B&B Short Recap Friday, September 22, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

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Recap written by Suzanne

Hope and Thomas are amazed that Douglas set up a romantic dinner for them with wine, pizza, French fries and dessert. Thomas and Hope talk about their relationship for a little while. He still loves her and thinks they’re a family.  She likes hearing that she’s the only one.

Finn reassures his mom, Li, that he loves her, that she is his only mom and that he’s had no contact with Sheila. Li reveals that she’s still hurting from learning about Jack’s betrayal. She wonders if there wasn’t any part of Finn that wanted to let Sheila die when she had her heart attack, but he tells her that he’s a doctor and treated her just like any other patient.

Sheila packs her few things and leaves Deacon’s room. Meanwhile, Deacon goes down to his restaurant and meets with Judge Scott, the one that let Sheila go. He and Deacon are old buddies, so he did Deacon a favor by letting her out. Scott warns Deacon that Sheila has a pretty violent rap sheet. Sheila walks in and sees them, so she sits nearby and listens in (wearing a hat and sunglasses). She smiles and gets emotional when the judge reminds Deacon that he’s the reason that Sheila got out of jail.

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