B&B Short Recap Monday, November 20, 2023

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Recap written by Suzanne

Zende and Ridge have a meeting. Zende isn’t thrilled about Hope For the Future getting budget cuts, due to Eric’s extra line. He’s even less thrilled that RJ, who had no design experience, worked on Eric’s line. Ridge tells him that was Eric’s call.

RJ and Luna talk about Steffy and how they had a great time visiting her and Finn last night. Luna leaves to have lunch with her mom.  RJ goes by Ridge’s office,  so he tells Zende that it’s true that Eric picked him. This doesn’t make Zende feel any better. He yells some more. Ridge yells back at him a little and then storms out. RJ thinks they should tell him about Eric, but Ridge is against it. He feels it was a mistake to tell Thomas and Steffy. RJ cries about how he’s not ready to lose his grandad, so he and Ridge embrace.
Bill goes to Il Giardino and gives Sheila a hard time, warning her not to come near his family. She tells him what she’s been telling everyone about how she’s changed, and they give each other grief.  Then she can tell that he’s distracted after Poppy arrives to meet Luna.  Poppy and Luna catch up and Bill keeps staring at them.  Later, Bill goes over to them and ask Poppy if he knows her because she looks very familiar.

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