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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Brady met with Justin at the pub. He gave Justin the briefcase. Justin wondered if he and Alex opened it. Brady told him that they wanted to wait for Maggie to do it. He talked to Justin about his conversation with Konstantin and how Victor was looking for a letter. He told Justin that they went to Victor’s childhood home and looked for the letters Kayla saw there. Justin was surprised to find out that Theresa went to Greece too. Brady told him that she wanted to get back together with him. They had a discussion about whether he should get back together with her. Justin was worried that Theresa would get too involved in Alex’s life. Theresa arrived at the pub and Brady dropped the bomb about Tate being expelled from school. Theresa wanted to know what he did, but Brady said the headmaster didn’t tell him. He let her know that he was going to California to pick him up and she wanted to go with him. He didn’t want her going. She reminded him that she was the one raising him for year. Brady had to back down to her. He apologized for the way he treated her in Greece. She told him that she figured something out. He wanted to ask her about it, but she thought they should focus on Tate. Vivian threw Maggie’s nameplate in the garbage. Philip arrived at the office and wondered what she wanted. She let him know that she wanted him to work with her. He wondered why she thought he would work with her. She reminded him that she carried him and wanted to feel close to him again. She said he belonged at Titan, but he turned her down. She said Victor would have wanted him to work there. He reminded her that Victor would have wanted Maggie to have the mansion and the company. He asked her if she would give everything back to Maggie for him, but she refused to do it. He knew she thought of him as a son, but they were nothing to each other. He said working at Titan drove him crazy and he didn’t want that. She wanted to help him get Chloe back. She thought if he worked at Titan, he would have a chance to get her back.

Philip reminded Vivian that Chloe was engaged to Xander. She thought he should fight for Chloe. He couldn’t do that. She promised to help him get her back if he would help her. He didn’t take her offer. Maggie went to see Sarah at the hospital. Sarah noticed that she was upset about something. Maggie told her what happened. She assured Sarah that she wasn’t giving up. She told her about Brady and Alex going to Greece to find out some information that could help her. Rex arrived and told Sarah they should get married that day. Sarah was surprised, but Rex had everything planned out. Maggie didn’t agree with her decision to keep Xander in the dark even though she was going to keep her secret. She reminded her that Xander was Victoria’s father and had a right to know the truth. She promised to keep Sarah’s secret, but she wasn’t going to officiate the ceremony since she knew the marriage was fake. Later, Justin went to meet with Maggie at Julie and Doug’s place. He told her that Shane confirmed that it was Victor’s briefcase. She was nervous to open it. Maggie told him that Vivian was coming after her family so she had to do whatever she could to stop them. She opened the case and saw the letters first. Justin let her know they were looking for the letters. She gave them to him. She picked up the letter at the bottom of the case. She opened the letter. They were excited to find Victor’s last will. Rex met with Philip at the town square. He told him that he was marrying Sarah that day. Philip congratulated him and wanted to know if he told Kate about it. Rex didn’t tell her. He didn’t want to lie to her. Philip didn’t know what he meant by that. Rex told him that Xander is Victoria’s father. Chloe was behind them and heard Rex’s confession.

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