Y&R Short Recap Wednesday, March 29, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

The bicentennial gala continues and Danny and Gina Romalotti arrive to join the celebration.

Diane apologizes to Kyle and Jack for the scene with Phyllis and she explains that Phyllis told her Kyle was sick to get her up to that room. Diane tells Kyle she sent him a text message and when he didn’t respond to the text message, she got worried and went up to the room. Kyle tells Diane he lost his phone again. Aura finds Kyle’s phone and returns it to him and Kyle sees that Diane did send him a message.

Jack and Diane decide to announce their engagement even though Jack can’t find the engagement ring which was in his pocket. Jeremy tells Phyllis that he stole the ring from Jack’s pocket. Jeremy tells Phyllis that now its time for the hardest and most important part of their plan.

Billy and Chelsea kiss after they talk and have a cup of coffee at Crimson Lights.

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