Y&R Short Recap Wednesday, April 5, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

Daniel blames himself for Phyllis death because of the way he treated her before she died. Daniel is determined to find out what happened to Phyllis.

Danny is worried that Daniel is in a dark place so, he calls Lily to ask her to come over and talk to Daniel.

Lily recalls what it was like when Neil and Drucilla died. Lily persuades Daniel to go to sleep while she sits and watches him sleep.

Summer blames Diane for Phyllis’s death,and thinks Diane is happy Phyllis died. Summer also thinks that Phyllis was right about Diane and she wishes she would have listened to her.

Billy tells Chelsea that Phyllis is dead and they talk about Phyllis. Chelsea tells Billy he can sleep on her couch because he shouldn’t be alone.

Elena tells Nate they should find out the cause of Phyllis’s death to give her family and friends some peace.

Jack assures Diane he doesn’t blame her for Phyllis’s death.

The audience sees a hotel room and then Phyllis comes out of the bathroom and she tells someone that it took them long enough to get there but the audience doesn’t see to whom Phyllis is speaking.

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