Days Short Recap Thursday, December 21, 2023

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Holly hinted to Johnny that it was her birthday. He felt bad because he was going to spend the night with Chanel. She informed him that she would celebrate with her mother. He asked her about Tate. Holly informed him that she and Tate were done. John and Steve talked about the ISA not being able to recognize the person who kidnapped Victoria. John was happy that Maggie kicked Konstantin out of the mansion and he’s on his way out of town. They went into the pub to meet Marlena and Kayla. They were thankful to be together. John and Steve reminisced about when they first met. Chanel noticed something was wrong with Paulina. She thought she was sleeping a lot lately. Paulina blamed it on her job. She brought her hand to her throat and coughed. Chanel gave her a glass of water, but she couldn’t drink it. She was worried because Paulina couldn’t swallow the water. She noticed the lump on Paulina’s neck. Paulina insisted that it was nothing. Chanel told her that she was going to the hospital. Johnny had a cake delivered for Holly’s birthday. She informed him that she reached the age of consent in their state. Johnny didn’t want to know how she found out. Chanel called him to let him know that her mother was in the hospital. He apologized to Holly and had to leave.

At the hospital, Paulina gave someone orders on the phone. Chanel wanted her to stop working so much. Johnny arrived at the hospital and found them. He wanted to know how he could help. Paulina assured him that she didn’t need any help. He didn’t agree with her and walked off. Johnny returned and there was an exam room ready for her. Chanel thanked him for his help. Holly poured herself a drink. She didn’t like it at first, but she started enjoying it. She wrote a drunk text expressing her love for Johnny. Holly realized that she couldn’t send it because it would ruin everything with Johnny. If he loved her, he wouldn’t have left her on her birthday. She realized that he didn’t care about her. No one cared about her. Johnny tried to comfort Chanel as they waited for Paulina to get examined. She was grateful he was there with her. Johnny got a call from Holly. She yelled at him for leaving her to hold Chanel’s hand. After he got off the phone with her, Chanel told him to check on Holly. John talked to Marlena, Steve, and Kayla about his past. Steve and John discussed working for Victor. John couldn’t stand him, but he ended up being his father-in-law. He realized that Victor knew his secrets and they went to the grave with him. John was thankful his past remained in the grave. Steve seemed concerned about that. Roman told them about Julie’s call. She was having unexpected guests and needed pies. Roman mentioned that Konstantin was one of her guests. Steve got upset at the mention of his name. John admitted to Marlena that talking about his past got to him.

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