her and EJ a little more time. Have you seen her?

Yeah, I ran into her today.

How did she seem?

Well, she was grieving, of course. But–

But what?

Well, I was out with him. And while I was out, Nicole asked if she could hold him, and when she did, she was convinced that he was hers.

Mom, how can your baby be alive? What makes you think that?

I don’t think that. Honey, I saw him.

What? Where?

Eric and Sloan adopted a baby boy today, a newborn, and I ran into Eric at the pub, and I asked if I could hold him, and that’s when I knew he was mine.

Did you say anything to Eric about it?

Of course, I did. And I told EJ, but neither one of them believed me. Honey, I know this– I know how this sounds, but it’s the truth. The baby that Eric and Sloan adopted, I gave birth to. He’s my baby boy.

Sloan Peterson, what the hell do you want?

To offer my condolences, first of all. I’m sorry for the loss of your child.

Thanks. What’s second of all?

I came here on behalf of my client, Leo Stark. You have to drop the murder charges against him. He is not responsible for the death of your son.

Really? Please, enlighten me, counselor. If Stark is not responsible for the loss of my child, then who is?

[tense music]

I have such deep regret about bringing these criminals to your doorstep, Maggie. But I assure you, I was never in what you might call cahoots with them.

It’s quite a story, Konstantin.

And a very troubling one, obviously. But I–I thank you for being honest. I know it couldn’t have been easy.

And I apologize to you for not coming to you and John earlier.


[tense music] Well, you’re just lucky little Victoria is safe. I’m gonna head home, Maggie. Kayla’s just finishing up her shift at the hospital, and I’d like to spend the rest of the holiday with my wife.

Of course. Wish Kayla a happy Thanksgiving for me. Thank you for your help.

My pleasure. You take care.

Thank you.

I can’t deny that our situation is complicated.

Uh-huh, right. Yeah. Yeah, so you want to just keep the romance part out of it? You just want to be roommates and coworkers? Yeah.

No, I didn’t say that.

What are you saying?

Well, I’m saying that we have a lot working against us. I have some family members that aren’t exactly thrilled about us being together.

[sighs] I thought you said you didn’t care what Xander said about–

I don’t give a damn what Xander says or thinks because he’s a jealous, vindictive loser, but he’s not the only one that warned me about you, Theresa.


Brady, yeah. He pretty much told me that I’d be risking everything by letting you into my life and into my company.

Hmm. Well, Brady and I have a very long history. Most of it’s bad.

I’m sure he has his own agenda. Bottom line, he’s not scaring me off because I don’t really scare that easily.

[soft dramatic music]

I’ve noticed that about you, and I have to say that makes me very happy because…

[laughs] As much as I’m trying to just accept this roommate living situation thing that we have going on here, I have to be honest, it’s just– it’s kind of killing me, Alex.



How so?

Screw it. I’m just gonna come out with it. Um…


[sensual music] I’m into you. I am so into you, Alex, like, “It keeps me up at night, I can’t wait to see you in the morning” into you. In fact, being this close to you right now is so hard just to pretend like I don’t want to rip off your clothes.

Well, then, if that’s the case… What do you think about taking this to the bedroom?

Sure, which one?

Darling, it’s not too surprising that Nicole would believe that the baby you adopted was hers. With this kind of grief, this magnitude, it’s overwhelming. And rather than trying to cope, she’s busy, subconsciously, trying to deny it.

Yeah. I mean, I guess so, it’s just– it’s just uncomfortable, and it’s sad. Mom, she wouldn’t even give the baby back until EJ came out of the pub and convinced her to.

And then, was she able to accept it?

I mean, she seemed to, but–


I’m just not sure. Mom, you should have seen the way she looked back at him. When she was walking away, it was almost as if she wasn’t letting go of him.

[soft dramatic music]

I understand that you need to blame someone for the death of your son.

Not someone Ms. Peterson, Leo Stark. The only reason my son was born prematurely was because he was involved in a car accident with that slimy little bastard.

An accident that Leo is not at fault for. And as far as you trying to make the felony murder charge stick, your son was alive when he arrived at that hospital, meaning that he did not die during the commission of a crime.

Thanks for the refresher on the law, now here’s a refresher for you. If you’re so hell-bent on saving your client, then perhaps it would help your case to produce the driver of the car, my erstwhile nephew Dimitri. Oh, that’s right, you can’t. Then I’ll see you in court. My staff are off for the holiday, but I’m sure you know how to show yourself out.

EJ, wait, I just want to–

What the hell do you think you’re doing?

Look, I just wanted to talk to you a little bit more.

My staff may not be here, but I am more than capable of throwing you out myself.

No, no, I don’t want her to leave.

Nicole, hello.

Don’t you dare hello me. Why did you do it? Why did you take my baby?

[dramatic music]

Answer me, please! Why did you take my little boy?

Nicole, sweetheart, we talked about this. Nicole was under the impression that–

That the baby that Eric and I adopted this morning was actually hers. Yes, I know, Eric told me.

Really? What did he say? That I was crazy?

Look, I am truly sorry for your terrible loss, I am, but that little boy, our son, is not your child.

Who gave him to you? How did you get him?

That’s it, time to leave.

EJ, please, I need answers.

Not tonight.

Listen to me, please.

You should listen to your husband, Nicole, and put an end to this, truly, for everybody’s sake, but especially for your own.

Mom, stop!

No, I need to know! I need to know why she and Eric have my baby. I need to know, honey!

[dramatic music]

I am so sorry, Maggie. I have a feeling that I have ruined your holidays.

It’s very troubling, as I said.

As it is to me as well. But I do not blame Steve for being suspicious of me, no. I’m sure it serves him well in his chosen profession. And you are very lucky to have a friend who is so protective of you.

I am, indeed.

And he is correct. It is my fault that your granddaughter was in danger. Those people came here for her because of me.

Those people, they made your life hell for years, and I realize that, but I don’t condone your involvement with them, nor will I tolerate having my family, their safety, threatened in any way, which is why I need you to leave now.

[sensual music]

OK, so I may have had kind of an issue picking out an outfit this morning, and my clothes are all over the bed.

That’s OK. That’s OK, we’ll move them.

But they’re all over the floor too, so…

It’s OK, it’s all right.

So your room?

Sure, yeah, yeah. Except–

Except what?

I may not have changed the sheets since we moved in.

What? Are you serious?

Yeah. I mean, I’m busy, come on.

What? You’re the CEO of a multinational conglomerate.

Exactly. You really think I have time to change the bed sheets every day? Come on, the housekeeper’s coming tomorrow.

Well, tell her to wear a hazmat suit.

It’s not that dirty.

Well, I’m not getting naked in there.

OK. Couch it is.


Honey, I’m sorry that you had an uncomfortable moment with Nicole. I’m sorry for both of you.

She doesn’t deserve any of this. Now that I have a son, I just– I just feel blessed to be a dad. I just can’t imagine losing him.

You’re in love with him.

I am. Little guy’s got my heart.

I’m so happy for you. You waited so long for this.

Yes, I have.

Well, I better be moseying along. Give that little baby a smooch for me, would you, please?

You got it.

And one more thing, give him a name, please.

We’ll work on that. Oh, by the way, we’re planning the christening, so now we have a deadline.

I can’t wait. Looking forward to it. And, darling, don’t worry too much about Nicole. She’ll figure out a way through this.

[somber music]


Sloan’s gone? Why didn’t you go after her? Why did you let her leave? EJ, if you don’t go after her, I will.

Nicole, listen to me, look at me. Darling, look at me. I understand how upsetting it must have been to see Eric out with his son today.

Not his son, my son, our son. And I need to get him back, I need to get him back from her!

Nicole, going after Sloan, all that will do is make her angry and make you even sadder. You know this. Darling, look at me. We will discuss this further when you’ve calmed down, all right? But now, know that I love you and that we will figure this out together. OK?

I just want my baby boy back. God. Please bring him back to me, please.




Who needs a bed, right?

Sheets just get in the way.


Yeah, the couch was, um, enjoyable.

Wow. The floor wasn’t too bad either. And just for the record, that was not pity sex.

[soft dramatic music]

Thank you for saying that. But you know, um… maybe just to be on the safe side, we could maybe have dinner first next time.

Next time, huh?

Mm-hm. Assuming there will be a next time.

Well, there will be if I have anything to say about it.

[chuckles] Maybe next time, we could even try a bed.

A bed?

You want me to leave?

I’m sure you understand. The safety of my family will always be my first priority.

Of course, I understand and I respect that, but it’s just that I don’t know where I will go.

I suggest the Salem Inn for at least a night until you can book your flight back to Greece.

Back to Greece? But, Maggie, I cannot afford to.

I know. I get it.

[sighs] Money is obviously an issue for you. And because of your debt with that mobster was incurred because of my husband, your debt to him, I will pay off.

No. No, I cannot let that happen.

I insist. I believe you’re a good man, Konstantin, who got himself involved in a very bad and dangerous situation. And as I’ve said before, I don’t condone you’re borrowing money from a criminal because I understand you were desperate, and I’m not judging you. I’m just simply saying that I cannot have that danger in any proximity to this house or to my family. So I will give you enough to cover your stay at the Inn and then I will pay for your flight back to Greece. I’m sorry it’s come to this.

As am I. More than sorry, I am heartbroken. I care for you, Maggie. Your friendship is a blessing to me. But of course, I respect you and want to keep your family safe, and I shall respect your wishes.

Good. Then it’s settled. I’ll pay off these terrible people, these criminals that have kept harassing you and who kidnapped my precious granddaughter, and then, maybe, Konstantin, you can get your life back.

Thank you, Maggie, for all that you’ve done. Your presence in my life, your kindness and support mean more to me than you shall ever know. Now I will go pack my things.

Hey, John, I’m sorry, man. I know we said no calls on the holiday, but I didn’t think this could wait. I just came from Maggie’s, and you’re never gonna guess what Konstantin is claiming now. He said that Sarah’s baby was kidnapped by Greek mobsters he owed money to. No, no, I didn’t believe him, but Maggie did. So I think we need to step up our investigation and get that creep out of her life before she gets in any deeper.

Took you long enough. Did you talk to EJ?

I did.


The charges against Leo are gonna be dropped in the morning.

Good work. I knew you could do it.

Hey, take this.

Thank you.

[sighs] How are you feeling?

I’m better now, thanks to you. I’m so sorry about earlier.

Mm-mm-mm. There’s no need to apologize.

Listen, I know that you don’t think it’s possible that Sloan’s baby could be ours, but–

But you do. And I’m not gonna try and convince you otherwise.

You’re not?

[sighs] Today has been one of the longest days of my life. I’m sure you feel the same. But it’s still Thanksgiving, and we have a lot to be grateful for. I have a feeling things will look a lot different in the morning.

I hope so. I just feel so bad that I fell apart in front of Holly. I saw the look on her face, and she just– she looked so worried. Where did she go? Do you know?

Holly, this is a nice surprise. Happy Thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Is something wrong? Is your mom OK?

Actually, no. I was just with her and, Eric, she still believes your baby is hers, so that’s why I’m here. I had an idea. I thought–I don’t know. I thought maybe it will help put her mind at ease.

OK, OK, what is it?


I was wondering if you’d be willing to get a DNA test done on your baby.


Don’t worry. Look, I know the kid isn’t hers. He isn’t my brother, but I thought maybe if we could just prove it to her, then she’ll have to let this go. God, I know it’ll be hard for her to face the truth, but at least this way, she’ll know for sure that the baby isn’t hers.

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Days Short Recap Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Days of Our Lives logo

Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Chad told Stephanie that the kids were with Doug and Julie so they could have some time to fix things. She agreed with him when Everett showed up. Everett needed his help with Leo’s situation. He asked her to go to the office with him. Chad thought they should distance themselves away from Leo, but Everett disagreed with him. Stephanie sided with Everett. She understood Chad’s feelings since he lost his nephew, but she reminded him that it was her job. Sarah went to see Xander. She surprised him by showing him Victoria’s updated birth certificate. She named him as Victoria’s father. Sarah told him that she had Justin draw up the paperwork for joint custody. She was happy that things were getting better. She thought there was a chance they could get back together. Sarah was open to the idea. He was about to kiss her when she told him that she had to go to work. After she left, Chad showed up. He wanted Xander to sell his half of the newspaper. Xander wasn’t interested in selling his half of the paper. Chad told him that Gwen sold her half of the paper and they were partners now. He would allow Xander to keep the profits if he fired Everett.

Steve told Kayla that he and John found out the truth about Konstantin. They found out that he lied to Maggie. He told her that Konstantin and Victor weren’t close anymore when he wanted a loan. Victor turned down a loan that Konstantin wanted. Kayla thought Konstantin had good intentions, but Steve didn’t agree with that. Kayla thought they shouldn’t say anything to Maggie about Konstantin. He didn’t think that was a good idea. Kayla thought he should tell Maggie’s family so they could watch out for him. Sarah walked in and he told her about Konstantin. She had doubts about him too. Sarah told him about Victoria’s kidnapping and how he found her. He didn’t know about the kidnapping. Steve wondered if he was behind the kidnapping. Stephanie and Everett were working at the paper. She went into his laptop bag and found a ring. He admitted that he bought it the night he was going to propose to her. Everett was going to propose to her when he saw her again, but she was with Chad. He knew he should sell the ring to help pay for his medical bills. She apologized to him, but he said she didn’t need to be sorry. Everett wished she didn’t find it. Later, Xander let Everett know he was fired.

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Days Short Recap Monday, November 27, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Days of Our Lives logo

Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Rafe offered EJ his condolences over the loss of his son. He didn’t want Rafe’s condolences. EJ wanted him to find Dimitri so he could get charged for the baby’s death. Rafe informed him the police were doing everything possible to find him. EJ wanted to throw the book at Dimitri and Leo. Rafe wondered what he was going to do about Ava. He told EJ forensics checked Gil’s fingernails and the results proved that Ava killed him in self-defense. EJ wondered if Ava planted the evidence, but Rafe didn’t think she did that. He didn’t see a reason to prosecute her if Rafe thought she killed Gil in self-defense. Eric didn’t think it was a good idea for Nicole to hold his baby. She thought holding the baby would comfort her. Nicole agreed with Eric, but he changed his mind. He let her hold the baby. She talked about how sweet the baby was. Harris wondered what happened to his lawyer. Leo told him that Sloan would be there to prove his innocence. He assured him that he didn’t murder the baby. Leo mourned the baby too. Harris left him and talked to Jada about Ava. Eric was shocked when Nicole announced that he was her baby. Eric was confused by what she said. Nicole let her know that she recognized her baby because she held him when he was born. Eric said it was impossible, but Nicole believed he was her baby. EJ arrived and Eric told him that Nicole thought the baby was hers. She tried to convince EJ that she was right, but he thought her grief played tricks on her. He tried convincing her that Eric’s baby wasn’t hers. She gave Eric the baby. Rafe saw them and wondered what happened. Eric told him about Nicole’s theory.

Harris wondered if Jada saw his keys. She didn’t see them but warned him to find them soon. Jada wondered if he had luck with Leo. Harris told him that Leo insisted that he was innocent. Jada wanted to talk to him. She tried to get Leo to turn on Dimitri, but he refused to do it. Ava surprised Harris at the station. She distracted him while Stefan went to the evidence room to find the evidence against Clyde’s dealer. Jada walked in the room while Stefan was in there. She looked for evidence in another case. Harris got a call from Rafe telling him that EJ wasn’t pressing charges against Ava. Ava was excited and hugged Harris. She wanted to tell Tripp right away. After she left, Rafe arrived and brought Harris his keys. Dimitri shocked Sloan by being at her door. He told her that he heard that Leo was getting charged with murder and thought she was the one who should be charged. She didn’t understand what he meant. He reminded her that he brought a healthy baby to her, and she was supposed to take him to the hospital. The baby ended up dying. Dimitri knew she hated Nicole but didn’t think she would kill the baby. Sloan said she would never do that to a baby. He wanted to know how the baby ended up dying. She lied to him about the accident, but he noticed baby items around her place. He figured out that she kept the baby. She tried denying it, but she admitted it. He warned her to get Leo out of jail or he would tell what she did. Sloan promised to get Leo out as fast as she could. After Dimitri left, Eric returned with the baby. He told her about Nicole’s accusations.

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GH Transcript Wednesday, November 29, 2023

General Hospital Transcript


GH logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne


I think everything is gonna be okay. I mean, you know, probably. I mean, yuri said he could fix this, right? Well, I hope so. I mean, these are not good people to make angry. Well, it’s not my fault. I just spoke my mind, and now they’re threatening ziti, and if we don’t figure out this misunderstanding, they’re gonna kill him. Okay. Alright. No one kills ziti. I’ll handle. Follow my lead. Hi. I’m so sorry I’m late. Is james ready to go? Oh, don’t worry about it, mom. Cody came and picked him up. He did? Yeah, and he’s gonna drop him off, so you don’t have to go to the quartermaines’. Well, that’s very thoughtful. Isn’t it? Mm-hmm. Even though it’s not as big of a drive as it would have been from our old place. Yeah. Well… this house is definitely a better fit for you and the kids all the way around. Mm. More new furniture? Don’t even get me started. Bad purchase? Oh, the worst. Just another tragic example of me trying to save money that ended up costing me more. What do you mean? Okay, so I needed to buy georgie a desk, and it’s 20% off if they ship it to you unassembled, so I figured I could put it together myself. Oh, I know where this is going. I tried, mom, I really did, but the only person who could put this thing together is a professional carpenter. I wanted to send it back, but it was on sale. So it’s probably not returnable. Just another good example of a stupid financial decision I’ve made. Hi, I’m alexis davis. I was here earlier. Yes, of course. You were having lunch with mayor collins. Right. I can’t find my phone. I’m hoping I left it here. Actually, you’re in luck. One was turned in to the bar. Oh! You can ask them about it. Thank you, thank you! Appreciate it. Thank you.

[ Sirens wailing in distance ]

[ Knocking ] Hey, thank you for coming on such short notice. Of course. It sounded urgent. Uh, what can I do for you?

[ Sighs ] I understand that my father and alexis told you that I was being sued for malpractice. They did. I mean, just the broad outlines, mind you, but I think I got a basic understanding of the case. Okay. On their recommendation… I’d like you to represent me. Yeah, well, uh, I thought that’s what this might be about. Will you take the case? Well, uh… before I agree, I need to be fully transparent. This case —

your case — gonna be a tough one to win. Uh-huh. Okay, well, I — I appreciate your honesty, and, uh, I’d like to be honest with you right now. I… I think I might’ve just made things worse. You know, your truck drives really well. Yeah, I can tell how much you enjoy driving it by how fast you took that last turn. Alright. You can unclench your jaw now. I got us here safe and sound, didn’t I? And don’t worry. I will take good care of your baby while I’m borrowing it. Okay, just remember — parking sticker goes on after the truck is detailed. Okay. Deal’s a deal. I’m getting your truck detailed, and you’re gonna come by the house so you can say goodbye to grandma gloria after you break this big case that you’re working on. Detective. Dante falconeri. We spoke earlier. Good to meet you in person, detective. Likewise. I’m requesting interdepartmental cooperation to investigate the murder of austin gatlin-holt. Okay. What do you need? I need to know that you don’t have a conflict of interest, detective. Two months ago, you shot the victim’s cousin — in my jurisdiction. Sonny, hi. Yeah. You made it here quickly. Well, it sounded urgent. Something tells me I’m about to get some bad news. Depends. On what? On your perspective. Some people might consider it good news. Austin gatlin-holt is dead. Dede clark, the attorney representing general hospital on the malpractice suit… she came here earlier today to interview me. Alright. Okay, I’m gonna stop you right there. Alright, the first thing you got to understand is you and the hospital, you’re not on the same side of this thing. That’s why you have separate attorneys. I’m learning. You’re the 10th person who’s told me that this week. Good. Because there’s a process here. It’s a strategy. See, the hospital’s got the deep pockets, not you. That’s why the hospital’s the one that the muldoon family wants to win the judgment against. But to do that, they got to prove that not only were you negligent, but that the hospital allowed and/or contributed to that negligence themselves. I understand. Yeah. I hope so, doc, ’cause at this point, general hospital’s first and probably their only defense is that you and you alone are responsible for the malpractice that led to mr. Muldoon’s death. Thank you so much. Can I get a club soda, please? Thanks. Claire: Well, this was a good start. I’m sorry that none of the surrogates you and tj originally interviewed are currently available, but I hope you’ll agree there are several other amazing candidates in here. This is great. Thank you. It’s encouraging to know how many options are waiting for us. Tj and I will discuss them all and get back to you. Take your time. It’s a big decision. When you’re ready, we’ll be here. Thank you. May I join you? I don’t understand. Why do you owe so much money? Because I’ve rung up a lot of credit card debt. Like, a lot. Well, how’d that happen? Well, in the beginning,

deception was doing great, and I was able to pay off every balance, every month on every card no problem. And then the lawsuit happened, and the deceptor was taken off the market. I could only afford the minimum payments. Oh, maxie, that’s how they get you. Mom, I know, but I didn’t have a choice. And I thought all of this would get resolved a lot faster, so I was just making the minimum payments, and I was still having to charge things every month. And now we’re living in this bigger, more expensive place. But the kids love it, so I can’t bring myself to regret it. I just feel like I’ve dug myself into a hole I’m not going to be able to get out of. So, you both know the plan? Yes. Yeah. Oh, no. That’s never a good question to walk in on. What plan? What’s — what’s going on? Your grandma’s in trouble. What? What kind of trouble? I-it’s just a misunderstanding. Hmm, she had a major difference of opinion with a woman who has close ties to the russian mob. Oh, my god. Grandma, what were you thinking?! We have to call uncle sonny.

[ Exhales sharply ] How certain are you that austin…? Very certain. How did he die? Maybe you should tell me. What are you implying? How the hell would I know? Well, you would know if you were there. I didn’t even know he was dead until you told me just now! You listen to me. If you killed austin, you need to tell me now. You had reason to suspect there was a kidnap victim being held in pautuck. We should have been your first call. Well, I didn’t have reason to suspect anything. I acted on a civilian tip. By the time I got there, the perp was about to throw another man down a cliff, so I didn’t have time to call anyone. You’ve been cleared by your department. I have no problem with that. I do have a problem with some defense attorney claiming that you had a conflict of interest and getting any evidence you uncover suppressed. Okay. So you want me to recuse myself? Not at this time. That may change once we get a suspect and start building a case. In the meantime, I need your help questioning the victim’s associates here in port charles.

[ Knocking ] Oh, detective chase. Good timing. This is detective briscoe from the pautuck pd where austin’s body was found. Nice to meet you. Welcome to port charles. Let me fill you in on what we have so far. Now, the property is rural. House is visible from the road. The neighbors saw the front door was wide open, so they went to investigate. They saw the body and immediately called us. Do you have an estimated time of death? A preliminary report is 24 to 48 hours prior to thanksgiving. How did he die? It’s pretty brutal. Two shots to the chest, close range. I told you, I didn’t kill austin. Why would I? I had no reason. We both know that’s not true. Oh, okay. Then you tell me. Why would I get rid of him? Austin played you, strung you along, pretended to be in love with you, lied to you, all the while… taking orders from cyrus. Yeah. Right. Right. He was working for cyrus. And wouldn’t that make it much more likely that cyrus killed him? Why don’t you go and question him? I don’t give a damn about cyrus. You’re the mother of my child. You’re no good to avery in prison. So if you killed austin, you’ve got to let me know, because the police have his body… …and every second we waste makes it harder for me to cover your tracks. I was just telling falconeri that I need help putting together a list of the victim’s known associates. Well, austin’s cousin mason is currently in the hospital, gh, uh, but he’s also been arrested for attempted murder and kidnapping. As soon as he’s well enough, he’s gonna be transferred to pentonville. He’s injured and handcuffed to the bed, and there’s a guard outside his door. It seems unlikely he’d be able to sneak out and murder his cousin, but I’d like confirmation of mason gatlin’s whereabouts the night in question, just in case. No sonny. We’ll handle. Problem…go away. Are you sure about that?

[ Doorbell rings ] Mr. Petrov is here. How do you know? Just stick to the plan. Alright.

[ Mouthing silently ]

[ Clears throat ]

[ Both speaking in russian ] Please. Mr. Petrov, this is brook lynn quartermaine and lois and gloria cerullo. Good women. Hello. Hi. Petrov: You! You are the crass loudmouth who upset my petra. You think — oh! Unh-unh. Didn’t expect to see you today. I was here having lunch earlier with laura. I left my phone here. I came back to retrieve it, and it looked like you were having an intense conversation. I was. I also noticed that when you saw me, you shut that folder really quickly, so I’m assuming that whatever it is, you’d like to keep it private. I just want you to know… that I love you and I’m here for you… and if you need to talk about anything… I do, actually. I’ve started looking for a new surrogate. It’s kind of absurd. There was no negligence! Not by me, not by the hospital. Mr. Muldoon had a tapeworm, and that’s what the test showed. The only way to know that he had cancer was if he did follow-up tests, and mr. Muldoon refused to do that. Okay. Doc, listen to me, alright? It’s one thing to be upset, but you never,

ever tell a grieving family — people who have lost a husband or a father — that their need for redress is absurd. The jury would hate you. That’S… that’s not what I meant. Okay? The last thing I want to do is downplay their pain. I mean, I grieved for this man when he died, but the gh lawyer implied that I should have been able to tell immediately that muldoon had cancer in addition to the tapeworm.

[ Knocking ] Good. You’re still here. And I’m assuming this is your lawyer. Martin grey. Dede clark. As long as you’re here, mr. Grey, I still have a few more questions for your client. Please, let’s all take a seat. Okay. Thank you for coming. I am sure that there is way we can handle this, uh… misunderstanding. I come here only because my beloved nephew used to take trombone lessons from you and he plays beautifully. Oh, that is so generous of you, uh, mr. Petrov. Um… I know my mother is very sorry for upsetting your wife. She’s very passionate about bingo, but she knows she went a little overboard. Overboard? All I asked her to do was lower her voice. What gloria means is that she apologizes. Why should I apologize? I’ve done nothing wrong.

[ Growls ] A wasted trip. I am leaving. No, no, no, you — you can’t go. Okay, well, what’s done is done. You have a lot of debt to pay off. What about deception? I mean, now that the lawsuit has been settled and the deceptor is a big success, won’t you be bringing a lot of money in from that? Eventually, yeah. But during the lawsuit,

deception went into debt, too. I mean, it’ll be months, maybe even years, before we’re not operating at a deficit and I’ll be making what I was. Well, you’ll get back there. I think so. But in the meantime, my kids are growing, getting older… and more expensive. It’s not their fault, obviously, but now we have after-school clubs and sports and tutors and braces soon. That’s not even mentioning the stuff that I need. Like what? Anything. Everything. Come on, mom, you know I’ve never been good at sticking to a budget or being frugal. And now it’s coming back to bite me in a big way. I think I’m in over my head, and… I don’t know what to do. I do apologize, ms. Clark, but we’re gonna have to decline your offer. My client won’t be answering any other questions until the deposition. Well, that is his right. But before dr. Finn puts anything on the record, we need to be crystal clear about what led to mr. Muldoon’s death. I tell you what, why don’t we save the obfuscation for the courtroom? We’re all well aware that it’s your job to shield the hospital from liability, try to place it solely on my client. That’s a bold accusation. Not at all. I’m just…politely suggesting you change your tactic, because if general hospital hired you to stab the good doctor here in the back… I can and will shift all the blame right back onto general hospital. Appreciate the info you’ve both given me. I’ll copy you on the coroner’s report when it’s in. That’s great. We’ll get that list of close contacts and associates of austin’s to you. Oh, that reminds me. I understand that the victim had family besides mason in port charles. Austin’s father, jimmy lee holt, was the illegitimate son of the late edward quartermaine. I’m familiar with the name. Quartermaines are a very influential family. People of their stature may not be happy with an illegitimate grandson showing up. How’d they feel about the victim? As far as I know, they didn’t associate with him much. And who did austin associate with? Who was he close to? The kidnapping victim, ava jerome. While I appreciate your willingness to cover up a murder you think I committed, I had nothing to do with austin’s death. I still don’t even know how the man died. His body was found by a neighbor in a house in pautuck… …shot twice at close range.

[ Exhales sharply ] Poor austin. That’s terrible. What was he doing in pautuck? He always told me that he — he was so happy to leave that place behind. I don’t know why he’d ever go back. Maybe the killer… lured him there. My mom’s alzheimer’s never changed how much we love hyou cannot leave yet. I still want to hear about how well your nephew plays the trombone. Why? Because I am a music manager, and one of my artists is about to go on tour, and we are putting together a brass section of talented musicians. We still need a trombonist. Who is this artist? Luke west and the stack seven.

[ Chuckles ] You do not say! I love luke west and the stacked seven. They’re very talented, yes?

[ Chuckles ] Yeah! They’re amazing. And I can guarantee your nephew a spot on tour if you could just find it in your heart to let go of this whole misunderstanding. It is no misunderstanding. But my nephew is the most important. He will make you cry with his beautiful music. Fine. No more bingo for her, and we forget this ever happened. Thank you so much! Is good, yeah? Very good! So, ma, what do you say? I’m impressed with this agency. They seem to know what they’re doing. I mean, all of these women look like they’d be really good candidates for your surrogate. I agree. It was a very positive meeting. But you’re still worried. Is it that obvious? Honey, it’s not that obvious to other people, but to me, I’m your mother. It’s my job to notice these things. You have been through a lot, and I really respect your resolve to keep fighting for what you want. And I know that — that tj and you will vet these women and you’ll find the perfect surrogate for you. That’s the problem. Tj has no idea that I’m doing this. No, mom. Absolutely not! I’m not gonna take your money. Maxie, you need the money, and this is just a little something to tide you over for now. Now, after I leave, I want you to go through all of your accounts and add up all your debt. When you have that, mac and I are going to look at our retirement portfolio, and then we can see what we can liquidate to get you the rest of the money. That’s really generous of you, but what part of “absolutely not” do you not understand? I’m not taking no for an answer. You need the money, and I’m not going to give you a choice. Mom, I am a grown woman. I got myself into this. It is my responsibility to get myself out. Not at 25% interest you can’T. Pautuck is a small town. A lot of farms, isolated homes. What are you getting at? Well, if somebody wanted to take out austin, that would be the place to do it. Much less risk of a witness seeing anything happen there than port charles, and even more private than… spoon island. I already told you I didn’t kill him. I’m not the one you need to worry about, ava. How — how are you gonna convince the cops that you’re innocent? What? Will i need to convince the cops? I mean, there won’t be any evidence that I did it ’cause I didn’t do it! Really? You and austin were associates. A lot of people saw you together. It’s not a stretch… that you guys could be lovers. How many times did you visit him in the hospital? People don’t forget that. What about the gallery? How many times did you —

[ Exhales sharply ] What? Why’d you do that? What happened at the gallery? I didn’t — well, I didn’t kill him there, if that’s what you’re implying. But austin did come to see me at the gallery. It was, um… a couple of days before thanksgiving. And that’s the last time I saw him, and he was very much alive. I, uh, need to speak with the patient. Oh, no, no. Get out! Go! Come on. What are you yelling about? What do you think?! You’re the cop who shot me! And for no good reason. No good reason? You tried to kill two people. Not how I remember it. Oh. Anyway, I don’t think I want to be alone with you. You might try to hurt me again. Help! Police brutality! Alright. You know, I don’t know if I want to be alone with you either, so can you two come in here, please, and be witnesses? Just, uh, stand over there. That’d be great. Hmm. Wanted to inform you that your cousin austin gatlin-holt… he’s been murdered. I think we’re losing sightof the bigger picture here. The goal is to fight the muldoons, not each other. Good! Then I’m sure you’ll agree there’s only one possible position for the hospital to take — the truth. That dr. Finn treated his patient in good faith and in accordance with all correct professional and medical standards. Well, I can’t — no, no. Let me finish. And that the hospital also complied with those same standards. Now, mr. Muldoon’s death was a tragedy, but an unforeseen one, one that couldn’t have been prevented by either dr. Finn

or the hospital. Well, I’m not at liberty to reveal the hospital’s position… …but i can say I’m looking forward to getting all my questions answered… when dr. Finn sits for his deposition. I can’t wait. Really. I’ll see you gentlemen there. Ma’am.

[ Exhales sharply ] Now I know why alexis speaks so highly of you. Uh, thank you for that. No, no, no, no, no, no. No, you don’T. It’s way too soon to start thanking me yet. You, sir, are in a pickle. Austin’s dead. How? Took two to the chest, close range. Whoever did it wanted to make sure. When did this happen? Just before thanksgiving in pautuck. You, um, got any suspects? Actually, that’s what I’m here to talk to you about. Do you know of anyone that wanted to kill your cousin? Oh, I don’t know everybody he was associated with. Yeah, but you knew most of them. You guys spent a lot of time together. Maybe you have information that’s important and you just don’t know what it is. Oh. And you want me to tell you? That’s up to you. You give me info that can help us catch and convict austin’s killer, that — that works out well for you. Really? And how so? You’re looking at spending a lot of time in prison, man. You want to make a deal or no? I don’t like to be told where and when I can bingo.

[ Chuckles nervously ] But — but you will stay clear of mrs. Petrov and st. Nicholas church, and then you can play anywhere, anytime, okay? Fine. I will never step foot in that place again. Not even for a funeral. Great! Thanks, ma. So, uh… we are good now? Yes, is good. Now you call luke west for nephew. Consider it done. Great. Well, all’s well that ends well. I’ll show you out. Yeah.

[ Gasps ] That was amazing! How did you know how to handle him? Well, music industry execs and russian mobsters, not so different, really. Oh! Oh, my baby!

[ Chuckles ] Oh! Tj wants to wait before looking for a new surrogate. He just isn’t ready to try again. He’s worried we’re just setting ourselves up for more heartbreak. How do you feel? I mean, I was devastated by the loss of our baby, too. I know you were, honey. And it’s not like I can’t see tj’s point. The thought of going through that again scares me, too. But? But… then I ran into dr. Navarro, and when I told her about the miscarriage, she was sympathetic, but she also made me feel hopeful. She said that there’s always a chance of miscarriage, but that surrogacy actually has quite a high success rate and that there are tons of good, loving people out there who longed to be parents and wouldn’t have the children they have today if it weren’t for surrogacy. It’s a wonderful, selfless thing to do. It is. It’s an amazing gift we’d be getting from our surrogate. And since the matching professional had already agreed to meet, I just decided the least I could do was speak with her again. Without telling tj. There are plenty of bingo places in brooklyn, ma, and if you ever find yourself within three blocks of st. Nicholas church, I want you to think of ziti and turn the other way.

[ Doorbell rings ] I’ll get it. Look at you, right on time. I try. Do I even want to know who that sketchy guy I just saw leaving was? Delivery guy.

[ Mouthing silently ] Mrs. Cerullo. Gloria. I thought we settled that. Gloria. Yeah. I just wanted to stop by and tell you what a pleasure it was to meet you. Oh! Thank you, but the pleasure was all mine. And you know, now that I have you here, there’s a few things I’d like to say to you about my granddaughter.

Hello! Hello is friendly…

to make clothes softer,


and better.

Downy. Breathe life

into your laundry. U know, chase, you seem likea very nice young man. Thank you. Yes. You know, I raised four sons. And from experience, I have learned that… a lot of young men find a nice young woman and they think that she’s gonna wait for them forever. But sometimes that is not the case. You know, that is something to think about. Grandma, oh, gosh, do I love you. I wish you could stay longer, but I know you have to get back. Uh, uh, yeah, ma. Ma, come on. Brook lynn is — is right. Y-you better hurry or you’re gonna miss your bus. Yeah, and I got a bingo tournament to get to!

[ Chuckles nervously ] Ma… kidding, kidding… kidding. Here. Uh, allow me. Please. Oh, thank god, yuri. You’re here. My grandma’s ready to go, and, um, you’re gonna drive her to the bus station and wait with her until she gets on to the bus. I would never leave ms. Gloria until I know she is safely on her way home. Great. Oh, grandma, it was so great seeing you. Have a safe trip back. I love you. I will, I will, I will. I love you, mom. I’ll see you soon. Goodbye, baby. Yes. Goodbye. Pleasure to meet you. I have to plan my trip back, so I have one question for you, brook lynn. When are you and chase getting married?

[ Clears throat ] I know how horrible you feel about this, but there’s nothing to be ashamed of. It happens to a lot of people. Credit card debt is everywhere, and it’s insidious. The balance just keeps sneaking up on you. Yeah, it multiplies really fast. So stop it now before the matter gets any worse. Mom, no. That money is for you two. I can’t use it. Do you know how many times mac told me to put the max amount in my 401(k) every month? You guys did that and saved a lot so you could travel and enjoy yourselves. So, we can do both. Mac and I can do all those things that we planned

and we can help you now. Really? Yes! It’ll help you. Y-you’ll be able to pay off your credit card debt and stop your interest from compounding. And when deception starts making money again, you know, we could work out some kind of payment plan for you. I think we should take some time and think about if this is really the best solution, ’cause I don’t want to bail myself out at the expense of you and mac. I only took the meeting because I wanted to see if there were more eligible surrogate candidates available. I never expected there to be so many. Which makes it even harder. Because now I can see a path forward. Andrea wasn’t our only option. There might even be a better one out there for us. I’m just not sure I can convince tj. Sweetie, you know that I only want what’s best for you, right? I know. But just being able to talk to you about it helps. That’s what I’m here for. Honey… you really need to talk to tj about this. And if you want to go forward with the surrogate and have this baby, it has to be something that you both want. Since you are legally required to take part in this deposition, I need to prep you carefully beforehand. Of course.

[ Exhales sharply ] It’s vitally important that no matter what they ask you, you limit your answer solely to that question. I don’t want you expanding your answers to try to defend yourself, or offering up extra information might implicate you somehow. I’ll do what you ask. Clearly, you’re the expert here. If your deposition makes you look vulnerable in any way, it’s possible the hospital might try and offer the muldoon family a separate settlement. In other words, if they can buy their way out of trouble at a discount, they won’t hesitate to throw you under the bus. So…any idea who might have killed austin? Ava jerome. Ava? Really? Why her? Because they were involved in, um… not too legal activities… sleeping together. And, um… and you know my cousin was high strung and he had a big mouth. Austin never met a secret that he could keep. Maybe he said the wrong thing to the wrong somebody… …and ava had to shut him up permanently. Yeah. So I guess we’re done here, then. You tell them I helped you, okay? Oh, yeah. Yeah, I’ll get right on that. Hey, uh, forgot to mention. I just got word you’re being transferred to pentonville… tonight. You have a safe trip. Are you telling me nothing happened last time you saw austin at your gallery? Well…n– you’re hiding — not exactly nothing. You’re hiding something. Tell me what happened! I was angry with him. I was livid, actually, for leaving me to die at the hands of his demented cousin. That was his fault… and we fought about it. Okay, now we’re getting somewhere. Austin kept making excuses and giving me all of these reasons that he wasn’t responsible, but I wasn’t having it because, like you said… he was playing me all along. You know, the whole time… he probably knew that nikolas wasn’t really dead… and he was just using that to manipulate me, to get me to do what he wanted. You know what that sounds like to me? A motive for murder. Austin had no reason to keep that secret for you. How do you know that he didn’t go tell somebody just to get something out of it? I guess I don’T. Yeah, that’s right. You don’T. For all you know, he could have told everybody, including the cops. So whether you killed austin or not… …you could wind up as the prime suspect.

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Y&R Transcript Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Young & The Restless Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne

Audra: Oh, my god.

[ Audra sighing ]

Audra: She’s still gone. Hey, uh, nikki. Uh, it’s audra, again. You know, I– I’m sorry to keep calling you like this, but I– I just came from a meeting with the r&d team and they need clarification on the live stream issue. Uh, we– we need to talk before I make any decisions. You know, I– I know you were looking forward to your trip to oregon with claire and then visiting your sister in napa, and I really do hate to bother you with business like this, but I need your help. Yeah. And I– you know, we’re at a standstill here and I– I don’t know when you’re coming home. Um, you know, it’s really unlike you to go off the grid like this. I– I hope everything’s okay. Call me back as soon as you get this.

Billy: Hey, vic, it’s me. Look, I know you got a lot going on with your mom, but your message has got me a little bit worried, so can you give me a callback and let me know that everything’s okay, please? I would really appreciate that. Okay. Hopefully, I’ll talk to you soon. Thanks.

Nate: Black coffee.

Billy: Nate. Hey, I’m actually glad I ran into you.

Nate: Uh, billy. Yeah. What’s up?

Billy: Have you heard from, uh, from victoria?

Nate: No, I certainly haven’T. Why?

Billy: She left me a message saying that nikki had a seizure and that she was jumping on a flight to oregon to be with her and I haven’t heard from her since.

Nate: What? Nikki had a seizure? Is she all right?

Billy: I don’t know.

Nate: Did she tell you what type of seizure? Nikki’s ms can put her in a vulnerable position.

Billy: No, no. I don’t know anything more than what I just told you, but she sounded frantic on the phone. And, uh, we were supposed to spend the weekend together going to see the kids at boarding school. So, I’m just trying to figure out what’s going on.

Nate: Yeah. And I’d like to know more about nikki’s condition.

Billy: So, you don’t know anything about this? That’s surprising to me. I thought you would have been victoria’s first call.

[ Nick grunting ]

[ Nick panting ]

Victoria: Nick!

Nick: Uh, vic.

Victoria: Nick!

Jordan: Something wrong, victor? Feeling a little piqued? Poison getting to you?

Victor: Who’s– who’s– who’s blood is that?

Jordan: Not yours. Yet.

Victor: Put that down.

[ Jordan laughing ] Put it down. You’re gonna have to use it and you better use it all the way ’cause I’m gonna come after you.

[ Jordan laughing ]

Sometimes your work shirt

needs to be for more

Announcer: Additional sponsorship provided by…

Nate: I’m not sure it would do any good, but let me see if i can find out what’s going on. Well, I’m not sure if she’ll respond, but I’ll let you know if I hear from her.

Billy: Am I missing something here? You two not together anymore?

Nate: I don’t think we need to get into that, billy.

Billy: I disagree. I feel like I have a right to know.

Nate: Because?

Billy: Because we have two kids together, nate. And I don’t know if you’re gonna be in their lives or not and they’ve been through a lot, so I don’t want to add to the confusion.

Nate: I promise you, billy, our situation won’t affect your kids at all.

Billy: Look, nate, I hear you’re leaving newman. Does that have anything to do with this?

Nate: I still don’t think it’s any of your business, billy. But, if you must know, victoria and I hit a rough patch.

Billy: Mm. I’ve been there. It’s not fun.

Nate: Yeah, we had a little falling out. Let’s just leave it at that.

Billy: We could do that, but let’s not. What’d you do, nate?

Jordan: Put the knife down? You’re giving me orders, victor newman. After what you did to my sister, to my family?

Victor: After what we did to your sister? Have you forgotten that your sister tried to kill my wife?

Jordan: Oh. But look at the two of you, living happily ever after. At the expense of my sister’s sanity. You destroyed her and then you allowed your daughter, victoria, and eve’s son, cole, to abandon their baby.

Victor: They did no such thing.

Jordan: Oh, but you know, maybe claire was better off because you newmans never would have loved her. Because she was cole’s daughter. She was eve’s granddaughter, but I loved her. I loved her. I gave her guidance. I gave her a purpose. And without me, she would’ve become nothing but a broken young woman.

Victor: You turned that girl into a monster.

Jordan: Oh, you know, I really did hate bringing cole into it, but it was for the greater purpose and maybe someday, he’ll forgive me.

Nikki: What is she talking about? I don’t understand any of this.

Victor: She’s talking nonsense. She’s a mad woman.

Nikki: But it’s all gibberish. I mean, cole and baby eve. What– what– what does she want?

Victor: Sweetheart, sweetheart. She’s trying to kill us.

[ Jordan chuckling ]

Jordan: Don’t you see?

Victor: Aren’t you?

Jordan: It’s over. I’ve already killed you. Can’t you feel the poison streaming through your body? Are you slurring your words like your drunk wife? But don’t worry, it won’t be much longer.

Victoria: Oh, no.

[ Cole grunting ]

Cole: Nick. Nick. Nick, oh. Oh, that’s it. I got it.

Victoria: Help him!

Cole: We’ve gotta keep pressure on this wound. Come on, nick. Come on, nick. Don’t give up. You got this. Stay with us, nick. Stay with us.

Victoria: Claire, you have to call an ambulance. Please. Please.

Claire: It wasn’t supposed to be like this. You were supposed to be hurt emotionally. You were were supposed to be destroyed. I’ve waited 20 years for this. To hear you tell me how– how horrible you felt for leaving me. How much it’s haunted you from the day that it happened. I want to hear you tell me that you’re sorry.

Victoria: I am sorry. I’m sorry, claire. I’m sorry, okay? I’m sorry for the lies that your aunt told you to make you believe all of these terrible things. I’m sorry. I’m sorry for the way that you were raised that made you be filled with so much hate.

Claire: But aunt jordan wouldn’t lie to me.

Victoria: We loved our baby. We loved her. We were destroyed when eve died.

Claire: But I’m baby eve.

Cole: Claire, you’ve been lied to your entire life. You’ve been living with this misguided anger for too long. It can all end right here.

Victoria: Please.

Cole: You– you don’t wanna kill the ones that didn’t do anything wrong. You’re better than that, claire.

Victoria: Listen to him. Please listen to him. Please. Please. You know deep down that this is wrong. We’re dying. You know it. Please just call an ambulance, please. If you do, I– I promise I’ll help you. We’ll help you. Please just help us, claire.

[ Victoria panting ] Cleanse and exfoliate in one step

Victor: So, you say the poison is about to kill me? Well, then, you know, I may as well take you down with me.

[ Jordan grunting ] Come on.

[ Jordan panting ]

Nate: I love that you assume it was me who did something wrong.

Billy: No, it doesn’t matter if it was your fault or not, they’re gonna make it look like it was, okay? That’s the newman playbook and they’ve been playing that way for decades.

Nate: Fair enough.

Billy: So what happened?

Nate: I just got caught in the middle. I fell into one of victor newman’s infamous traps.

Billy: Yeah. Well, take it from an ex-son-in-law, he prides himself on those traps. You know that he had his daughter arrested on our wedding day just to try and stop her from marrying me?

Nate: Wow, that’s subtle.

Billy: Yeah. I’ve learned over the years that there’s only two ways that you can handle this. First, you can gnaw your leg off in order to free yourself from the trap to then fight or you can cut your losses and calmly show yourself the door.

Nate: I clearly chose the latter.

Billy: And I have the scars to show that you’re a smarter man than I am. Look, I know that victor is back in the ceo position at newman and that victoria got demoted, which I know would be very upsetting to her. Is that how all of this began?

Nate: It began and ended there. Look, billy, I’m not about to get into the details with you. For the record, I feel I did everything right. Medically, professionally, ethically. But victor misinterpreted my advice and therefore, so did nick and victoria. Apparently, I don’t need to tell you how impenetrable that newman wall can be.

Billy: Yeah. Victoria’s a strong, independent woman. She’s gotten a lot better at standing up to her father and not automatically falling in line with whatever he thinks and says, so that makes me believe that uh, she had a reason to turn against you and it wasn’t just because her father did. Have you entertained that thought yet?

Nate: Look, no offense, billy, but I don’t have the patience or energy to explain myself to someone whose opinion doesn’t matter much to me.

Billy: I don’t know how to not be offended by that.

Nate: What I mean is I’ve learned over the past several months that you can’t be objective when it comes to my relationship with victoria. Your opinion is going to be skewed one way or the other, so I can’t put much weight on it.

Billy: Well, nate, I think that’s fair. But for what it’s worth, as someone who has been in many, many of those traps, I sympathize with you for being the latest victor newman casualty.

Victoria: Mom! Oh, mom, thank god, you’re okay.

Nikki: Hi, honey. Well, I can’t say that I’m okay, but I– I– I will be.

Claire: Where’s my aunt jordan? Did you hurt her?

Nikki: Claire. Oh, my god, nicholas. Baby.

Nick: Mom. Mom.

Victor: How bad is it?

Cole: Well, we– we’ve got pressure on the wound, but he’s lost some blood.

Nikki: Help is on the way. Help is on the way.

Victor: You call an ambulance right now and give us the damn antidote.

Claire: But my aunt jordan.

Victor: Who gives a damn about that bitch? She’s upstairs. And she’ll spend the rest of her life in prison, I promise you. And if any of us here die because of your inaction, you’re gonna– you’re gonna meet a fate worse than this.

Nikki: How could you do this? I cared about you. I trusted you. What kind of a monster are you?

Victoria: Claire, I’m begging you, please. You can turn this around. Turn it around for you, for us, for all of us. It’s not too late, please. Please.

Cole: We can help you. We will help you, but we can’t do that unless you help us.

Nikki: The rest of your life will depend on what you do next. Marshalls buyers travel far and wide

Victoria: I don’t know what to say, but I’m sorry.

Nate: Because I got fired?

Victoria: No, for all of it.

Nate: Oh, including the part where you ignored the only doctor in the room? Hm? Given what we were dealing with, what we both thought we were dealing with, I offered victor the best course of action and you didn’t have my back. I thought we were a team.

Victoria: We are, we still are.

Nate: Oh, it certainly didn’t feel that way in there.

Victoria: Look, I’m as angry about all of that as you are.

Nate: No. Not even close.

Victoria: Oh, god. After everything that I have done to try to prove my worth and my loyalty to my father that–

Nate: I am sure. I am sure you will get over it. You will be fine.

Victoria: Look, I– I– I hate that things turned out this way.

Nate: Is that supposed to make me feel better? Because it doesn’T. You basically threw me to the wolves.

Victoria: There is a way to fix this.

Nate: It would mean taking a stand you don’t want to take. Victoria, all I wanted to do was protect your father and give you back what you deserve while he healed. Those details he’s so indignant about were entirely reasonable. Not some proof of a coup! But that doesn’t seem to matter. To any of you. You know, my mistake was thinking you’d have my back instead of showing blind obedience. I won’t make it again. Thank you. I appreciate your sympathy, billy. I do. But I’ll land on my feet. I always do.

Billy: Yeah. But are you gonna land on your feet with or without victoria?

Nate: I told you already–

Billy: I get it. Yeah. None of my business. Can you at least just tell me if you got a response from the text?

Nate: Um, nothing, which isn’t a huge surprise, I guess. You know, she might not want to open a text from me after everything that went down. Have you heard from her?

Billy: No, nothing. And usually, she’s really good about keeping me updated. Sometimes too good, which is exactly what worries me. Something serious must have happened with nikki in order for victoria to drop everything and get on a flight to be with her. You know, I’m assuming that she’s taking care of her mother right now, but you know what? I’m gonna try again. Excuse me.

Audra: Hey. I did not expect to see the two of you hanging out.

Nate: Hey, I’m glad you’re here. Um, we’ve been trying to get in touch with victoria but having no luck. Have you…

Audra: Well, I know the feeling. I’ve left about a dozen messages for nikki and she’s– she’s not responding either.

Nate: Well, you may not hear from nikki for a while, depending on the severity of her seizure.

Audra: Wait, what? Nikki’s had a seizure?

Billy: Yes. Today.

Audra: Nobody told me.

Billy: We don’t know much. Victoria left me a message saying that her mom had a seizure and that she was getting on a plane to oregon to be with her.

Audra: But neither of you has heard from her?

Billy: Nothing. And her message was frantic.

Audra: You know, this doesn’t make any sense. You know, they usually respond so quickly and if i can’t get a hold of nikki, claire usually fills me in, but she’s not responding either.

Billy: What the hell is going on here?

Claire: You’ll help me? You promise?

Victoria: I’ll do whatever I can, claire. Please. Please, you have to help us. Please.

Claire: Here. There are two, only for two people. Drink the antidote, victoria. It’ll– it’ll counteract the poison. Please, there’s not much time before it’s too late.

Victoria: I’m gonna give them to my parents.

Claire: No, nikki doesn’t need it. Nikki doesn’t need it. She wasn’t poisoned. She was only given an iv of alcohol

Victoria: Alcohol?

Claire: Victoria, please. Just drink– drink the antidote. I’ll go– I’ll go find the others. I’m pretty sure I know where aunt jordan hid them.

Victoria: Daddy. Dad, here’s the antidote.

Victor: No, sweetheart, you–

Victoria: No, no, don’t argue.

Victor: You drink it first.

Victoria: No, no, no, no, just drink it. Drink it. Good. Okay. Oh, god. Cole, here take it. Take it. Nick!

Nikki: Nicholas, what are you doing? What are you doing? Honey.

[ Nick panting ] This isn’t charmin!

Announcer: The young and the restless will continue. The holidays are at the home depot

Nick: 213 east shaw. We have four victims. Stabbed, poisoned. We need an ambulance.

Claire: Here. Take this. Here.

Victoria: Give it to me.

Cole: Is nick gonna make it?

Victoria: Yeah. He’s fine. You’re fine. We’re fine. We’re all fine. Help is on the way.

Cole: I’m so sorry.

Victoria: No. No, no. You don’t have to be sorry. It’s okay.

Cole: No, my aunt. I didn’t know.

Victoria: No, no. No. No, of course, you didn’t know. Yeah.

Cole: Our baby… she’s dead, right?

Victoria: Yeah. Yeah, she’s dead. I know it’s just– it’s a little confusing right now, probably because of everything that’s happened, but what claire said is not true. Our baby eve is– she’s dead. I’m sorry. You okay?

Nikki: Please let the ambulance come in time. Please.

Nate: Okay, got it.

Audra: Yeah, I– I understand. Yeah.

Billy: Tell me you heard something.

Nate: I just talked to the transportation coordinator at newman.

Billy: Okay. And?

Nate: And she said it wasn’t just victoria who flew out to be with nikki. It was victoria, victor and nick.

Billy: That checks out. I talked to abby. She said that she talked to victor before he got on the flight. So, that means they’re all together and nobody’s got back to us yet? Nobody’s reached out to us?

Audra: I– I managed to get a hold of nikki’s sister, casey, but she hasn’t seen or heard from her. But then again, she wasn’t expecting to since nikki was gonna surprise her.

Billy: Did you mention anything about nikki’s seizure?

Audra: How could I alarm her like that with no more information than what we got? You know, it’s a family matter, so I’ll have someone from the family contact her if we ever hear from any of them.

Nate: Okay. Okay. So, they’re all still in oregon with claire and her aunt.

Billy: And no word from claire yet?

Audra: Straight to voicemail. Like I said, this is so unusual for her. She’s usually quite prompt.

Billy: Okay. Well, it’s– it’s time that we call the authorities.

Audra: Look, I’m sure we’ll hear from someone soon.

Billy: Yeah. Well, I disagree. I think we call the oregon police station and make sure that they make a little visit to claire’s aunt’s spot.

Nate: Okay. Uh, but I don’t have an address. Do you, billy? Besides, I don’t think we need to get the police involved. So, they’ve been out of touch for half a day.

Billy: Out of touch for half a day, nate? It’s a billionaire ceo of newman enterprises and the co-ceo and the head of newman media and they’re all unreachable, okay? I would say that’s pretty suspicious.

Audra: You know, and if nikki suffered a seizure, why would victor, victoria, and nick all fly out to oregon to be with her without at least reaching out to one of us to let us know what’s going on?

Billy: Good point. Let’s start calling the hospitals in oregon.

Nate: Okay. You want to call all of them?

Billy: No, we find out where the jet landed. We use that as the epicenter and we go from there.

Audra: Look, I think that we should keep trying them all, including claire, before we resort to making random calls to hospitals in the pacific northwest, okay? If this is a private family issue, I don’t want to draw any kind of unwanted attention to it.

Billy: And if they’re in real trouble, we are losing valuable time.

Nate: Listen, listen. Nikki had a medical emergency, the close-knit family all flew out there to be with her. They’re preoccupied with her health, so they don’t have time to respond to us. That is the most likely possibility. And– and what kind of real trouble do you think they’re in, billy? Hi, my name is damion clark. And if you have both medicare and medicaid, I have some really encouraging news that you’ll definitely want to hear. Depending on the plans available in your area, you may be eligible to get extra benefits with a humana medicare advantage dual-eligible special needs plan. All of these plans include a healthy options allowance. A monthly allowance to help pay for eligible groceries, utilities, rent, and over-the-counter items like vitamins, pain relievers, first-aid supplies and more. The healthy options allowance is loaded onto a prepaid card each month. And whatever you don’t spend, carries over from each month. Other benefits on these plans include free rides to and from your medical appointments. You pay nothing for covered prescriptions, all year long. All plans have dental coverage which includes 2 free cleanings a year, fillings, and a yearly exam. They also have vision coverage including vision exams and a yearly allowance towards eyewear such as lenses or contacts. And hearing coverage, which includes routine hearing tests and coverage for hearing aids. You’ll also have a $0 copay for the shingles and other routine vaccines at in-network retail pharmacies. Plus, your doctor, hospital and pharmacy may already be part of our large humana networks. So, call the number on your screen now to speak with a licensed humana sales agent. Wouldn’t you love benefits like a monthly allowance to help pay for eligible groceries, utilities, rent and over-the-counter items? So, if you have medicare and medicaid, call the number on your screen now and speak with a licensed humana sales agent. If you’re eligible, they can even help enroll you over the phone in a humana medicare advantage dual-eligible special needs plan. So, call now. Humana. A more human way to healthcare. With scope squeez mouthwash concentrate,

Billy: If you could please just let me know that victoria is okay? And of course, nikki. I would really appreciate it, victor. Just call me back, okay? Thank you. Nothing. Which is the most suspicious aspect of all of this.

Nate: What? Victor not taking your call?

Billy: Exactly. Usually, he would jump at the opportunity to berate me one on one. Billy boy, you worthless degenerate. I would actually love to hear that right now.

Nate: Do you ever think that um, deep down he has great affection for you.

Billy: No. No, no, not at all.

Nate: Well, maybe not affection, but he likes you after all these years.

Billy: No. No, he hates me and that hate gets deeper every single year. Look, my mother is jill abbott, okay? She’s far more vicious than victor, but I know underneath all of that, there is love. Not with victor. Nope. I’ve never been enough for his daughter and he reminds me of that every chance he gets. I’m sure you get a little bit of that.

Nate: Just the opposite. He’s always treated me with respect, even admiration at times.

Billy: What the hell’s up with that?

Nate: Well, he did know me as a physician before I was with his daughter. Um, that carries a lot of weight with some people. I guess victor is one of those people.

Billy: So, you guys are like buddies? You like, sit on the couch and watch football?

Nate: No. I wouldn’t go that far. We’re friendly. You know, we all get along. Everything was going well, until it wasn’T. Hey, any luck reaching nick?

Audra: Voicemail.

Billy: So none of the newmans are answering their phones?

Nate: There could be a rational explanation.

Billy: Yeah. There could be, but I’ve known the newmans most of my life, okay? Irrational things happen to them all the time.

Nate: What are you talking about?

Billy: My point is, it’s time to worry. So, I’m gonna keep trying to get a hold of victoria or anyone else that has information. In the meantime, I have to go home, but I’m gonna stop by newman tower and see if anybody has information there.

Nate: I’m sure they’re all fine, but I’ll keep trying to reach victoria.

Billy: If anybody hears anything, please let me know.

Audra: Yeah, count on it.

Nate: And you do the same.

Audra: You know, you are acting like this was no big deal, like everyone was fine. But you’re really worried about victoria, aren’t you?

Nate: Of course I am. But her ex-husband, billy doesn’t need to know that.

Audra: I’m surprised.

Nate: Why?

Audra: Well, after you know what you told me about what happened at newman, I got the impression that things weren’t good between the two of you.

Nate: Her choices hurt me, but that doesn’t mean I stopped caring about her.

Audra: Will you just be careful, please?

Nate: Careful of what?

Audra: Of getting sucked back into the newman vortex. You know, I think you’re much better off being free of all of that.

Nate: Oh, I agree. I am much better off out of newman and away from victor. As for victoria, I have no idea if, um, there’s still a future for us.

Audra: Well, I guess that’s up to you, isn’t it?

Nate: How do you figure?

Audra: Well nate, you were the one who got blindsided here. You know, why set yourself up for that to happen again? You know, she’ll always choose newman over you, or anyone else, or the rest of the world, and I think you deserve a whole lot better.

Nate: Mm. Thank you for that, audra.

Audra: You’re welcome. And you do know that my offer to come work with me is still open, right?

Nate: You do know that you haven’t told me what it is, right? Why would I accept an offer for a job I know next to nothing about?

Audra: Well, you know the most important part.

Nate: Which is?

Audra: You’ll be working with me.

Cole: They’re gonna transport all of us to the hospital.

Victor: Okay.

Cole: They’ll stitch up nick. And they’re going to test the rest of us to make sure that our bodies have successfully been detoxified.

Victor: Okay. Good.

Nikki: I didn’t ingest any of the poison.

Victor: Sweetheart, you’ve been through a lot of trauma. You need to be examined as well.

Cole: I think that would be wise.

Nikki: I’m just glad it’s over.

Victor: Officer, did you arrest the woman that was locked in the bedroom?

Officer: We conducted a thorough search. There’s nobody in that room or any other room upstairs.

Victor: How’s that possible? There’s only one exit out of this house. She didn’t come through here.

Nikki: I know there’s a window in that bedroom.

Officer: It was open, but it’s too high to jump.

Victor: You know, there was no way she could have escaped without injuring herself, right?

Officer: That’s right, sir.

Nikki: Well, then she must be somewhere in this house. Claire, you would know. Where would your aunt hide?

Claire: I have no idea. Imagine if you could get ahead of your ibs-c

Nate: So, you want me to forget all of my other prospects and come work with you at this mysterious opportunity for no other reason than to work with you?

Audra: It sounds like such a simple, elegant plan when you say it.

Nate: I bet. Have I ever told you that one of the things I admire most about you is your self-confidence?

Audra: Hm. You have. But I love hearing it, so you can tell me again. I deserve it.

Nate: Where did that come from?

Audra: Hm. What do you mean?

Nate: You. Where did you come from? Where did you develop that skill, huh?

Audra: You want to know where I grew up? What my parents were like? How many boys I kissed?

Nate: Well, I didn’t ask all of that. I’m interested in how you became you.

Audra: Oh, nate. No. Come on. You don’t wanna hear that. It’s so mundane. Look, it doesn’t matter where I’m from. What matters is that I’m here in genoa city with you, doing what I do best.

Nate: And what would that be?

Audra: Hm. I facilitate, I negotiate, I cultivate, I disseminate. You know. I dominate. I do all of that and I look good doing it. That’s all you need to know.

Nate: You are definitely a one-of-a-kind piece of work. That is for sure.

Audra: Well, thank you for noticing,

Nate: But.

Audra: There’s a but after all of that?

Nate: Yes. Before I accept this job offer of your– so-called job offer of yours, I’m gonna need a little more to go on.

Audra: You’re no fun. All right. You know, I’ll tell you what. I’ll let you buy me dinner and I’ll give you what you want.

Nate: And that is?

Audra: A few hints about the job, of course.

Nate: All right. It’s a date.

[ Phone ringing ]

[ Phone ringing ]

Nick: Billy.

Billy: Nick. What the hell’s going on, man? I’ve tried to get a hold of everyone, including your father. I– I’m assuming you’re in oregon. Just tell me, is nikki okay? And is victoria with you?

Nick: Uh I– I can’t get into it right now. Just know that we’re all together and we’re all safe.

Billy: What– what– what do you mean everyone is safe? What’s going on?

Nick: We’re gonna be home soon. I’ll let vic fill you in when she can.

Billy: No, nick. Hold on. Level with me. Is everyone really all right?

Nick: I gotta go.

Victor: Officer, you better find that woman. She is criminally insane.

Officer: Yes, sir.

Claire: Victoria. I don’t know what to say. Um… I don’t know what to believe anymore. I don’t even know who I am. I’m so sorry everyone.

Victoria: How can someone so bright end up like that? She’s so confused.

Victor: Well, she’s just as bad as her aunt. She’s nuts.

Cole: Emt’s are ready to start taking us all to the hospital. We should go.

Victor: Come here, my sweetheart. Come here, my baby. Come here, my baby. Slowly. Thank you. You need to know it, okay? Right now, you just keep playing spy and you let me know what you find out.

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B&B Transcript Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Bold & The Beautiful Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne

[ Relaxing music ]

Brooke: You’re a good son.

Ridge: A good son that can’t help his father.

Steffy: You talking about granddad?

Brooke: Talking about how difficult it is.

Steffy: Oh, I wish he’d let us be there for him.

Ridge: Well, it’s his choice. Doesn’t want anyone to pity him.

Brooke: He doesn’t want us to worry.

Steffy: So, we’re supposed to just act like everything’s normal?

Ridge it’s not normal. I saw his hand shaking earlier. Pretended like I didn’t see it.

Steffy: God. Well, at least he’s back at work. Now, we can see him.

Ridge: Yeah, I’m happy about that.

Steffy: I’m still not used to seeing you in the design office.

Ridge: Not my desk anymore. That’s part of the deal.

Steffy: You did the right thing, letting granddad believe that he won the fashion challenge and giving up your office.

Eric: So, any time that you slant the hemline on something like this, it needs to be very, very subtle.

Rj: Yeah.

Eric: It makes all the difference in the world.

Rj: No, it– it definitely does. I definitely wouldn’t have, uh, I wouldn’t have thought of doing it. I really like the way that it makes the edges straight.

Eric: Yeah, it does. It gives the fabric some weight. It– it grounds the dress. It’s really good.

Donna: Mm, signature eric forrester.

Eric: Yes, it is, yeah. She knows all my secret weapons.

[ Rj and donna chuckling ] And now, you do too.

Rj: I’ve learned so much from you, granddad.

Eric: And me from you. I mean, this is just a very adventurous neckline.

Rj: Oh, come on. The– the neckline needs work. Honestly. That’s what it needs.

Eric: No, it doesn’T. It’s perfect. Well, we can work on it a little bit more if you want, but it’s gonna come out just fine. Don’t worry.

Donna: Between the two of you, I have no doubt it will turn out beautifully.

[ Eric chuckling ]

Eric: What I’d like to do is to get a little more adventurous with the, uh, with the color. Maybe, um, a red, uh, a fire– fire engine red. Um…

Rj: Hey, are you okay?

Eric: Yeah, I– I think so. Uh… be good.

Donna: Eric, you’re pale. You need to sit down.

Rj: Hey, hey, hold on, hold on.

Brooke: It’s really selfless of you, allowing eric to believe that he beat you in the fashion challenge.

Ridge: He was so invested. He spent hours finishing those pieces.

Steffy: So did you, which makes it even more heartwarming.

Ridge: Well, that’s the least I could do.

Brooke: Thinking that he won this challenge, it’s– it’s meant a lot to eric.

Ridge: Yeah, I know. He’s thrilled. Now, he’s rubbing it in my face.

Steffy: He couldn’t be more proud of himself.

Ridge: Why shouldn’t he? It’s quite a collection.

Brooke: And it’s really made him happy.

Ridge: I– there’s nothing I wouldn’t do for this guy. Nothing. After everything he’s done for me all my life, and now, I’m just… sitting there talking to doctors and specialists, and… all I hear is “nothing more we can do.”

Rj: Whoa, whoa, whoa. I got you. I got you.

Donna: Let’s get you… sit down. Sit down.

Eric: Okay. I’m okay.

Rj: Let’s just get to the chairs.

Eric: Yeah, I’m all right. I just had a senior moment.

Donna: Okay. Just sit down, eric. Come on. You almost passed out.

Eric: I’m fine.

Donna: Please.

Eric: Fine.

Donna: Take a sip.

Eric: Thank you. Thanks. Who are you calling?

Donna: Your doctor. He gave me his cell phone.

Eric: No, don’t do that, donna. Don’t call the doctor.

Donna: Okay, stop. You’re not talking me out of this.

Rj: No. Let’s just hold on a second, hold on a second. Do you want some more water? Can I get you some more water?

Eric: No, I’m okay. I’m all right. Don’t worry about me, all right? I’m feeling better already. Look.

Rj: No, you haven’t been feeling well for a long time, granddad.

Donna: This is donna logan.

Rj: Maybe…

Donna: I need to speak with dr. Colby regarding–

Rj: You need to rest and maybe working on this collection isn’t good for you.

Donna: It’s urgent.

Ridge: Dad and I would always work together whenever we could, you know. And then, he started wanting to do his own line. I just didn’t pick up on it.

Brooke: I just thought he needed to prove himself like he’s still got it.

Ridge: Yeah. I thought the same thing, so I indulged him. You know why? Because I wanted to win. Because I wanted to beat the best.

Steffy: And you did.

Ridge: Yeah. What a waste of time, huh? This whole competition was just time wasted with him. I was such a jerk.

Steffy: You and granddad always had fun teasing each other, and it always came from a place of love.

Ridge: You think this came from a place of love? No. I wanted him out. I wanted him to retire so I could take over ’cause I didn’t know he was suffering ’cause no one told me.

Brooke: You understand why.

Ridge: I do. I– this is not about rj, and I know he has a lot on his plate. I understand.

Steffy: Yeah, definitely. And thomas and I are really grateful that you opened up to us. I mean, yeah, it’s still a shock. Grandad seems so vital and alive.

Ridge: He is, he– everything we have, everything we are is because of him.

Brooke: It’s true. Everything he’s done for all of us. His love and his support and his encouragement. And everything he’s done here, what he’s built at forrester creations.

Ridge: A patriarch.

Steffy: He’s always been a sanctuary for me. When I couldn’t talk to you or mom about something, I– I knew I could go to him. And he’d give me just wonderful advice and guidance and not just for me, but for everyone. I don’t want to even think about him not being here. I can’t imagine him being gone.

Donna: Okay. Well, um, dr. Colby is gonna swing by and check on you, and, um, thankfully he was really close.

Eric: Look, it was just a dizzy spell, that’s all it was. You didn’t have to call the doctor.

Rj: No, we need to get you checked out. That’s– it’s a good idea.

Eric: Yeah. Well, it’s just gonna be the same diagnosis as it was before, right? And this– this– this senior moment of mine was just a blip on that same diagnostic radar. It’s the same thing.

Rj: Granddad. Granddad. We love you. Okay? We both love you. We wanna make sure that you’re not in any danger. Okay? We– we’re– this collection? We– we’re gonna have time to finish this. Okay? And we’re going to.

Eric: Good. I like that attitude, all right?

Rj: Yeah.

Eric: Let’s do some work. We can get some work done before the doctor gets here. Come on.

Rj: No, no.

Donna: Oh, no, no, no, no. You– you need to rest right now, eric.

[ Eric coughing ]

Donna: Oh…

Rj: What if we took you back to the house? Would you be okay with that? What if– what if we started working on–

Eric: Oh, no, that’s the worst idea and you’ll put me between– convince me to lay down on the bed and just sit there and wait to die. No, no, I’m not gonna do that. That’s not what I’m gonna do.

Donna: That– that– that’s not what we’re saying, eric. Okay? We’re not saying that. We just think that maybe this is depleting your energy.

Eric: No, this– this is what energizes me, donna. You know that. Being here at this desk. Designing, working, surrounded by my family and– and teaching my grandson. And– and– and loving you. This. And this is what I’m gonna do until I die, this. This is what I want.

[ Eric coughing ]

Donna: Oh, dr. Colby. Thank you so much for coming.

Colby: Eric, how are you doing? I see the coughing’s intensified.

Eric: I’m fine. I’m fine.

Donna: No, he– he’s not fine. He almost passed out and he’s– he’s coughing up blood again. I mean, I know eric doesn’t want to hear this, but his– his condition is getting worse. His symptoms are increasing, and– and they’re more frequent. Please, doctor, please. Tell me that there’s– there’s something you can do to help eric.

[ Eric coughing ]

Colby: One more deep breath in.

[ Eric inhaling deeply ] Tell me more about what happened today.

Donna: Uh, eric– eric was just standing there. He– he– he and rj were working and suddenly he just got disoriented.

Eric: It wasn’t a big deal. I just got lightheaded, that’s all.

Rj: It was a very big deal, dr. Colby. He was standing right here and he almost fell.

Donna: Yeah. And thankfully, rj was there to catch him or he would have hit the ground.

Colby: Has this been happening regularly?

Eric: No. What, the dizziness?

Colby: Yes.

Eric: No, no, it hasn’T. It’s just– just once in a while. Not– not very often at all. Look, I– just probably low blood sugar. I didn’t, uh, eat hardly anything today.

Colby: Okay. With your condition, nearly losing consciousness is an indication of a more serious issue.

Donna: He– he’s been so focused on this collection. I don’t– I don’t think he’s been taking care of himself as much as he should be. Eric, you need to eat and— and you’re not getting enough sleep.

Rj: Yeah. We keep telling him that he needs to get more sleep.

Eric: All right, you’re both right. You’re both right. I’ll, uh, I’ll have a great big lunch tomorrow.

Colby: Okay. To be perfectly frank, I think you need to go to the hospital.

Eric: Yeah. What today?

Colby: Yes.

Eric: No, I can’t go. It’s right in the middle of the workday. I’m not gonna go to the hospital.

Colby: Eric, your blood pressure is low. Okay? Your lungs are inflamed. The hospital can do a chest x-ray, run more tests so that we know better about what stage we’re at.

Eric: A test to what? A test to tell me what I already know? That my body’s failing me? We know that already, doctor. No, thank you.

Rj: Granddad, you need to listen to dr. Colby. He’s an expert.

Eric: I know.

Donna: Maybe– maybe if you go to the hospital, they’ll– they’ll make you feel more comfortable.

Eric: Oh, they have pills for that. They’re gonna have pills that make me feel better. They have lots of pills for that. You have a– a pill to make me better so that I can– I can live? So I can keep living? Do you have that pill? No, I didn’t think so. Look, I don’t want to go to the hospital. I’m gonna stay here. I’m gonna do what I want. I’m gonna live my life. I’m gonna squeeze the life out of every moment I have left. And I’m gonna live it for myself, right? I’m gonna live ’til I die.

Steffy: Granddad is at the end of his life and we have to pretend that we have no idea.

Brooke: Right. Nobody is supposed to know.

Ridge: But we do know.

Brooke: Yes, we do know. And it’s taken a terrible toll on rj too. I’m worried about that. Just happy he’s been able to lean on luna.

Steffy: Yeah, it has helped out granddad.

Ridge: Why can’t we just go over there and shake him and say, “hey, dad, we know what’s going on. “We’re here to help you.”

Steffy: I hear you, and I want to do that too.

Brooke: We can’T. We can’t say anything. It’s critical that we don’t upset him.

Steffy: [ Sighing ] Fine. I mean, if he’s here and he’s creating and it gives him peace, maybe it’ll prolong his life.

Ridge: Give him something to hold on to.

Brooke: He does love designing, that’s for sure. Just hope he doesn’t overdo it.

[ Steffy sighing ]

Ridge: Come here.

Brooke: You know how we’re talking about eric this way. You know, our eric. Our sweet, sweet eric.

Ridge: It’s all right.

Rj: Hey, you’re– you’re here. Um…

Ridge: Whoa, whoa. Is it my dad? What’s going on?

Rj: Yes, the doctor was just with him in the ceo office.

Brooke: Did something happen?

Rj: He’s okay. It’s just– I think things have taken a little bit of a turn.

Steffy: What do you– what do you mean?

Rj: He– he has these dizzy spells sometimes, but this– this was different. I think– I think his condition is getting uh, getting worse.

Eric: That was some house call, you know. The house is one thing, but for him to come to the office. Come on.

Donna: Okay. And he urged you to go to the hospital. I really think you should listen to him.

Eric: Well, if I thought it was important, I would.

Donna: Eric, sweetheart. What if it was another tia?

Eric: Well, it’s nothing we haven’t dealt with before. Right, donna? And now that I’ve had these crackers, I’m back to my old self. I mean, really. Let’s– let’s go home. We can play some racquetball or some pickleball.

Donna: Stop. I’m really not in the mood to joke right now.

Eric: I’m not joking. I’m serious about it. We can play something. I’ve got plenty of juice.

Donna: It was really scary. Stop it. That was scary for me, please. I mean, you–

Eric: I’m sorry. I’m sorry.

Donna: You almost collapsed. You were– you were just standing there talking, and if rj hadn’t– hadn’t held you, you could have hit your head. Or maybe never woken up.

Eric: Or maybe died, you think? I would’ve died? Donna, it’s not my time. It’s not my time. Not yet. You’re not gonna get rid of me that easily.

Donna: Stop.

Eric: There you are. Beautiful smile. I love it when you laugh.

Eric: Okay, okay. Okay.

Donna: I’m sorry.

Eric: Whatever happens, you’re gonna be fine.

Ridge: What’s going on with dad?

Rj: I don’t know. It came on suddenly, whatever it was.

Steffy: You said he got dizzy.

Rj: Yes, he did. We were talking, he was really excited about the new design. Everything was really positive and then he– he couldn’t find a word, and then he just– his whole body went weak.

Brooke: Oh, my god.

Rj: I was scared he was gonna collapse.

Brooke: Did you call 911?

Rj: We called– donna wanted to call his doctor, so we called his doctor, and he came and examined him in the office.

Steffy: What did the doctor say?

Rj: He’s– he’s very worried about him. He’s been worried about him. He said that he shouldn’t be here working. He– he should be in a hospital.

Ridge: All right. So, is– is that where he is? Is that where he went?

Rj: Well, you know how stubborn granddad is.

Steffy: He refused to go.

Rj: Yeah. He said it was low blood sugar and he said it was no big deal.

Ridge: Oh, okay. Great.

Brooke: It’s more than that.

Rj: Yeah. It’s obvious his– his illness is progressing, and we– we– shouldn’t we do something?

Steffy: Well, granddad can’t be alone. Someone needs to be there with him.

Rj: He’s almost never alone. It’s always donna or me or katie are always with him. We have that covered.

Ridge: Why are we doing this? Why can’t we– we be open and honest with each other? We’re standing here, he’s over there. I just want to be with him and hold his hand and make sure that he’s all right. Share whatever pain he has, whatever– he must be so scared right now.

Brooke: Ridge.

Steffy: Hey, you are there for him, loving him every single day. You’re here, dad. It’s okay. It’s okay.

[ Ridge sighing ]

Donna: Do you know how much I love you, honey bear?

Eric: I do.

Donna: Yeah.

Eric: I also know how hard this has been for you. Thank you. You’ve been so strong for me. Until my last breath… thank you.

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GH Short Recap Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps


GH logo

Recap written by Eva

Lois and Yuri get Gloria out of trouble with the Russian mafia when Lois promises Mr. Petrov that she will let his nephew play trombone on a song by one of the famous singers that she represents as a music agent. Gloria then says goodbye to Lois and Brook Lynn but she wants to know when she and Chase are getting married so she can return for the wedding.

Felicia offers to lend Maxie money to pay off her credit card debt. Maxie doesn’t think this is a good idea because she doesn’t want Mac and Felicia to use their savings to help her pay off her debt.

Martin keeps Finn from answering any more questions from the hospital lawyer about his malpractice lawsuit.

Alexis tells Molly she should talk to TJ and let him know how she feels about getting another surrogate.

Sonny tells Ava Austin was murdered and wonders if she killed him. Ava tells Sonny she didn’t kill Austin, but Sonny warns her the police could make her the prime suspect in Austin’s murder. Dante questions Mason and offers him a plea deal if he can tell him who murdered Austin. Mason tells Dante he thinks Ava killed Austin.

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Y&R Short Recap Thursday, November 30, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Y&R logo



Recap written by Eva

Diane tells Kyle to be careful and watch his back with Tucker, but Kyle insists that he can handle Tucker.

Diane asks Summer if there is a chance she and Kyle could reconcile but Summer doesn’t think that can happen since she and Kyle have both moved on with their lives.

Tucker has a talk with Billy and implies that he has someone inside Jabot working for him. Billy later tells Jack what Tucker told him and Billy thinks the person working for Tucker is Kyle. Jack has a hard time believing Billy is right but, if it is true, Jack is going to make Tucker suffer.

Ashley tells Devon that the only way to save both their companies from Tucker is for him to forgive his father and build a relationship with him.

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Days Transcript Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Days of Our Lives Transcript


Days of Our Lives logo

Transcript provided by Thane and Suzanne


So you want to give Everett a chance now?

Yeah, I do.

You suddenly seem so chill about him.

I mean, Steph, like I told you, I– I realize I’ve been– I’ve been critical of him, and I’ve made some unfair assumptions. And despite what you– what you clearly think, I can be chill. I’m chill. What? Why? Why are you looking at me like that?

Well, I’m obviously glad that you can be chill about Everett since I do work with him now, but it just– it feels like a . So I wonder what’s changed.

Hey, boss. I am just finishing up the response to Leo Stark’s murder charges. Do you want to take a look at it before I send it to the printer?

Actually, why don’t we put a pin in that for now?

Why? Are you having second thoughts about defending him? Because I assure you the readers are very caught up in this whole thing.

It’s not about Leo. It’s about you.

About me?

I’m sorry, Everett, but I have to let you go.

You’re firing me?

Yes, I am.

But why?

Again, I’m– I’m just not interested in selling you my half of the paper.

Yeah, no, no, no. You’ve made that very clear, which is–which is why you can keep your half, and I’ll give you my share of the profits. You get it all. That’s my offer.

Excuse me?

Yeah, I’ll be your silent partner. You reap all the rewards.

You can’t be serious.

I know when I say something like that, it makes me really sound like I’m in the %, but you know, honestly, I didn’t buy Gwen’s half for the money. I bought it to get rid of that pesky little problem named Everett.

Xander, answer me. I know for a fact that I’m doing a good job. You just told me that a few days ago. So what is this about? Why are you firing me?

Yeah, so Konstantin was able to catch up with the kidnapper and rescue my little girl. I mean, he–he put his life at risk to save her.

Sounds like he was in the right place at the right time.


Well, come on. Wasn’t it just a little bit too convenient?

What are you saying?

I mean, Sarah said that Konstantin was knocked out. He was on the floor when her baby was taken, that he had been attacked.

And not to mention my mom saw the kidnapper from behind. I mean, Konstantin couldn’t have faked that.


Unless what?

Unless he had an accomplice, a partner in crime.

But why? Why would he do that?

Well, maybe he’s like one of those firefighters who starts fires just so he can put them out and play the hero.

So you’re thinking that Konstantin arranged to have Sarah’s baby kidnapped?

Yeah, so he could come to the rescue. Listen, you know that I put him on notice the other day. I told him I had my eye on him, and I thought he was a liar. So maybe he figured if he saved your daughter, he could do no wrong in Maggie’s eyes ever again.

I hate watching you sucking up to poor little innocent Maggie who has no idea that you’re after her money. I just–I’m sick over it.

Oh, get off your high horse. You are doing the– the exact same thing! After all, we both know you’re only after Alex to get your hands on his inheritance.

[clears throat]


Everything OK here? Sounds like you two were going at it.

Um, Konstantin here was just saying–

That you’re only with me because you’re after my money. I heard. Now, why would he say that?

[soft orchestration] announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “Days of Our Lives.”

Mr. Meleounis here, whom I just met today officially, OK, for the record, has accused me of being a gold digger. Because I’m not sure if you are aware of this, but you are rich, and I’m not. And I have explained to him that we aren’t even in a relationship, but he seems to think that it’s highly suspicious that we are living and working together.

I see. So why is our relationship or lack thereof any of his damn business?

And that’s what I would like to know.

I–that’s kind of extreme, don’t you think? Konstantin faking a kidnapping because he’s worried that you’re on to him for lying about a tablecloth? Not to mention the risk if he was caught.

Yeah. But I got to tell you, this whole story just doesn’t sit right with me. I mean, think about it. The dude is a senior citizen, right? And from what you told me, the minute he volunteers to watch your little girl, he gets knocked out from behind.

Well, it could have been Maggie or Sarah. Thankfully, it wasn’t.

Sure, it could have been, but it wasn’t either one of them, was it? It was Konstantin. And then after being knocked out, this senior citizen leaps up, runs like the wind to chase down and locate this supposed kidnapper. Then he finds and subdues the kidnapper, retrieves the baby, but loses the perp. And in the process, he conveniently forgets what they look like. He can’t even remember one identifying feature.

Well, he had been knocked out.

Had he been?


And what was the motive, huh, for this mysterious kidnapper?

The–the police said that there was probably going to be a ransom demand.

But there wasn’t any evidence of that. As a matter of fact, basically there was no evidence at all. You said so yourself– no suspect, no prints, no sign of forced entry, nothing on the security footage. And yeah, I am inclined to be suspicious because I already think the guy’s bad news.

I think he’s charming,

Oh, Kayla, please.

Well, sorry, Steve, so do I. And look, I will admit, you know, when he first came here, and he was getting close with my mom, I felt like he was getting too close too quickly. He was giving her gifts and showering her with compliments. And so when she said that she was going to invite him to stay through Christmas, I told her to be careful. But now–

Wait, wait, wait. When did you tell her this? Do you remember?

Um, well, it was the day that Victoria was kidnapped.

OK. Well, do you think that Konstantin could have been hiding in the wings, listening in on your conversation?

Now he’s the Phantom of the Opera?

Well, I guess it’s possible.

OK. So when he rescued Victoria, did your feelings about him change? About him and your mom, about him staying for Christmas?

Well, yeah, of course. I mean I just told you how indebted to him I am.

OK. So if that was his grand plan, I’d say it worked like a charm.

You’re right. I–I feel a lot better about Everett and– and your history with him and you working with him. I just–I came to– came to my senses finally.

Just out of the blue, you came to your senses, and now you’re just fine with everything?

Yeah, I am. You know, and I just realized that, like, I’m not gonna waste all my time being suspicious and jealous. I can just do something about it.

Do something about it? Like what?

Are you dissatisfied with my work? Because you just told me a couple days ago how hiring me was the right decision. Circulation is up. Engagement is up.

I know what I said.

Then what changed your mind?

Look, Everett, you’re– you’re going to have an amazing severance package. I’ll write glowing references.

No, no, no, no. That’s not what I want. What I want from you is a straight answer. Why did you change your mind about keeping me on board as editor-in-chief? Xander, I relocated halfway across the country for this job; I uprooted my life. So I think I have a right to know why the hell you just fired me.

If you must know, well, I’m at a loss to explain it. It wasn’t my idea. It was my partner’s.

Answer me, Chad. What did you think you could do to get over your jealousy?

It’s just I– it doesn’t–I realize that it doesn’t matter to me whether Everett came to Salem thinking that you two were going to pick up where you guys left off. You know, maybe I misjudged the situation, and… maybe I was completely off base with what his intentions were.

Yes. Before the accident, I was going to propose.

Everett, I–

I know we were only starting to get serious, but it was maybe even a little too soon. But I–I knew in my heart that– that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you. I just felt the same way when I woke up from the coma. I told you that my first night in Salem.

I remember. Everett, did you have the ring with you that night?

Yes, I did. But then, you know, you told me you were with Chad, and that– that changed things, obviously.

Chad, you weren’t wrong. I–I do think that Everett had hoped that there would be a chance for us.

I see.

But I promise that he knows now that there’s not, because I’ve moved on with you. What are you thinking?

Just that things have been, um, rocky between us lately, and I was worried that Everett would– would… take an opportunity because of that. But I know that I can’t– I can’t–I can’t blame people for my mistakes, and–and which is why I had to do something about it. I need to take responsibility for my actions. It’s that I– I want us to– I want to–I want to fix– I want to fix this. I want to–I want to– I want to fix what’s going on with us. I do want us to get back to living that wonderful life that we had before. If that’s what you want too.

Your partner? But I thought Miss Rizczech left town, that she was no longer involved in the day-to-day operations of the paper.

Well, she isn’t. I didn’t think Gwen even still read the paper, but apparently she does. And when she saw that editorial you did lionizing Leo Stark, well, I mean, she and Leo were best of friends once upon a time, but his most recent betrayal is still very raw for her. Therefore, your piece really upset her. Therefore, she called me, demanding that I let you go.

And therefore you had to give in to that demand?

Well, look, my history with Gwen is complicated, and this whole partner situation is tenuous at best.

Right. Well, I was just finishing up another piece defending Leo Stark. So am I safe to assume–

You are. Yes, it will never see the light of day. Look, I really am terribly sorry, Everett, about everything.

I don’t believe you.

Look, I–I hear what you’re saying, but I do genuinely like the guy, and he has made my mom so happy. And I know that you’re skeptical, but if he really did save my little girl, then I am obviously beyond grateful to him.

Which is exactly what he was counting on. Sarah, I don’t mean to scare you, but your mother is a grieving widow. She recently inherited a fortune, which makes her vulnerable to predators. And if Konstantin has money problems back in Greece, and if he’s willing to do something as brazen as staging a kidnapping in your home–

Well, if that’s what happened.

If that’s what happened. But I got to tell you, my concern has kicked up to a whole new level.

Well, if he did fake this kidnapping and he had a partner in crime, I mean, who the hell is it?

I don’t know, but I intend to find out.

Forgive me if I overstepped, but I heard this woman came to Salem recently and immediately moved in on and in with Alexander here, and I was– since it coincided with this sudden windfall, I was concerned and– for her motives.

Well, you don’t need to be. For one thing, Theresa and I started spending time together before any of us had a clue that I was Victor’s son.

Is that right?

Yes, it is. And in the interest of full disclosure, yes, maybe I… would have chased a guy for his money, have chased a guy for his money in the past. But it’s not something I would do now because I have too much self-respect.

She’s come a long way since then, and I’m very proud of her.

[sighs] Well, thank you, Maggie. And you know what? Look at Alex. Who wouldn’t want him just the way he is?

Well, I’m sure Maggie would quibble with you about just the way I am, but–

Listen, why don’t we just drop all of this and enjoy our tea?

That sounds like a great idea.

First, I must apologize to all three of you. I spoke up out of concern for–for Victor’s family. And I know that I have hurt you, and I’m–I’m sorry. I hope that you can forgive me, Maggie.

Of course I do. I understand you care about our family, and I appreciate that.

Chad, you know I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t want to be. But lately, and I hate to say it, but it’s– we felt like an old married couple.

Minus the old married part.

You know what I mean. It’s like we’ve been going through the motions of a relationship, keeping it superficial, instead of dealing with the whole commitment and relationship goals thing.

I know. I know. I know. Which is why I– I thought that maybe it would be good for us to be alone tonight, just you and me. So while Thomas and Charlotte are with Doug and Julie having a sleepover, you and I can start working on those relationship goals. Before that, though, maybe we can just try to enjoy each other.

I’d like that.


A lot.


You don’t believe I’m sorry?

No, I don’t believe the reason you’re giving me for letting me go. The investigative journalist in me says that you’re hiding something.

Well, maybe if you knew Gwen, you’d understand her, uh, capriciousness.

Hmm, well, I guess I’ll never have the pleasure. Good luck, though, finding content to publish in the paper tomorrow.

Thanks. And look, Everett, if it makes you feel any better, I really do hate having to do this.

No, no. It doesn’t make me feel better. I guess I’ll clear out my desk.

Well, thank you for the insight. I mean, I should be used to difficult patients, but this one just threw me.

Understandable. And you know, it’s always good to get another perspective.

Yeah. Well, I’m glad that I stopped by. It was illuminating for a lot of reasons.

Well, I’m glad that I could help, and I’m glad that Steve was here also.

Yeah, me too, although I am praying that he is wrong about Konstantin because my mom will be devastated if she put so much trust in someone that doesn’t deserve it.

Yeah, I think she would be.

[sighs] And… as truly terrifying as it was to have my child kidnapped, once she was back in my arms, and Xander and I knew that she was fine, I don’t know. We started to see things differently.

How so?

Well, instead of this warpath that we’ve been on with each other, we’ve just realized that what’s most important is that we both care about our daughter and each other.

[sighs] Maggie, thank you for understanding that my suspicions only come from the deepest concern for your family.

Uh, you know, I– I don’t really have an appetite anymore for tea and scone after that really big dinner. Do you mind if I just–

No, no. Of course not.

I’m going to go with you.

At least let me send you home with some leftovers. If not, we’ll be eating turkey all week. Why don’t you come into the kitchen, and you can choose whatever it is you want.

Sure. Thank you.

We’ve got lots of turkey and stuffing and sweet potatoes, beans, string beans!

[speaking Greek] Oh, Steve.

I didn’t mean to startle you.

If you’re looking for Maggie, she just–

Oh, no. I’m looking for you.

I’m sorry your time with Maggie got cut short. I hate to cause problems between you two.

Please. Theresa, Maggie adores you, and I’m glad you came along with me. You are not the problem.

I’m not so sure about that.

Oh, come on. Can you believe the nerve of that guy? (Greek accent) I am Konstantin. I’m a judgmental know-it-all swooping in from Greece. God knows why, but I live to insult people.

That’s–that’s a pretty good impression.

You like it? It’s good? All right. I got you. Ready? Bobby De Niro at the dentist.

No, no, no, no, no, no. Don’t, don’t, don’t, don’t, don’t.

OK, all right, all right, all right, all right, all right. We’re laughing. It’s OK. We’re good.

[sighs] Forget about what Konstantin said, OK? At the end of the day, he has no idea what he’s talking about because he doesn’t know you.

Are you sure about that, Alex?

Well, I’m so glad that you and Xander were able to work things out.

Yeah, me too, for Victoria’s sake. I didn’t want her to grow up without a father. And I think if I’m being honest, I was just scared to trust Xander again, and even more scared that–

That what?

[sighs] That I might let myself fall in love with him again.

But you’re not worried about that anymore?

No. Well, we–we didn’t close the door on that. So I think we just have to wait and see what happens between us.

So there is a chance you could work things out.

What is it this time, Mr. Johnson?

The same thing we discussed before, Mr. Meleounis. I don’t think you’ve been entirely honest with Maggie.

Is this about that damn tablecloth again?

Not about that. This is about you telling Maggie that when Victor loaned you the money to start your restaurant, that he gave you a free pass, and he forgave the loan.

And that is right, and I am very grateful for that.

No, but that doesn’t really sound like the Victor we knew, does it? So I thought I’d look into it.

Look into it?

I just got back from Greece, and I talked to a whole lot of people who told me a very different story about your history with Victor Kiriakis.

You flew all the way to Greece to try to dig up dirt about me?

My wife and I care about Maggie, and we don’t like to see her being taken advantage of. So here’s the deal. I won’t tell Maggie about any of this on one condition.

Let’s hear it then.

You trot on back to your Greek taverna, and don’t you ever show your face here again.

[knocking on door]

What now? I’m just going to get rid of whoever this is real quick.

Excuse me. It’s not really the best time, Everett.

I can see that, and I’m sorry to interrupt, but it’s–it’s about work.

Work, what do you mean? It’s Thanksgiving.

Don’t worry. I’m not going to drag Stephanie away again. I just–I want to let you know that I don’t think we’ll be working together any longer.


I just got fired.

Oh my God. What–what happened? I thought Xander was thrilled with your work. He said so multiple times.

Well, apparently his silent partner decided to break her silence, and now I’m out of a job.

Gwen. No, it makes sense. You know, she–she likes to make everybody as miserable as she is.

Wait, wait. So–so what’s Gwen’s problem?

As I understand it, she and Leo Stark have bad blood, and somehow–

Oh, no. So the problem was with my PR strategy? Everett, I’m so sorry. This is all my fault.

No, no, no. Your PR strategy was brilliant. This is not your fault, Steph. This is a personal vendetta. I only came by to let you know this because I’m the one that hired you. So I don’t know what your position will be with the paper after this. You’re going to have to talk to Xander about that.

Oh, I have plenty to say to Xander.

No, no. Don’t give him a hard time, not on my account.

So–so who’s going to put out the paper tomorrow?

Yeah, very, very good question, something Xander probably should have thought about before he fired the person whose job it is to do so. But it’s–it’s not my problem anymore. I just came by to let you know, give you a heads-up.

Well, thanks. But what are you going to do? You just moved here, signed a lease. You just bought all that new furniture.

Figure something out. Been through a lot worse, as you know. Anyway, happy Thanksgiving.

Hey, good luck.

Thank you.

You are blackmailing me into leaving the country?

That’s one way to look at it, or you could see it as a way to improve your life circumstances. Because while Maggie looks sweet and forgiving, which she is most of the time, I don’t think you’d like to be on the receiving end when she finds out that you’ve been conning her.

Ah, Steve. I didn’t see you come in.

Hey, Maggie.

What’s going on?

Your friend Steve here wants me to leave Salem.

What? Steve, why?

Because he’s upset with me because… I lied to you.

You lied to me? About what?

You remember that tablecloth I gave you for your anniversary?


Well, the truth is it was not Victor’s. It did not come from Greece.

Ah, it didn’t?


But there’s more.

I bought it at Saxton’s.

Bargain basement.

Yes. I–I was trying to do something nice for you. I thought it might bring you some comfort. At least, that was my intention.

I see.

Come on.

Yes, yes. There’s more.

[sighs] Indeed, there’s more. When I told you that Victor, uh, forgave the debt to my restaurant, I– I was lying again because I– I wanted to spare your feelings, to think the best of your husband. And God knows, the man was not too generous with his finances, and he was not known for his generosity. But I loved him dearly, nonetheless. And–

As did I.

I swear, Maggie, everything else I’ve told you has been the God’s honest truth.

Wait, wait, wait, wait. Aren’t you leaving something out?

Well, what are you getting at?

Why don’t you tell Maggie about the kidnapping?

My head is spinning, honestly. I mean, so much has happened between Xander and me. Some of it is so wonderful, and some of it is truly terrible. And there just wasn’t very much in between.

I remember.

So I feel like no matter how hard I try to put my feelings for him behind me, I just can’t seem to outrun them. And at the same time, I don’t want to do anything to screw up our ability to co-parent civilly.

Well, it sounds like you have your priorities in the right spot.

I know that Xander isn’t your favorite person.

No, but I love you, and I want you to be happy. And listen, I remember when I tried to bring Steve home to my family. I mean, they did not want me to be with a bad boy. I know how hard it is.

I mean, well, actually my mom is Xander’s biggest fan.

Um, excuse me. Alex and I were having a private conversation. Besides which, you don’t even know what you’re talking about.

Surely you remember that I saw you and Mr. Meleounis talking right here just the other day.

Ha, ha. Yeah, he was just asking me for directions.

That’s what you said, but got to say, he didn’t look that lost to me.

You know, I know why you’re picking a fight with me, and it has nothing to do with Mr. Meleounis. You know, I got a text from my editor-in-chief at Bella telling me that you were trying to poach her away to go work with you at The Spectator. Well, guess what, you. I just gave her a big raise, so she’s not going anywhere. Good luck with that dumpster fire you call a paper.

You know, only an idiot like you would hire someone like her to revive Bella.

Someone like her? Now, what’s that supposed to mean?

It means that if I just inherited the kind of money you did that I wouldn’t waste a penny of it on a vapid schemer like Theresa Donovan. God, Uncle Victor must be rolling in his grave, knowing that his secret son has put all his faith in this worthless piece of–

Well, where were we? Not in the mood?

No, I–I am. It’s just–

No, no, no. That’s OK.

It was just– I–I feel bad that it was my decision that got Everett fired.

No, no, no. I imagine there was more to it than that. And frankly, those are his decisions to make. So even if the idea originated with you, the buck stops with him.

Yeah, you’re right.

You feel better?



Yeah, I do.

Hi, Miss Rizczech. This is Everett Lynch. We don’t know each other, but I imagine you know my name since you just fired me by proxy. Listen, I hope you don’t mind that I got your number from my, well, former copy editor. I have a few questions, and I’m hoping we can speak.

What the–

I think Theresa’s been insulted enough for the day, so why don’t you go ahead and apologize now, huh?

God, what happened?

Never. It’s all right. I’m fine.

What the hell?

Let’s just forget it. Let’s get out of here.

Let me see it? You need ice. Come on.

Oh my God.

Wow. Well, that was very gallant of you to just come to my defense like that. I don’t think anyone’s ever done that for me before.

Yeah, well, the whole knight in shining armor routine is a little new for me too. But you already had a rough day, and Xander got exactly what he deserved.

How’s your hand?

Oh, I’m not sure knights are supposed to say how much that actually hurt.

It’s OK, Mr. Tough Guy. Your secret’s safe with me.

Oof. Thank you. I hope you know that you are not the problem for Xander.

Oh, he’s got lots of problems with me.

OK, but still, the only thing that’s really eating at him is the fact that he always wants something that he can’t have. And he can throw all the little temper tantrums in the world, but he’s never going to be able to trade places with me.

Kidnapping? What are you talking about?

Maggie, I didn’t want to say anything until I had more information, but it’s very possible that Konstantin orchestrated your granddaughter’s kidnapping in order to score points with you and Sarah.

Maggie, I–I assure you that’s not true. I would never endanger sweet little Victoria like that. I had nothing to do with the kidnapping!

So was it just a coincidence that as soon as you were watching that little girl, some mysterious stranger just wandered into–

No, no, no, no, no, no– not mysterious at all. I know who did it.

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Days Update Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Kayla is in her office, on the phone with her son Joey. Kayla asks him about Thanksgiving and tells him that Stephanie and Chad went to Doug and Julie’s while Tripp is with Wendy and she’s stuck at work, but she and Steve will have a turkey dinner when he gets back from Greece. Kayla says she doesn’t know when that will be but then Steve arrives and surprises her with flowers. Kayla tells Steve that she’s glad he’s there as they hug and Steve wishes her a Happy Thanksgiving.

Chad tells Stephanie that he got all the food put up at Doug and Julie’s with a little of everything put aside for Kayla. Stephanie says it’s too bad that Kayla had to work as she missed a fun day which Chad laughs at. Stephanie admits it was a little awkward at times but feels it wasn’t that bad. Chad feels it wasn’t really a barrel of laughs either with Stephanie’s ex-boyfriend making eyes at her the whole time. Stephanie argues that Chad just imagined that and he was just trying to get to know Doug and Julie. Stephanie points out how sweet Everett was with the kids and how much they liked him. Stephanie tells Chad that after the initial weirdness, everyone enjoyed themselves very much. Stephanie asks where the kids are now. Chad says they asked to stay over so they are getting settled in their rooms. Chad suggests maybe that’s a good thing as maybe they could use some time alone since things have been very rocky between them lately. They get close until Everett walks in. Chad thought he left. Everett says he was just finishing his interview with Doug and Julie, calling them good people with fascinating lives so he hopes his piece on them does them justice. Chad suggests he go write it while it’s fresh in his mind. Everett says that’s the plan as he’s going to the Spectator office and he’s going to need Stephanie to come with him.

Xander has Thanksgiving dinner alone at home while doing the crossword in the Spectator. Sarah then shows up at his door with their baby Victoria and wishes him a happy Thanksgiving. Xander tells her that he obviously wasn’t expecting her. Sarah says they wanted to stop by and give him a little surprise which she calls hopefully something to be grateful for.

Alex and Theresa sit together in the town square. Alex calls it a really fun Thanksgiving. Theresa is glad he could join them. Alex tells her that her son is a good kid. Theresa talks about Tate being too busy to hang out with his mom outside of the holidays. Alex says it’s very obvious that Tate loves her. Theresa admits she’s really pleased with how Tate has adjusted to life in Salem. Theresa then asks Alex how he and Justin are. Alex says he’s still calling Justin “dad” even if he’s not his real father. Alex says it may be a little awkward but he’s a great guy and they love each other. Alex adds that Justin did invite him to Arizona to spend Thanksgiving with them and his brothers. Alex didn’t want to make everyone uncomfortable. Alex adds that maybe he should’ve gone as he knows family is important. Alex mentions that he should go check on Maggie as she and Sarah have to be completely shook. Alex can’t believe someone kidnapped Sarah’s baby.

Konstantin and Maggie sit together in the living room of the Kiriakis Mansion. Konstantin tells her about being grateful that she invited him to stay for the holidays. Maggie mentions her and Sarah being grateful to him. They talk about Thanksgiving in Greece and what Victor had told Maggie about. Konstantin tells Maggie about the stories of Greek Gods. Maggie mentions kidnapping hitting close to home. Konstantin thinks back to having Theresa kidnap Victoria. Maggie doesn’t know what she would’ve done if Konstantin hadn’t saved her granddaughter. Maggie repeats that Konstantin is a real hero. Konstantin responds that he’s not and declares that he’s done something truly terrible to her.

Chad questions if Everett can’t write the article himself. Everett responds that he can and will but since Leo has been charged with murder, he needs Stephanie’s help to draft the Spectator’s official response. Chad suggests just saying that Leo is getting exactly what he deserves. Chad argues that Leo and Dimitri drove Nicole off the road and they can draw a line from that to her baby’s death. Everett calls it a little more complicated than that since they didn’t deliberately drive Nicole off the road. Everett calls it an accident and says Leo helped deliver Nicole’s baby. Chad argues that he had no choice. Chad complains that if Leo and Dimitri hadn’t been fleeing from the police, EJ and Nicole’s baby would still be alive and shouts at Everett to stop making excuses for that son of a bitch. Chad asks if Stephanie is with him on this.

Sarah presents Xander with Victoria’s birth certificate, updated to say that Xander is her father. Sarah says it’s only right since Xander is the father and now it’s official. Xander thanks her and says it means a lot. Sarah wanted to show him how much she wants him to be a part of their daughter’s life. Sarah says she’s just so sorry that it took Victoria being kidnapped to realize that.

Alex tells Theresa that it boggles his mind how somebody could break in to the house in broad daylight and steal an innocent baby. Theresa says the good news is that she was found and returned safe. Alex credits Konstantin. Theresa says it was really fortune that he was there and able to find her. Alex feels now would be a good time to check in on Maggie. Theresa is surprised since things have been strained between them since Alex took over Titan. Alex admits that they have been but he feels that Victor would want him to check on Maggie and invites Theresa to come with him. Theresa thinks back to kidnapping Victoria and says she’s not sure that would be a good idea.

Maggie tells Konstantin that he hasn’t done anything terrible to her. Konstantin brings up kissing her and says it was very disrespectful to her and Victor. Maggie says everything is forgotten and fine. Konstantin disagrees and says she should’ve thrown him out and sent him packing, but instead she invited him to stay through Christmas. Maggie reminds him that he saved her granddaughter and that he’s been a comfort to her. Maggie calls him a good man and says one lapse in judgment doesn’t change that.

Kayla and Steve tell Joey on the phone that next Thanksgiving they will all be together as they hang up. They talk about missing Joey but being glad that he’s doing. Kayla says she’s so glad Steve is back as they kiss. Kayla asks about Greece and if he and John were able to uncover any new information about Konstantin. Steve reveals that they were and it looks like Konstantin has an allergy to the truth.

Stephanie tells Chad that she’s not a fan of Leo either and she’s not defending him, but Everett hired her to defend the reputation of the newspaper which means doing damage control on a very dicey situation. Chad questions if that means ignoring that Leo was at least partly responsible for the death of a newborn and complains that EJ and Nicole are going through Hell right now. Stephanie says they respect that but hopes that he can also respect that this is part of her job. Chad questions Stephanie really having to go when it’s Thanksgiving. Everett points out that they need to issue a statement for tomorrow’s paper so they can’t really kick it down the road. Stephanie says they can’t put this off but she’ll be home as quick as she can. Chad says no problem as Stephanie then leaves with Everett.

Kayla tells Steve that he already confronted Konstantin about the table cloth. Steve says he had all sorts of excuses for why he lied to Maggie but he and John found out that he’s been lying about a lot more than that. Steve says that Konstantin said that Victor loaned him the money to start his restaurant and refused to let him pay him back which Kayla notes doesn’t sound like Victor. Steve confirms that they interviewed some locals who confirmed that Victor loaned Konstantin the money, but expected to be paid back, and when Konstantin started having trouble making some of the payments, it caused a big rift between them. Kayla questions why Konstantin would lie about that.

Konstantin comments to Maggie that Thanksgiving is an interesting tradition. Maggie talks about usually having more family but she didn’t feel in the mood this year without Victor, but if she did, she would’ve said she’s grateful to Konstantin. Maggie repeats that he’s been a source of comfort to her and she was always be in debt for saving Victoria. Konstantin says he did what anyone would’ve done. Maggie points out that he could’ve been killed and she’s just sorry that the kidnapper got away, so she prays the police catch them soon.

Alex questions Theresa not wanting to visit Maggie as he thought they were close. Theresa says that they are and that Maggie encouraged her to go to AA a couple years ago. Theresa claims that she doesn’t want to intrude on his family moment. Alex promises that she won’t be and that she’d be doing him a huge favor. Theresa then agrees to go with him. Theresa guesses she should check in on Maggie anyway since she really owes her one.

Xander holds Victoria and tells Sarah that he’s so glad she’s alright. Sarah mentions that Maggie increased security around the Kiriakis Mansion. Xander says he will make sure his apartment is secured for when Victoria stays the night. Sarah talks about having Justin draw up papers for shared custody to make it official. Xander tells Sarah that he really is looking forward to co-parenting with her. Sarah responds that she’s glad it’s all working out. Sarah adds that maybe someday. Xander asks maybe someday what?

Kayla suggests maybe Konstantin lied because he didn’t want to paint Victor in a bad light to his grieving widow while trying to cheer Maggie up. Steve doesn’t buy what Konstantin claims because all the little white lies are starting to add up, not to mention the bigger lie that Konstantin worshipped Victor and that they were best friends. Steve states that from what he and John learned from the people in Greece, he thinks Victor and Konstantin were actually enemies.

Alex and Theresa go to the Kiriakis Mansion. Maggie tells Theresa that she’s so glad to see her since they haven’t had a chance to catch up since Victor’s funeral. Theresa apologizes for not being better at keeping in touch with her and says she heard about what happened with Sarah’s baby, so she’s really sorry she went through that. Alex asks if they are okay now. Maggie admits she’s still a little shaken but the important thing is that Victoria is just fine and returned to them unharmed, thanks to Konstantin. Alex tells Konstantin that it’s good to see him again and introduces him to Theresa. Konstantin responds that they actually already know each other which Maggie questions.

Xander puts Victoria back in her stroller and asks if Sarah is saying she wants to get back together. Sarah stutters but admits she’s open to the possibility and assumes that he is too since they almost kissed yesterday. Xander can’t deny there’s still more than a spark but he wasn’t sure if there was too much water under the bridge. Sarah acknowledges that they’ve both done things to hurt each other that they regret and are now in a much better place obviously. Sarah adds that they do share a child, so maybe it’s something they should think about. Xander states that he has his thinking cap on as they speak. They get close again but Sarah says she has to get to work and drop Victoria back at home. Xander thanks her very much for the birth certificate and for the visit. Sarah then opens the door to leave right as Chad arrives. Chad apologizes if he’s interrupting but Sarah says she was just leaving. Chad comments on Victoria being beautiful and says it feels like just yesterday when his daughter Charlotte was that tiny and it goes too fast. Sarah tells Xander that she’s really glad she came and wishes Chad a happy Thanksgiving as she then exits. Xander assumes Chad is here to talk about the Spectator but he hasn’t changed his mind about selling to him. Chad then reveals that he ended up buying Gwen’s half instead, so he calls Xander his partner.

Everett and Stephanie to go to work at the Spectator. Stephanie tells Everett that they need to emphasize how terrible Dimitri and Leo feel and how they risked their freedom to help a woman in need, but then decides that’s too much and to start over. Stephanie points out that if it wasn’t for them, Nicole would’ve been alone when she went in to labor. Everett calls Stephanie brilliant and says he’s so lucky to have her talent in helping him on this. Everett notes his laptop’s battery going low and asks Stephanie to get the charger from his bag. Stephanie goes to get it but finds a ring box instead.

Theresa tells Konstantin that he must be confusing her with someone else because they’ve never met. Konstantin claims that they met in the town square when she gave him directions and he was very grateful. Theresa then claims she does remember now. Alex asks how long Konstantin plans to stay in Salem. Konstantin informs him that Maggie has asked him to stay through Christmas, but he has fallen for the town so he may never leave.

Kayla thinks Konstantin and Victor being enemies is a bit of a stretch. Steve says he’s just going by what he’s been hearing and he finds it strange that Konstantin inserted himself in to Maggie’s life while he owed Victor all that money. Steve thinks they should at least warn Maggie that Konstantin is not being honest with her. Kayla asks if he really thinks that’s a good idea when Konstantin has been a great comfort to Maggie and it just seems cruel to take that away from her. Steve feels he’s 90% sure. Kayla suggests instead mentioning to her family that he has suspicions and they can keep an eye on things. Sarah then enters and says she hopes she’s not interrupting. Steve says it’s actually perfect timing.

Xander questions Gwen selling Chad her half of the Spectator. Chad confirms the contracts were signed this morning. Xander notes that Gwen didn’t say anything to him but remembers that Chad didn’t want Stephanie to find out that he’s trying to fire Everett. Xander points out that they would be 50/50 partners, so Chad can’t force him to fire his new editor-in-chief. Chad asks why he’s so protective of Everett. Xander responds that he’s great at his job, so he can’t afford to lose him. Chad offers to make it worth his while.

Stephanie asks Everett about the ring box. Everett tries to claim that it’s a case for his contact lenses but Stephanie opens it and sees the engagement ring inside. Stephanie questions why he has it. Everett then admits he bought it a long time ago, before the accident. Stephanie asks if it was for her and if he was going to ask her to marry him. Everett confirms that he was going to propose before the accident. Everett adds that he knows they were only starting to get serious and maybe it was too soon, but he knew in his heart that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her and he felt the same way when he woke up from the coma which he told her on his first night in Salem. Stephanie asks if he had the ring with him that night. Everett confirms that he did, but then she told him that she was with Chad and that obviously changed things. Everett remarks that he probably should’ve sold it and mentions all his medical bills but he couldn’t bring himself to do it. Stephanie tells him that she’s so sorry but Everett says she had every right to move on with her life. Everett wishes she hadn’t found the ring and suggests they just get back to finishing work, so she can get home to Chad.

Xander tells Chad again that he’s not interested in selling him his half of the paper. Chad says he’s made that clear and can keep it. Chad then offers to give Xander his half of the profits, so he’ll be a silent partner and Xander will reap all the rewards. Xander argues that he can’t be serious. Chad states that he didn’t buy the paper from Gwen for money, he did it to get rid of Everett as a pesky problem. Xander argues that Everett hasn’t been a pesky problem to him and if he gets rid of him, the paper will suffer or maybe even going under. Chad argues that he’s not the only man on earth who can keep it running. Chad points out that Xander would get to double his money and all he has to do is fire Everett and keep his name out of it. Chad feels it sounds like a no brainer.

Steve informs Sarah of Konstantin’s lies about the table cloth and says he knows they aren’t huge lies and there are reasonable explanations but he sees it as reason to be concerned. Sarah feels that Konstantin was just trying to make Maggie feel better and cheer her up. Kayla agrees but suggests Sarah keep an eye on things to make sure Konstantin isn’t lying about anything else. Sarah admits that she had her doubts about Konstantin as well as she thought he was overstaying his welcome and that Maggie was relying on him too much, but she’s come to see him as one of the good guys and a hero. Kayla asks why she’d say that. Sarah reveals that yesterday, he saved her daughter from a kidnapper which Steve questions.

Alex asks if the cops have any leads on the kidnappers. Maggie says no as she’s afraid they don’t have much to go on. Konstantin says he didn’t get a good look either but he assumed it was a man. Alex questions what the kidnapper’s motive was. Konstantin supposes it was money. Maggie says they think they were going to try to ransom the baby back to them. Maggie asks if she can get them tea. Theresa says that sounds great so Alex goes to help Maggie in the kitchen. Theresa then questions what Konstantin’s problem is.

Stephanie goes home to Chad, who asks how it went at the paper. Stephanie thinks that she and Everett put together a pretty good defense of Leo, noting that they had to get creative but they worked well together. Stephanie notes that she knows that isn’t what he wants to hear. Chad says it’s fine and she has to do what she has to do for her clients. Stephanie asks even if the client is Everett. Chad knows he was hard on Everett but promises to give him a chance.

Xander goes to the Spectator where Everett is finishing up the response to Leo’s murder charges and asks if he wants to take a look at it before it’s sent to the printer. Xander tells him to actually stop for now. Everett questions if he’s having second thoughts about defending Leo. Xander responds that it’s not about Leo, but about Everett. Xander informs Everett that he’s sorry but he’s going to have to let him go.

Kayla tells Sarah that she’s so sorry about the kidnapping. Sarah admits it was terrifying, but fortunately, Konstantin caught the kidnapper and rescued her daughter, risking his life to save her. Steve remarks that it sounds like he was at the right place at the right time, feeling it was too convenient. Sarah asks what he’s saying. Kayla points out that Konstantin was knocked out on the floor. Sarah adds that Maggie did see the kidnapper from behind so Konstantin couldn’t have made that up. Steve suggests Konstantin had an accomplice and partner in crime.

Konstantin comments that Theresa seems upset. Theresa complains that he almost blew their connection by telling Alex and Maggie that they knew each other. Konstantin tells her to lighten up as he’s just having a little fun with her. Theresa argues that there is nothing fun about this and she can’t watch him sucking up to Maggie while she has no idea that he’s just after her money. Theresa says the whole thing is making her sick. Konstantin argues that she’s doing the exact same thing. Alex comes back in to the room as Konstantin tells Theresa that they both know she’s only after Alex to get her hands on his inheritance.

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Y&R Best Lines Monday, November 27, 2023

Y&R logo


Best Lines provided by Eva

Adam: Oh, hello, Nate.

Nate: Adam.

Adam: Hey, will you hang on a minute? Have you seen Victoria or victor here?

Nate: No.

Adam: Have you seen them anywhere? I mean, there’s nobody at the office.

Nate: I don’t know why you’d think I’d know anything about that.

Adam: Uh, it’s just a question.

Nate: If you recall, I no longer work at Newman Enterprises.

Adam: Right. And from that information, I should reasonably assume that you’re no longer involved with Victoria, either?

Nate: Whether I am or I’m not, that’s none of your damn business. Although, I do find it interesting that neither Victor or Victoria chose to fill you in on their activities. So, I’ll reasonably assume that you haven’t risen that far up in the ranks from when you were my assistant. They’re still keeping you in the dark. Not exactly exactly a sign of confidence.

Adam: Mm. And a good evening to you, sir.

*****************Sally: Yeah, but who you are now is still the man who admitted that he was willing to use his father’s illness to take him down.

Adam: But I didn’t go through with it.

Sally: You almost sound proud of that?

Adam: Yeah, I– I kind of am. You know, it showed some maturity, some restraint on my part.

Sally: And you know, you set the bar really low for yourself. It’s still a lie, Adam. You still played everyone, including me. I really, really want to be able to trust you, but I–

Adam: I know. It was a precarious situation. But I finally did tell you the whole truth, okay? The old me– the old me would have buried that. But I didn’T.

Sally: You just keep lowering the bar. Eventually, it’s just gonna be on the floor, just a wrinkle in the rug. Like, “hey, everybody, at least I didn’t lie to everyone today, so give me some credit. It’s the new me.”

Adam: That’s correct. That’s totally accurate. But I am sincerely sorry that I could not let you in on what I was up to. Okay? We used to be a team. Is that why you’re upset?

Sally: No. I will tell you why I’m upset.


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GH Short Recap Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps


GH logo

Recap written by Eva

Drew is interviewed by Scout for a report she has to do for school about her daddy’s job. Drew tells Scout that he can get her into an exclusive private school for girls. Scout tells Drew she wants to go to the school but later she tells Sam she doesn’t want to go to the school.

Molly and TJ argue because he isn’t ready to look for another surrogate yet. Molly keeps the appointment with the
surrogacy matching professional despite her argument with TJ.

Finn is interviewed by the lawyer representing the hospital in the malpractice lawsuit.

Sonny talks to Dante and tells him that Mason and Austin were working for Cyrus.

Elizabeth goes to Austin’s apartment because she and Portia are worried about him. Elizabeth later tells Portia that there was a food delivery for Austin on Thanksgiving and he never brought it inside his apartment. Elizabeth also tells Portia that she persuaded the landlord to let her into his apartment and it looks like he hasn’t been there since before Thanksgiving. Dante calls Austin’s phone and a detective from Pawtuck answers the phone and tells Dante Austin is dead. Sonny tells Dante he thinks Cyrus killed Austin.

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Y&R Short Recap Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Y&R logo



Recap written by Eva

Audra, Billy, and Nate begin to worry when they can’t reach Nikki, Nick, Victor, and Victoria.

Billy has a bad feeling that the Newmans are in trouble and wants to call the Oregon police. Audra and Nate persuade Billy to keep trying to reach everyone before they call the police.

Victoria and Cole continue to try and persuade Claire to give everyone the antidote to the poison. Victoria and Cole promise to help Claire because they understand that she was manipulated by Jordan.

Victor knocks the knife out of Jordan’s hand and pushes her out of the way and locks the bedroom door when he leaves the room to go downstairs with Nikki.

Claire finally decides to give everyone the antidote and Nick staggers to his phone to call the police. The police and ambulance arrive to help everyone. Claire is handcuffed and before she leaves she tells Victoria she believes that she doesn’t know her identity. The police tell Victor that Jordan isn’t anywhere upstairs, and when everyone leaves the house, the audience sees Jordan hiding in the air duct of the house.

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B&B Transcript Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Bold & The Beautiful Transcript


B&B logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne

Steffy: That’s exactly what I needed. Time away from the office to be with my handsome husband.

Finn: Hm, well, I’m not complaining. And I love the pop in. And thank you for this.

Steffy: Yeah.

Finn: You trying to keep your mind off things?

Steffy: Would I use you like that?

[ Finn laughing ] Yeah. Okay. Maybe a little. But can you blame me? Trying to keep up with the charade in front of my grandfather when I know he’s–

[ Sighs ] I’m just heartbroken about all of it.

Ridge: Let me help you.

Eric: Yeah, ridge. I– I have this whole wellspring of ideas here. You know, dozens of them. I just– they’re right at my fingertips, I just can’t get them down on paper. That’s the trouble with it.

Ridge: That’s no trouble at all ’cause I could help you with that. Think about it. Us in the trenches together, shoulder to shoulder. Not just us, the three of us. Three generations. Dad, fathers, and sons, we– we could create something incredible. I just wanna work with you one more time. Can we do that?

Brooke: Eric is being strong and courageous.

Katie: He’s definitely putting on a brave front.

Brooke: And donna can’t convince him he doesn’t need to.

Katie: We are there for both of them. Whether eric wants to be honest about his condition or not.

Brooke: You know, that’s what makes this situation so tragic. He needs to be open with us and upfront. That way, we could help him. He needs to let us hold him and hug him and support him and love him. Before it’s too late.

Katie: We can’t deny eric his final wish. He thinks that the only people who know are donna, luna, rj and me. We have to keep it that way.

Brooke: Carrying the secret is tearing rj apart. And we’re trying to support him, but he is suffering terribly.

Katie: We all are.

Brooke: Well, it doesn’t have to be that way. If we could all just pull together. The word is spreading. Everybody knows. Eric’s situation is impacting every member of this family.

Steffy: It’s just not fair. Grandfather has so much to do still. So much to share.

Finn: You’re right. But I think that’s what’s driving him, you know? Keeping him going. And I know, I know that holding back isn’t who you are. I know you want things to be in the open and not pretend around your grandfather. Look, the good thing is, that’s how hard you love. You don’t hold that back at all. Right? You can’t love a little bit, you are full throttle, you are wide open.

Steffy: Yeah.

Finn: You know, and we all feel it. I know I do. And so does your grandfather.

[ Steffy sighing ]

Ridge: I’m not saying you need my help. You can do this on your own, but you don’t have to.

Eric: It’s an interesting offer.

[ Laughing ] Come on. Rj’s been doing a wonderful job.

Ridge: Oh, look at you. Just in time. We were talking about rj.

Luna: Oh, one of my favorite topics.

Rj: Wow, did you two, like, practice this?

Ridge: We were just saying what a great job he’s doing with his grandfather.

Luna: Yeah, I can vouch for that.

Rj: Granddad, I– I think he’s right with what you guys were just talking about. I think he’d be a great addition to the team. Plus, you– you already won the fashion challenge, so you proved your point.

Ridge: Dad, I don’t– I don’t wanna steal your spotlight. I don’t want your spotlight. I just want to be in the room with you guys. All of us working together. It would be amazing. Look at him. This boy loves and admires you. There’s nothing he wouldn’t do for you.

Katie: I don’t think eric wants to be celebrated for his past accomplishments. I think he wants to go out on top, you know, as creative and vital as he’s ever been.

Brooke: We all want to help him, but it seems like help is a dirty word to eric right now. You know, ridge and i went to see his doctor when we found out. But I don’t get it. What’s happening? Is he seeing any specialists? I mean, does he really want to live?

Katie: Of course, he does. He wants to live every moment to its fullest.

Brooke: But nothing makes eric feel more alive than designing.

Steffy: [ Sighs ] I just can’t stop thinking about how important my grandfather is to our family.

Finn: Not to mention an inspiration to an entire industry.

Steffy: Yeah. Yeah. That’s very true. But when I tell our kids about him, it’s not gonna be about the accolades and the awards, no. It’s gonna be about the little things. ‘Cause the little things, that’s what really matters. All the times he took me in without a second thought. If any member of our family needed help or needed a place to go, you know that you could count on him. He’d be there for you.

Finn: His house is a safe place for you.

Steffy: Oh, yeah. Tell me about it. Taking the kids to the estate, I gotta say it was… really the only good thing at a really terrible time. And as hard as it was to be away from you, it was actually good to be with my grandfather. Especially now, knowing what I do. And seeing our kids with him, you know, by the pool, in– in grandmother’s garden. And he’d make those special blueberry pancakes almost every single day.

[ Laughs ] Man. When I was young, I used to think those– those blueberry pancakes, they could fix almost anything. If only it could fix this.

[ Steffy sobbing ]

Ridge: Well, the details are amazing, what is that? Embroidery?

Eric: It’s crystal beadwork. Yeah?

Ridge: It looks good.

Eric: Yeah.

Luna: Morning.

Ridge: Oh, what’s this?

Luna: Uh, you asked me to get lila so we can finalize number three.

Eric: Ah-ha. There you are. Ah, you look beautiful.

Ridge: So, hang on a second. So, this is number three. Not a tour de force, just– just a three.

[ Eric laughing ]

Eric: You hear that, lila? On you, everything’s a show-stopper.

[ Inaudible ] Great, huh? Okay. Excellent work, everyone. Excellent.

Rj: Hey, this is all you, granddad.

Eric: Well, the whole team did a great job. I appreciate it so much, lila, thank you. Thanks for coming down. Tell them, uh, this is all finished. It can go in the vault. Great. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. Thank you, but flattery will get you nowhere. It will not get you a spot on this team.

Ridge: That’s not– I’m just– I’m calling them like I see them, that’s it.

Eric: Yeah, well, that’s something you obviously imparted to your son. He has incredible instincts.

Ridge: Yes, he does. And they’re only gonna get better the more he works with you. And thank you for taking him under your wing and showing him some of the things that you’re capable of. It’s quite obvious to everyone that you’re not passing the torch, you’re gonna light the way for the next generation. So, good for you. Keep walking. Take no prisoners and never surrender.

Rj: Have you seen my charger anywhere? Like earlier today?

Luna: I’m sure somebody’s got one that you could borrow. Well, I need to keep working, and it’s dead soon.

Luna: Hey, hey, hey.

Rj: What?

Luna: It’s okay.

Rj: It’s not okay. I just expressed to you. I need to finish writing this sketch. I need to finish this design.

Luna: Okay, and– and you will, you will, but right now you have to breathe. Hey.

Rj: What?

Luna: Better?

Rj: I’m sorry, I’m letting this get to me. I’m– it’s just starting to really hit me that he’s not gonna be here anymore, I–

Luna: No, no. You– you just have to think about the time that you have with him now. And you’re doing amazing, rj. Seriously, everyone is so proud of you.

Rj: I’m doing it for him.

Luna: You love him so much?

Rj: More than I can put into words. Which is what I’m trying to do with this. I’m trying to put everything that he means to me, every– everything that he’s taught me, I’m trying to put it all right here. And I– I just hope he can feel it when he sees it.

Luna: I think everyone can.

Rj: If this really is gonna be eric forrester’s last collection, I’m gonna make it one that no one can stop talking about.

Finn: Take his vitals and I’ll be down there in a minute. Okay. Thanks. Hey, sorry about that.

Steffy: It’s fine.

Finn: So, no one’s told you what’s actually going on with eric?

Steffy: My dad doesn’t even know. Maybe donna, but all the information that we’re getting seems third-hand and vague.

Finn: And you said his first symptoms were tremors?

Steffy: Yeah, in his hands.

Finn: Weakness?

Steffy: It seemed like arthritis. And then, he started coughing up blood. I don’t know. Could the two things be related? Like the doctor said, maybe it’s tias, which are mini-strokes. Does that sound right?

Fine: Yeah, I– I– honey, I’d have to look at his chart before…

Steffy: Oh, god. I hate this feeling. I hate it. I don’t know what’s going on. I don’t know what to do, what to expect. Like, if we knew a diagnosis, I could at least come to you or I could look into other treatments, but everything just seems so hush-hush. I– I– I– I can’t help him. And I hate that feeling most of all.

Ridge: Do you mind?

Eric: Mm, uh, no, no, go ahead.

Ridge: What about this? What about we lose a little bit of weight right in here? What do you think of that?

Eric: Yeah. You knew exactly what I was going for, didn’t you? This is it. Yes.

[ Eric laughs ]

Brooke: Well, this is wonderful to see. Two of fashion’s greatest designers collaborating agai feels like old times.

Ridge: Also, the best times of my life.

Eric: Yeah, mine too. What I wouldn’t give to relive some of those times.

Ridge: Relive them? No, no, I’m– not me. They live in here the way they’re supposed to live. You and me on the runway and you backstage, rallying the troops. What a pep talk. The best pep talk I ever heard. You know the one I’m talking about?

Eric: Yeah.

Ridge: Well, those memories stay in here the way they are. Cemented and lifted up by gratitude and pride and– just leave those alone and maybe make some more memories. What do you think about that?

Eric: Yeah, my boy. Whoa! The new iphone 15.With that amazing camera. I wish my family had them. You’re an action star… take action! Join t-mobile!

This holiday at t-mobile,

get four new iphone 15 on us,

and four lines of unlimited

for $25 bucks a line.

Rj: Luna, I couldn’t– I couldn’t have faced this without you.

Luna: I’m just trying to be as good for you as you are for me.

Rj: As good for you. You– you’re better and– and some. You are. Seriously, every– every single second that I’ve been in here and I’ve been worried about my granddad’s health condition, how much time we have left, you — you’ve been there to lift me up, remind me that we’re fulfilling his last wish and that we’re doing it his way and… you know, I, um… I’ve never trusted someone this much before in my entire life.

Luna: Hey, I mean it, when I say it. I’m always here for you, rj. I’m not gonna go anywhere.

Finn: Has anyone mentioned how eric’s symptoms are progressing? Like is he– is he coughing more, short of breath? Uh, like his voice getting weaker?

Steffy: I haven’t noticed anything like that, but it doesn’t mean it’s not happening.

Finn: Oh, we can’t cover everything. You know, as time– as time goes on his– his limitations, they’re– they’re gonna become more apparent. Yeah.

Steffy: And what are we doing? Pretending everything is fine? We don’t have time for this.

Finn: You just– you’re gonna have to just be close to him, you know, and– and be there.

Steffy: No, of course I am. I’m gonna try to help out in any way I can, but… what I’ve been told is that the… so, the end is drawing near for my grandfather and there’s nothing anyone can do about it.

Eric: All right, that’s a– that’s enough sentimentality.

[ Eric chuckling ]

Brooke: Nothing wrong with appreciating the past, especially one like yours, eric. All your success deserves to be celebrated.

Eric: Nah.

Ridge: We should also celebrate what he’s doing now.

Eric: Yeah, ridge is right, you know. Any designer worth his salt, you know, knows he is only as good as his last collection.

Ridge: That’s right, so onward and upward.

Eric: Mm-hmm. Only just a little slower than, uh, my pace for the last couple of years.

Ridge: You’re going slow? Because it seems like you’re churning them out.

Eric: Yeah, well rj has been doing a great job with me. I really appreciate it.

Brooke: And rj is honored to work with you. And I’m grateful for the time that you two spend together, developing this incredible bond. Ridge is right. It’s time to make new experiences. The passion that you have for your family and this business and your design. It’s wonderful times ahead.

Eric: Yeah. And a lot of work too. I can’t wait to see this collection come to life. I can’t wait.

Brooke: Okay, well, just– you don’t need to push yourself so hard.

Eric: Yeah.

Ridge: Sometimes it’s a good idea to just take– take something and let it percolate. Um, I offered dad that I could maybe help him with this collection a little bit.

Brooke: What? Really? Eric, that would be great.

Ridge: That would be great, but he hasn’t said anything yet. Listen, this competition was great, but I– I don’t– I don’t want to be at odds with you ever again.

Eric: I don’t want that either. This family… this family is best when we all pull together.

Ridge: Yeah, we are. Dad, you’ve given so much to all of us, the kids, grandkids. But the most important gift… was this. Of us connecting and having a place that we can call home. And you did that. So, be proud of that.

Eric: I am. I am. I’m proud of it, but I’m very proud of this collection right here.

[ Eric laughing ] There’s so much stuff here. I gotta get it out. It’s all in here, it’s just pouring out of me and it’s my whole life. It’s– it’s who I am. I have to get this all out and– and there’s so much of it. And I don’t know if you can understand this, but– but, uh, I just feel like I’m running out of time, sometimes.

Ridge: Yeah, we understand that, dad.

Eric: Yeah. Yeah.

Ridge: We all understand that.

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Days Update Monday, November 27, 2023

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Outside the Brady Pub, Eric questions Nicole saying she wants to hold his baby. Nicole explains that she thought maybe holding him might bring her a little solace. Eric is unsure, so Nicole says nevermind. Nicole says that Eric is just getting to know the baby and she shouldn’t have asked. Eric then tells her it’s okay and that she can hold him.

Inside the Pub, EJ remarks on Rafe eating alone. Rafe tells EJ that he heard about what happened to him and Nicole and he’s so sorry for his loss. EJ doesn’t want his condolences, he wants him to find the bastard who ran his wife off the road.

Dimitri shows up at Sloan’s apartment. Sloan questions what he’s doing there, reminding him that he’s a fugitive and she thought he was leaving town. Dimitri responds that he thought she was helping Leo. Sloan says that she is. Dimitri questions why he just heard that Leo is being charged with murder then. Dimitri thinks they both know that if anyone should be facing those charges, it’s her.

In the interrogation room, Harris asks Leo if his lawyer is on her way. Leo responds that she’s unfortunately not as she was otherwise engaged. Leo insists that she will be there though and prove he had nothing to do with the untimely demise of the baby. Leo argues that he instead brought the baby in to the world and feels proud, but now heartbroken. Harris blames Leo and Dimitri. Leo tells Harris to leave so he can mourn and wallow in self pity. Harris then exits the room. Jada tells Harris that she just heard about what happened to Gil and asks how Ava is. Harris responds that Ava will be okay as long as EJ doesn’t drop the hammer on her. Jada worries based on how EJ feels about Ava. Harris mentions missing his keys and asks if Jada has seen them.

Stefan asks Ava how she wants to decide who breaks in to the interrogation room. Ava refuses to do it. Stefan points out that he made a copy of the keys while Ava argues that she’s the one who swiped the keys which is riskier. Stefan argues that he’s the one on security footage. Stefan states that neither of them want to do this. Ava points out that one of them has to do it or else Clyde will be very unhappy. Stefan then gets an idea and suggests letting Mr. “I can’t tell a lie” decide for them.

Jada asks Harris if he lost his keys. Harris says he’s sure they’ll turn up. Jada suggests finding them sooner than later as she asks if he made any progress with Leo. Harris responds that he was having trouble tracking down his lawyer, so he figured he’d leave him in the interrogation room for awhile and maybe he’ll decide to make a deal. Jada asks to take a crack at him so she heads in to the interrogation room.

Rafe assures EJ that the department wants Dimitri found just as badly as he does and he has his best detectives on the case. EJ comments on Rafe sitting here enjoying his dinner. Rafe brings up EJ’s family resources and says there’s a pretty big chance that Dimitri is off in the Caribbean. EJ doesn’t care and wants him found. EJ declares that when he is found, he’s going to throw the book at Dimitri and Leo. Rafe mentions hearing the pretty steep charge. EJ asks if he takes issue with how he prosecutes criminals. Rafe points out that he’s an alleged criminal and in this case, he does not take issue but he is curious what EJ plans to do with Ava Vitali.

Ava questions Stefan deciding who breaks in to the evidence room by flipping a coin. Stefan says it’s better than rock, paper, scissors so they go with it. Ava calls heads and flips the coin.

Sloan questions Dimitri thinking she should be charged with murder and asks what he’s talking about. Dimitri reminds her how he stopped by a couple days ago with a premature, healthy baby boy in his arms and she assured him that he would be delivered to the hospital, but now he’s hearing that baby is dead. Dimitri knows there was no love lost between her and Nicole but questions if she despises her that much. Sloan asks if he thinks he killed Nicole’s baby. Dimitri asks if she didn’t. Sloan assures that she did not and that Nicole’s baby was born prematurely on the side of a road after a car crash so the baby wasn’t doing well. Sloan claims she did take it to the hospital but it was too late and the baby didn’t stand a chance. Dimitri asks why Nicole’s son is dead, but Sloan’s apartment looked like she ransacked the baby department.

Nicole holds Eric’s baby and calls him so beautiful. Nicole then questions how this could be and declares this is her baby.

Ava goes to the police station and sees Harris, who says he wasn’t expecting to see her again today and asks if everything is okay. Ava says everything is fine and that she just stopped by because she has something for him.

Rafe informs EJ that they just got forensics back and their team found fibers underneath Gil’s fingernails consistent with those from Ava’s blouse which lends credence to Ava’s story that he attacked her. EJ questions if he doesn’t think Ava is clever enough to falsify evidence. Rafe admits it’s possible but asks why she would, pointing out that she had no motive to kill Gil other than self defense. EJ decides that if Rafe is satisfied with Ava’s statement and the evidence, then he sees no reason to press charges. Rafe agrees. EJ says now he must tend to his wife while Rafe must find the bastard who killed his son. EJ then takes his food and exits the Pub.

Jada confronts Leo in the interrogation room and tells him to cut the crap as she heard he’s up for felony murder charges for the death of Nicole’s baby. Jada calls it no laughing matter. Leo calls it disturbing that the district attorney happens to be Nicole’s husband. Jada tells Leo that she could make the charges go away which Leo questions. Jada says all he has to do is throw his boyfriend under the bus.

Sloan tells Dimitri that this is all for her baby as Melinda has been helping her and Eric in the adoption process which is why she was there when he showed up the other day. Sloan says they just received their baby today and he’s out with Eric right now. Dimitri questions the baby being a boy which Sloan confirms. Dimitri congratulates her but goes over that a few days ago, he left her with a perfectly healthy baby boy, who then suddenly somehow dies and then she finds herself the recipient of a perfectly healthy baby boy who seems to have been born at the exact same time as the baby he left with her days earlier. Dimitri asks how stupid she thinks he is. Dimitri accuses her of taking the baby for herself.

Eric asks what Nicole means. Nicole repeats that this is her baby. Eric says he can’t even begin to imagine the kind of pain that she’s in right now, but this isn’t her baby. Nicole thinks back to holding her baby after giving birth. Nicole tells Eric that right after he was born, Leo put him in her arms and she’ll never forget his face. Nicole declares that this is the baby that she gave birth to and this is her son.

Harris questions what Ava has for him. Ava brought him food since he’s stuck at work all night. Harris thanks her and says the station gets so crazy sometimes that he forgets to eat. Harris adds that it’s no wonder he lost his keys and jokes that he’d lose his head too.

Stefan breaks in to the police evidence room.

Leo questions Jada wanting him to throw the love of his life under the bus. Jada offers him the phone to call Dimitri and say he’d like to meet up. Leo guesses that when Dimitri shows up, she and another cop show up to arrest him. Leo refuses to do it. Jada argues that there’s no reason that a man like Leo should be cooling his heels in a stuffy room like this, especially since he’s not the one they want. Jada says they want the big fish and that it might seem like they are partners in crime but that Dimitri is the criminal mastermind. Jada brings up that Dimitri tried to kill Stefan and Gabi, assaulted a police officer, and was the one who drove the car that ran Nicole off the road. Jada tells Leo to call Dimitri and he can be out in time for Thanksgiving dinner.

Sloan tells Dimitri that she did not take Nicole’s baby and that it is possible for two babies to be born on the same day. Sloan presumes that it’s possible that thousands of babies are born on the same day. Dimitri says they are talking about the baby he brought to her on the same day that she’s claiming the baby died. Dimitri doesn’t care if EJ and Nicole get to raise the baby as he cares about Leo going down for the murder of a baby who is still very much alive. Dimitri decides he’s going to call the police department to get this mess sorted out but Sloan stops him.

EJ exits the Brady Pub to find Nicole and Eric with the baby. Eric informs EJ that he and Sloan adopted this baby today while Nicole swears that he is her baby. EJ tells Nicole that the baby isn’t their baby. Nicole insists and repeats that she cradled him after the accident just like this and she saw him and that she would never forget his face anywhere. Nicole cries that this is their boy. EJ wishes that it was and says he’d give anything for it to be their baby but it’s not. EJ states that this baby is Eric and Sloan’s as they adopted him today and it’s time to give him back to his father.

Harris finishes a call with Rafe, saying that’s great news. Ava asks what’s going on. Harris informs her that it’s about her. Harris then announces that EJ has decided not to charge her in Gil Carter’s death. Ava is shocked and hugs Harris, thanking him. Ava declares that she has to go tell Tripp. Ava tells Harris not to work too hard and rushes out of the police station.

Nicole reluctantly hands the baby back to Eric and cries that she’s sorry, guessing her mind is just playing tricks on her and she wanted it to be true. Nicole apologizes to Eric. He says it’s okay but she says it’s not. Nicole says she should’ve been happy for Eric and repeats that she’s sorry. EJ says that’s enough apologies as she’s been through more than most people could handle in the last few days. Eric assures that he understands. EJ tells Nicole that he will take her home and they walk away together. Rafe then comes out from the Pub and sees Eric with the baby. Rafe asks if everything is okay. Eric claims everything is fine but Rafe says it doesn’t seem that way. Eric then admits that Nicole seemed to think that this was her baby.

Sloan tells Dimitri not to call the cops. Dimitri asks if she’s admitting that the baby is in fact Nicole’s. Sloan then admits that he is. Sloan says she didn’t plan to take him. Dimitri remarks that he used that line in shoplifting at the mall. Sloan argues that this isn’t funny. Dimitri says saying she didn’t plan it doesn’t exonerate her. Sloan argues that it’s not like that. Sloan explains that she and Eric have been planning for awhile to adopt a baby and right when they were about to get a child, Melinda said the mother changed her mind because of Sloan’s reputation and the mother didn’t think she was fit to be a parent. Sloan explains that she thought if a parent could find out the truth about her, they all could and that’s when she realized that her being a mother was going to be an uphill battle that she would quite possibly lose. Sloan says that then Dimitri showed up at her door with the baby in his arms. Dimitri asks if she thought “finders keepers” and tells her no. Dimitri realizes that’s why she agreed to help Leo since she knew that was the only way to get him out of town and if he was out of town, he’d never figure out her nefarious plot. Sloan argues that she agreed to help and that’s all he cares about while Dimitri complains about Sloan only wanting to play mommy to someone else’s kid being the only reason that Leo is in this mess. Dimitri says that Sloan has no conscience to do something so underhanded and criminal. Dimitri declares that Sloan is going to have to get the charges against Leo dropped or else he’s going to sing like a canary.

Jada warns Leo that if he doesn’t call Dimitri in the next five minutes, he will have no choice and the deal will be off. Leo complains that she’s asking him to betray someone he loves and cares about. Jada knows Leo thinks he’s deeply in love with Dimitri and that love can sometimes be blinding to the other person’s failings. Jada calls Dimitri a disgusting dirtbag which Leo argues is not helping her case. Jada questions if Dimitri is even capable of love, calling him a sociopath and psychopath. Jada asks if Dimitri even cares about Leo, pointing out that he left him holding the bag. Jada warns Leo that he’s going to hate a prison cell and EJ is out for blood, so the question is does he want it to be his. Jada gets a text and says she has to take care of something. Jada tells Leo that she expects an answer when she returns as she then exits the room.

Stefan searches through the evidence room until he hears someone coming and hides. Jada then enters the room on the phone and says she’s there now, so she asks what they are looking for again.

Rafe congratulates Eric on his new baby. Eric says he was just a little rattled which Rafe calls understandable since Nicole thinking it was her baby is really sad. Rafe still can’t believe Nicole’s baby didn’t make it. Eric brings up that EJ said their son was accidentally cremated, so they never got a chance to really say goodbye to their baby.

EJ brings Nicole home to the DiMera Mansion and says he will run her a bath and put on classical music so she can relax. Nicole tells EJ that she was so sure about the baby being her baby. EJ doesn’t think it’s surprising after what she’s been through. EJ calls it unimaginable trauma combined with the grief they both feel. EJ says her mind was just playing tricks on her. Nicole knows she said that, but the more she thinks about it, the baby’s face just looked like the baby she gave birth to and it was the way she felt when she held him. EJ points out that she had just been hurt in a terrible accident and she was still dazed when he got there. Nicole cries and asks EJ to just hold her so he does.

Sloan tells Dimitri that she will find a way to get Leo out of this mess but he has to get out of here before Eric comes home and sees him. Dimitri insists they shake hands on it, so they do. Dimitri then stops and mentions that he’s a little short on cash. Sloan calls him unbelievable and hands him cash, telling him to take it and get out. Dimitri says it was a pleasure doing business with her. Dimitri recommends she use every trick in the book to get Leo out fast, or else her whole baby switching scheme will be the biggest news of the century and her whole family dream will blow up in her face. Dimitri then exits.

Jada finds the file she was looking for in the evidence room on a Terrance Smith and then leaves while Stefan hides behind the desk.

Jada returns to Leo in the interrogation room and asks if he’s going to call Dimitri to give them the big fish so he can swim away free. Leo responds that he thought about it and he’s not calling anyone. Leo declares that he can’t and won’t betray the man he loves.

Dimitri returns to his motel room and declares that he’s going to get Leo out of this mess if it’s the last thing he does.

Stefan and Ava meet outside the Pub. Stefan informs Ava that he got the evidence but they have to find somewhere to offload it. Stefan adds that he was this close to getting caught and asks how it went on Ava’s end. Ava says she made sure that Harris will get his keys back as that was the easy part but it was slightly harder lying to his face.

Rafe returns to the police station and tells Harris that he was just looking for him as someone from the Sgt’s desk found his keys downstairs and he recognized the key ring. Harris thanks him and says he was looking all over but he didn’t remember leaving them there. Rafe suggests he dropped them somewhere and exits while Harris looks confused.

Eric goes home with his baby to Sloan. They talk about the baby doing so good. Eric then tells her that he ran in to Nicole and she had just gotten released from the hospital, so when she saw the baby, she said that it was her baby.

EJ guesses Nicole isn’t hungry so he will put her sliders in the fridge for later and says he will make her tea as he heads to the kitchen.

Sloan tells Eric that doesn’t make any sense for Nicole to think their baby was her baby. Eric says she was obviously overwhelmed with grief. Sloan asks what Eric did or said. Eric explains that EJ showed up and they managed to convince Nicole that the baby was not her baby.

Nicole sits at home and thinks back to holding her baby after giving birth and then holding Eric’s baby. Nicole doesn’t care what anybody says and declares that she knows that was her baby.

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Days Transcript Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Days of Our Lives Transcript


Days of Our Lives logo

Transcript provided by Thane and Suzanne


So how is your Thanksgiving going for you, Joey? No, no, that’s right. Stephanie and Chad went to Doug and Julie’s, and Tripp is with Wendy. And I am stuck here at work, unfortunately. But your dad and I are gonna share a turkey dinner as soon as he gets back from Greece. I-I don’t know when he’s coming back. Your guess is as good as–ah. well, lo and behold, he’s here right now, Joey.


Your dad’s here! Let me call you back, okay? We’ll call you back.

Hey, Joe.

All right, love you. Ah, you’re here. Thank goodness. Glad you’re here.

Happy Thanksgiving, sweetness.

Got all the food wrapped up and one of everything put aside for your mom.

Too bad she had to work. She missed a fun day.

Oh, oh, yeah, fun, so fun.

Okay, it was a little awkward at times.

A little?

Come on. It wasn’t that bad.

Oh, yeah, well, it wasn’t exactly a barrel of laughter either, especially with that ex-boyfriend of yours making eyes at you the whole dinner.

What? You totally imagined that.


All Everett was doing was trying to get to know Julie and Doug, show his gratitude for being invited. And he was so sweet with the kids. You saw how much they liked him.

Yeah, well, the kids dip their hot dogs in chocolate so.

Chad, you know after the initial weirdness, everyone very much enjoyed themselves.

Mm, mm.

Where are Thomas and Charlotte anyway?

They asked if they could stay over, so they’re getting settled in their rooms, which, um, I don’t know, maybe it’s a good thing.

Why would that be?

Well, you know, maybe we could use some time alone. Things have been very rocky between us lately, so we could maybe…

Hey there.


[clears throat] I thought you left.

Oh, I was just, uh, finishing up my interview with Doug and Julie, first couple of Salem, such great people, such fascinating lives. I hope my piece on them does them justice.

Well, you should go write it right now then while it’s still probably fresh in your mind.

That’s the plan. That’s definitely the plan. Um, actually, I’m headed over to “The Spectator” office right now. And, Steph, I’m gonna need you to come with me.


[sighs] Everett needs to talk to the crossword guy about making these things a little easier. I mean, a six-letter word for a large North American gallinaceous bird. Who would even know something like that?

[knock at door] Coming! Sarah.

[laughs] Uh, may I?

You may.

[laughs] Happy Thanksgiving.

And to you. And a very special first Happy Thanksgiving to this wee one. Sorry, I wasn’t expecting you, obviously.

Um, well, Victoria and I wanted to stop by and give you a little surprise, hopefully something to be grateful for.

[soft music]

That was a really fun Thanksgiving.

It was. I’m really glad you could join us.

Yeah, me too. Your son’s a really good kid.

Mm. Kid, wow. It feels like only yesterday where I was fixing him a plate so that the peas wouldn’t touch the mashed potatoes. Now he’s too busy to hang out with his mom unless it’s a national holiday.

Oh, come on. He loves you. It’s very obvious.

Yeah, I’m crazy about him too. I’m actually really pleased with how he’s adjusted to life in Salem.


Speaking of adjustments, um, how are you and your dad? Are you still calling him Justin?

I’m calling him Dad. Even so, him not being my real father, um, I guess it’s made things a little awkward between us. But he’s a great guy, and we love each other a lot. He actually invited me to Arizona to spend Thanksgiving with Bonnie and my brothers.

Oh, yeah? Why’d you turn him down?

I just didn’t want to make everybody feel, like, uncomfortable, given what we just learned. I don’t know, maybe I should have just braved and gone, but I know family is important.

No arguments there.

[laughs] Speaking of family, I should probably go check in on Maggie. She has got to be completely shook, Sarah even more so. I mean, can you believe somebody kidnapped her baby?


I am telling you, the people at home do not know what they are missing. Wait until I tell them about sausage stuffing.

[both laugh]

America’s culinary gift to the world.

And you are a gift to me, Maggie. I am so grateful that you have invited me to join in your family for the holidays.

Well, I was delighted you were here and so was Sarah. But the idea of Thanksgiving is at least a little familiar to you, yes?


‘Cause, I mean, Victor told me about this ancient Greek, um– it was like a religious festival that was called, um, Thesmophoria. Did I–did I say that right?

You said it perfectly, a celebration of the harvest.

Oh, in which only women partake?



You see, Demeter was the goddess of agriculture, and she had a daughter. “Per-se-feen.”


Oh, okay, all right, one out of two.

And Persephone was kidnapped by Hades, or so the myth says. And when mother and daughter were allowed to visit, he would bless the world with a bountiful harvest.

Ah, well, sadly, that kidnapping part, it hits a little too close to home. both: Mm.

[ominous music]

Ah, perhaps you are someone who can kidnap a kid, as long as the pay day is big enough, hmm?

Oh, what’s Greek for “the pot calling the kettle black”?

I am not the one who pretends to have any scruples. My aim here is crystal clear.

Yeah, to get your grubby hands on Maggie’s money.

That old bastard, Victor, made a grave mistake cutting me out of his will. And I will take what I am owed now from his widow, which I can only accomplish if this child’s mother is in my corner.

I don’t know what I would have done if you hadn’t saved my granddaughter. I know I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating. You’re a real hero, Konstantin.

No, I am not, Maggie. I have done something truly terrible to you.

[soft orchestration] announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “Days of Our Lives.”

So what, you can’t write the story on your own?

Uh, no, I can, and I will. The profile is all mine, but now that our star columnist has been charged with murder, I’m gonna need Steph’s help to draft “The Spectator’s” official response.

Okay, great, just say that– uh, that Leo Stark is getting exactly what he deserves. I just freed up your whole evening. How about that?


What? What, are you kidding? Leo and my swine of a nephew drove a very pregnant Nicole off the road. Now you can draw a straight line from that to her baby’s death.


So can the police.

It’s–it’s a little more complicated than that.

How so?

Well, Leo and Dimitri didn’t deliberately drive Nicole off the road, okay? It was an unfortunate accident, and, on top of it, Leo Stark helped deliver Nicole’s baby.

He had no choice; they were in the middle of nowhere, and she went into labor. And if Leo and Dimitri hadn’t been fleeing from the police, then my brother’s child would still be alive. So how ’bout you stop making excuses for that son of a bitch? Stephanie, surely, you’re with me on this one, yeah?

Victoria’s birth certificate.

Yeah, there’s been a small update in box A, where it says “Father’s name.” And it used to say “Rex Brady.”

You changed it to mine.

Well, it’s only right. You are her father, and now it’s official.

Thank you, Sarah. That–that means a lot.

I just– I wanted to show you how much I want you to be a part of our daughter’s life. And… I am just so sorry it took her being kidnapped to realize that.

It just boggles the mind, right, how somebody could break into that house in broad daylight, no less, and steal an innocent baby.

[sighs] Yeah, well. The good news is is that she was found and returned safe and sound.

Yeah, that’s right, thanks to Uncle Vic’s old friend, Konstantin.

Mm-hmm. Yeah, really fortunate that he was there and able to find her.

Right, thank God. You know, now might be a good time to pop in and check on Maggie.

Really? I’m kind of surprised that you’d be up for that. I-I thought that things were kind of strained between you two ever since you took over Titan.

We’ve had our issues, yeah. But out of respect for my father, I think I should be helping his widow. That’s what he would want. Why don’t you come along with me? I’m sure Maggie would love to see you.

[eerie music]

Just stay asleep kid, okay? Hopefully, by the time you wake up, this whole nightmare will be over, huh?

What do you think you’re doing? Get away from that child!

Uh, I’m not sure that’s a good idea.

What are you talking about? You haven’t done anything terrible to me.

Oh, yes, I did. I kissed you. It was very disrespectful to you and my dear friend, Victor.

Konstantin, I told you it’s forgotten. It’s–it’s– everything is fine.

No, it is not. You should have thrown me out on my ear, sent me packing. What happens instead? You invite me to stay through Christmas.

How could I not? You saved my grandchild. Konstantin, I’ve told you, you’ve been a great comfort to me. You’re a good man, Konstantin, and one– one tiny little lapse in judgment doesn’t change that.

Bye, Joey, I love you. And, listen, next Thanksgiving, we are all together.

For sure. We’ll talk soon, son. I love you. Love you.

Love you. Bye. Oh.

[sighs] Oh boy. I miss that kid.

Me too, but I am so glad he’s doing well. And I am so glad that you are back here with me.

[both laugh] So tell me, tell me, how was Greece? Um, were you and John able to uncover any new information about Konstantin?

Yeah, as a matter of fact, we were. And it looks like Maggie’s new friend has an allergy.

To what?

To the truth.

Look, I’m not a fan of Leo either, and I’m not defending him. But Everett hired me to protect the reputation of the newspaper. And right now, that means doing damage control on a very dicey situation.

So that means ignoring the fact that Leo is responsible for– at least partly responsible for the death of a newborn baby? My brother and Nicole are going through hell right now because of him.

And we are respectful of that.


But I hope that you can respect that this is also part of my job.

It’s Thanksgiving. You have to go tonight? Really?

Well, the way newspapers work is we need to issue a statement for tomorrow’s edition. So it’s not really the sort of thing you can kick down the road.

Everett’s right. We can’t put this off, unfortunately. But I will be home as soon as I can, okay? Okay?

Mm-hmm. Okay, yeah, no problem.

You already confronted Konstantin about this supposed antique tablecloth he gave Maggie, didn’t you?

I did, and he had all kinds of excuses for why he lied to Maggie. But John and I found out that he was lying about a lot more than that.

Like what?

Konstantin told Maggie that Victor loaned him the money to start his restaurant and that Victor refused to let him pay him back.

That doesn’t sound like Victor.

No, that’s because it was a big fat Greek lie. Now John and I interviewed several locals, and they all corroborated the same rumor. Victor loaned Konstantin the money but insisted that he get paid back. And Konstantin had trouble making the payments over the years, so no surprise, it caused a big rift between the two men.

Why would Konstantin lie about something like that?

An interesting tradition, a holiday all about giving thanks.

It’s a great tradition, actually. Although, I usually have to badger the family to say what it is they’re grateful for during the toast.

[laughs] I’m sure Victor would have loved that.

You knew him well. And, yes. He especially only contributed very grudgingly. So that’s why this year I’ve decided to let them off the hook because I don’t really feel in the mood for badgering. And even if I hadn’t and– and my turn came, I would have said I was grateful to you.

You embarrass me, Maggie.

No, it’s true, Konstantin. As I’ve said, you’ve been a source of comfort to me these past few weeks. And I will always be in your debt for saving my precious Victoria.

I did what anybody would have done in that situation.

You’re being modest. You could have been killed. I’m just sorry the kidnapper got away. And I pray the police, they catch him soon. Hmm.

Oh, yes, me too.

You don’t wanna visit Maggie? I thought you two were close.

Yes, that’s true. We are. Um, actually, she encouraged me to go to AA a couple years ago, a while back. She’s been very kind and supportive. I just don’t wanna intrude on your family moment.

You would not be intruding at all, I promise you. If anything, you’d be a buffer for all of us, in case things get a little awkward. And you’d be doing me a huge favor.

Okay. Okay, I’ll come.

Thank you.

I guess I should check in on Maggie anyway. I really owe her one.

Precious little angel. Oh, I’m so glad she’s all right.

My mom stepped up security at the house. It’s like a fortress, but I wake up every hour to check on her.

Yeah, well, I’m gonna make everything super secure here before she starts spending the night.

Great minds. Oh, I contacted Justin and told him to draw up papers to establish shared custody, so tell Sloan to be on the lookout for those.

I will.

I’m telling him to split everything down the middle, starting with the weekly schedule.

Fine by me. Oh, I really am looking forward to co-parenting with you, Sarah.

Yeah, I’m– I’m glad it’s all working out. And maybe someday…

Maybe someday, what?

[sweet music]

You know, maybe Konstantin lied about Victor’s generosity because he didn’t wanna paint him in a bad light, especially to his grieving widow.

Liar with a heart of gold, imagine that.

Well, isn’t that why he lied about the lace tablecloth, that it was from Victor’s childhood home, because he was trying to cheer Maggie up on her wedding anniversary?

Mm, that’s what he claimed, yeah.

But you don’t buy it.

No, I don’t buy it because all these little white lies are starting to add up, not to mention the bigger lie, which is that Konstantin worshipped Victor, and they were the best of friends.

But you don’t think that they were?

Baby, from what John and I learned in Greece from various sources, I’m pretty sure they were enemies. They hated each other.

Oh, Theresa, I’m so happy to see you here today. I mean, we haven’t had a chance to catch up since Victor’s funeral.

Mm, I know. Um… I’m sorry I haven’t been better at keeping in touch with you. Um, I also heard about what happened with Sarah’s baby. I’m really sorry that you went through that.

Oh, and Sarah, too, of course.

But you’re both doing okay now?

Uh, I’m still a little shaken. The important thing is, though, is that our sweet Victoria, she’s just fine. She was returned to us completely unharmed, thanks to Konstantin.

Did someone say my name?

[laughs] Konstantin, you’ve met Victor’s son, Alex, haven’t you?

Of course, I have, back in Greece.

Yes, good to see you again.

Good to see you.

Allow me to introduce you to Theresa Donovan.

Hi. How are you?

Actually, we already know each other.

You do? How?

So, uh, are you saying you wanna get back together?

I’m saying– I was thinking we– the hell with it, mincing words or whatever. I am open to the possibility, and I am assuming that you are too, seeing as we almost kissed yesterday and–

Well, I can’t deny there’s still a spark, more than a spark. I just wasn’t sure if there was too much water under the bridge.

Well, look. We’ve both done things to hurt each other over the last year, things we regret. But we’re in a much better place now, obviously.


And we do share a child, not that that’s a reason that we should get back together. I just–maybe it’s something we should think about it.

I’ve got my thinking cap on as we speak.

Oh, sorry, I should– I have to get to work and drop Victoria at home, so.

Thank you very much for the birth certificate, Sarah. And for the visit.

Yeah. Okay. Oh, hi, Chad.

Hi, hi. Uh, sorry, I’m not interrupting anything, am I?

No, no, I was just leaving.

Okay. Is this little Victoria?


Oh, she’s sleeping. She’s so beautiful.

Oh, thank you.

Sarah, it feels like yesterday that Charlotte was that tiny.

Yeah, it goes fast, huh?

It goes too fast.

[chuckles] Well, I’m really glad I came. Happy Thanksgiving.

You too. Congratulations.

Thank you.

I assume you’re here to talk about the paper, but I haven’t changed my mind, mate. I have no interest in selling you my half.

Yeah, no, that’s fine. I ended up buying Gwen’s half instead. Hi, partner.

And I think we need to emphasize how terrible both Leo and Dimitri feel about the accident.


And that they risked their freedom to help a woman in need.

“Risked their freedom.” “woman in need.”

No, wait, it’s too much. Start over.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Totally.

“If it weren’t for them, Nicole would have been alone when she went into labor.”

Oh, my God. Brilliant. God, you are good at this. “Alone when she went into labor.” I’m so lucky I have the benefit of your talent on this. Oh, uh, my battery’s starting to go. Would you grab my charger? It’s just in the front pocket of my laptop bag.

Oh, yeah.

Did you find it?

No, I– I found this.

[mysterious music]

Mm, I think you’re confusing me with somebody else ’cause we’ve never met.

Oh, you hurt an old man’s feelings. Of course, we have. A couple of weeks ago in the town square, you provided very helpful directions to a very confused newcomer. And that would have been me, and I was very grateful and still am.

Oh, yeah, I– actually, I remember now. Surprised I didn’t put it together before.


So, Konstantin, how long do you plan on staying in Salem?

Maggie has asked me to stay through Christmas, although I must say I have fallen hard for this charming little town. I may never leave.

[unsettling music]

Victor and Konstantin enemies? That’s kind of a stretch, don’t you think?

Baby, I’m just going by what I’ve been hearing. Bottom line, I think it’s strange the way Konstantin inserted himself into Maggie’s life, especially when he owed Victor all that money. I think, at the very least, we should warn Maggie that the guy’s not being honest with her.

Do you really think that’s a good idea? I mean, he has been a great comfort to her, and it just seems cruel to take that away from her when you’re not % sure.

How do you feel about %?

[scoffs] Look, I’m just saying that maybe instead of upsetting her for no reason, maybe you mention something to her family that you have suspicions, and they can just keep an eye on things.

Ooh, I hope I’m not interrupting.

No, no, no, come on in. Come on in.

Actually, it’s perfect timing.

Gwen sold you her half of “The Spectator”?

Contracts were signed this morning.

She didn’t say anything to me about it.

Well, I told her to keep it on the DL.

Because you don’t want Stephanie to find out you’re trying to get rid of her ex.

[clicks tongue] You remember.

Well, I’m sorry to burst your bubble, partner, but you can’t get much more equal than /. You can’t force me to fire my new editor-in-chief.

Why are you so protective of Everett?

Cause he’s great at his job. I can’t afford to lose him.

Okay, then what if I make it worth your while?

Is this what I think it is?

Oh, yeah, it’s just a fancy contact lens case.

You don’t wear contacts.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I do. Um, the coma did this weird thing to my eyesight, where it’s like sort of…


Oh! That’s where I put that thing. It’s, uh, yeah, I remember now.

It’s not a “thing.” It’s an engagement ring. The question is, why do you have one?

Okay. Um. The truth is, I bought it a long time ago, before the accident.

For me? Everett, you were gonna ask me to marry you?

Yes. Before the accident, I was gonna propose.

Everett, I–

I know we were only starting to get serious, but, uh, it was maybe even a little too soon. But I knew in my heart that, uh– that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you. And I felt the same way when I woke up from the coma. I told you that my first night in Salem.

I remember. Everett, did you have the ring with you that night?

Yes, I did. But then, you know, you told me you were with Chad. And that–that changed things, obviously. Here. I probably should have sold it. Uh, God knows I got all these medical bills I’ve gotta pay, but, uh, I just couldn’t bring myself to do it.

Everett, I’m so sorry.

No, no, please, don’t be. You had every right to move on with your life, okay? You thought I ghosted you. I just wish you hadn’t found it. It’s–it’s embarrassing.

Everett, it’s–it’s not.

Come on. Let’s get back to work, all right? The sooner we finish, the sooner you can get home. To Chad.

Again, I’m– I’m just not interested in selling you my half of the paper.

Yeah, no, no, no, you’ve made that very clear, which is why you can keep your half, and I’ll give you my share of the profits. You get it all. That’s my offer.

Excuse me?

Yeah. I’ll be your silent partner. You reap all the rewards.

You can’t be serious.

Yeah, I know when I say something like that, it makes me really sound like I’m in the %, but, you know, honestly, I didn’t buy Gwen’s half for the money. I bought it to get rid of that pesky little problem named Everett.

Right, but he’s not a pesky little problem to me. He’s worked out great. I mean, if I get rid of him, the paper will suffer. It might even go under.

Really, he’s the only man on Earth that can keep us in the black–

No, of course not, but–

Okay, then listen. You get to double your money. All right? All you have to do, for all of it, is to fire Everett and keep my name out of it. Now, to me, that sounds like a no-brainer.

[tense music]

So that lace tablecloth was from the bargain bin at Saxton’s?

Look, I know these aren’t huge lies, and there might be reasonable explanations, but you can see why I’d be concerned.

Well, yeah, I-I can. Um, and I don’t love that he’s lied to my mother. But, um, I-I think it’s like you said. He was just trying to make her feel better and cheer her up.

I agree with you. But I think what Steve’s trying to say is that maybe you could just keep an eye on things and make sure that Konstantin isn’t lying about anything else. What?

Well, honestly, I had my doubts about Konstantin too. I thought he was overstaying his welcome and that my mom was getting too dependent on him, but… I’ve come to believe that he’s one of the good guys, a hero, in fact.

Why would you say that?

Well, yesterday, he saved my daughter from a kidnapper.

What? What kidnapper?

Do the cops have any leads on the kidnappers?

No, I’m afraid they don’t have that much to go on. I only saw the person from the back when they ran out with the baby.

And you weren’t able to give them any kind of description.

Pfft. No, I didn’t get a good look. I was too focused on the child.

But you said it was a man.

I assume it was. Not to be sexist, but I’m not certain a woman could have hit me that hard.

Well, I don’t know. You’d be surprised.

Yeah, but what do you think the kidnapper’s motive was, really?

Money, I suppose. Hmm?

Hmm, yeah, sounds about right, just pure, wanton greed.

We think perhaps the kidnapper was gonna try to ransom the baby back to us.

[sighs] Right, probably.

Yeah. Where are my manners? Can I get the two of you anything? Uh, tea?


That sounds great.

And how about I help you out in the kitchen?

And how about I take you up on that?


[unsettling music]

What the hell is your problem?

[inhales deeply] How did it go at the paper?

Um, I think Everett and I put together a, uh– a pretty good defense of Leo. We definitely had to get creative, but, um, we worked well together, which I know isn’t what you want to hear.

No, it’s fine. It’s fine. I mean, you gotta do what you gotta do for your clients, right?

Even if the client is Everett?

Yeah, look, I know I was a little hard on him. More than a little. I promise you I’ll give the guy a chance.

[dark music]

Hey, boss, I’m just, uh, finishing up the response to Leo Stark’s murder charges. Do you wanna take a look at it before I send it to the printer?

Actually, uh, let’s just put a pin in that for now, yeah?

Why? Are you having second thoughts about defending him because I assure you the readers are very caught up–

It’s not about Leo. It’s, uh– it’s about you.


[tense music]

I’m sorry, Everett, but, um, I’m gonna have to let you go.

Sarah, I am so sorry. What an ordeal.

It was terrifying. But, fortunately, Konstantin was able to catch up with the kidnapper and rescue my daughter. I mean, he risked his life to save her.

Sounds like he was in the right place at the right time.


Oh, come on. Isn’t it just a little bit too convenient?

What are you saying?

Sarah just said that he was knocked out on the floor when the baby was taken. He had been attacked.

Uh, not to mention, my mom did see the kidnapper from behind. I mean, Konstantin couldn’t have made all that up.


Unless what?

Unless he had an accomplice, a partner in crime.


You seem upset.

Yeah? Upset? Yes, of course I’m upset. God, you almost outed our connection, telling Maggie and Alex that we know each other.

Oh, would you lighten up?

I was just trying to have a little fun with you.

Fun? Fun?


There is nothing fun about this. I can’t watch you sucking up to poor innocent Maggie when she has no idea that you’re just after her money. This whole thing is just– it’s making me so sick.

Would you get off your high horse? You are doing the exact same thing. After all, we both know you are only after Alex to get your hands on his inheritance.

[dramatic music]

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B&B Short Recap Monday, November 27, 2023

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It’s after Thanksgiving…Hope arrives at Il Giordino at Deacon’s request. He’s concerned that she’s with Thomas now. She can’t believe that he would dare to doubt her and Thomas when he’s living with a psychopath. She tells him that she has to cut Sheila out of his life to see her or her kids.

Eric is grateful that he’s still alive and able to design more. Donna and Katie support him but are worried about his continued coughing and wish he would go to the doctor. Later, Katie tells Brooke that she knows how Eric feels because of her heart condition. She could drop dead any minute, so she knows that you have to live life to your fullest while you can. Brooke thinks they should tell Eric that they all know, so they can support him until the end.

Ridge, RJ and Brooke are down in the dumps still about Eric’s impending death. Ridge asks Eric if he can design with him.

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