B&B Short Recap Thursday, August 31, 2023

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Recap written by Suzanne

Ridge walks in Eric’s house to find Eric and Steffy both drinking coffee and reading the newspaper on the couch. They mimic each other’s actions unconsciously in a hilarious way, so Ridge teases them. They all agree that it’s been great having the kids there, but Steffy tells them that they need to move back with Finn. Ridge isn’t happy to hear that. Eric doesn’t think it’s a good idea, either, but he knows she’s stubborn. They both agree that they wish Stephanie were there to deal with Sheila.

Finn drops in on Liam again to remind him that he needs to stay away from Steffy. Liam tells him that he needs to keep Sheila away from Steffy and the kids. Finn arrives at the beach house and hurriedly picks up some trash in the living room. Steffy meets Finn there to tell him that she can’t live without him. They kiss and look happy.

Sheila gives Deacon a massage, but it’s painful because his muscles are so tight, due to his stress. He’s worried that Brooke and Hope will find out that Sheila is living there, and that it could lead to his losing his restaurant. She tells him not to worry because she’s positive that she’ll be back in Finn’s life again soon. She isn’t too happy when Deacon reminds her that Steffy won’t let that happen. She assures him again that she won’t be disrupting his life and that she’ll be back with Finn soon. He looks alarmed when she says with a chuckle that it’s going to start today.

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